Blinken in favor: Al-Kazemi’s targeting is an attack on Iraq’s sovereignty and stability 

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Two drones targeted Al-Kazemi's house, at dawn on Sunday

The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, confirmed, in a call with Iraqi President Barham Salih, on Tuesday, his condemnation of the “terrorist attack”, which targeted the residence of the Iraqi Prime Minister. 

In a statement , the State Department’s spokesman’s office said that the US secretary “confirmed that this attack was also an attack on the sovereignty and stability of Iraq.” 

Blinken stressed that “our relationship with the government and people of Iraq is solid.” 

And the house of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, was attacked, at dawn on Sunday, by two drones that launched from the north-east of the country, according to what was confirmed by the security authoritiesin the country. “The launch site of the two planes and the path”…Details of the “failed” assassination attempt on Al-KazemiThe spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, revealed, on Sunday, that the intelligence efforts in the investigations into targeting the home of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, were able to determine the location of the launch of the aircraft and the path they took.

Al-Kazemi receives the delegation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party

political| 09:20 – 09/11/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News

Today, Tuesday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi stressed the importance of forming a government capable of facing challenges.
And the media office of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi stated, in a statement received by Mawazine News, that “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi received today, Tuesday, the Kurdistan Democratic Party delegation headed by Hoshyar Zebari, and the delegation conveyed the congratulations of Masoud Barzani and the party leaders for surviving and being safe from the sinful terrorist attack that The Prime Minister was recently targeted.”
The delegation praised the level of widespread condemnation of the terrorist act, and the great local and international solidarity with the Iraqi government and people against such criminal acts aimed at destabilizing the country. law, maintaining civil peace, and exerting more effort; In order to overcome crises.” Ended 29 / p. 87

The Electoral Commission determines the mechanism for announcing the names of the winning representatives

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Independent High Electoral Commission has set, today, Tuesday, the mechanism for announcing the names of the winning representatives, while confirming that there is no ceiling for the judiciary to decide on the appeals submitted, noting that they are returned to the commission after completing them.
A member of the media team of the Electoral Commission, Muhannad Al-Sarraf, said that “the results of the appeals and their appendices, which took place in two phases, the appeals phase and the results phase, totaling 4,324 stations, of which 2,188 are the stage of auditing the appeals and 2136 are the phases of examining the evidence of the appeals annexes, which were submitted in the stage of appealing the election results.”
Al-Sarraf added, “
He continued, “After considering and deciding the appeals by the electoral judiciary, the results are submitted to the Federal Supreme Court to ratify the election results, and the winning candidate is considered a member of the Iraqi parliament.” Ended 29 / h

The government talks about its acceptance internationally and locally and affirms: We have taken wisdom and calm

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
, a spokesman for the Council of Ministers and Minister of Culture, Hassan Nazim, confirmed, on Tuesday, that the solidarity witnessed by Iraq shows the level of acceptability of the government.
Nazim said in a press conference attended by / Mawazine News / that “the solidarity that Iraq witnessed recently showed the extent of international, regional and local acceptance of the government and its strategies.”
He added, “The government has taken wisdom and calm in the face of challenges.” Ended 29 / h

Qatar and Iraq sign a memorandum of understanding for legal cooperation

Doha – Qena 

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Qatar and Iraq sign a memorandum of understanding for legal cooperation

The State of Qatar and the Republic of Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the legal fields between the ministries of justice in the two countries.
The agreement was signed by His Excellency Mr. Masoud bin Mohammed Al Ameri, Minister of Justice, and His Excellency Mr. Salar Abdul Sattar Mohammed, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Iraq, who is currently visiting the country.
The agreement aims to strengthen the bonds of cooperation between the two countries in the legal field, and to exchange experiences and expertise in legal issues, especially the exchange of experiences and successful practices in the areas of legal and judicial training, legal work and the registration of experts.
The agreement establishes joint cooperation in the field of real estate registration and documentation, and the exchange of experiences regarding types of legal actions on real estate, real estate registration procedures, and documentation of commercial company contracts, and other contracts, in both countries.
On the sidelines of the signing of the agreement, the Minister of Justice, Masoud bin Muhammad Al-Amiri, met with the Iraqi Minister of Justice, Salar Abdul Sattar Muhammad, and his accompanying delegation.
During the meeting, ways to enhance legal cooperation between the State of Qatar and the Republic of Iraq and develop it in various judicial fields were reviewed, in addition to discussing mechanisms to implement the legal memorandum of understanding signed between the two countries, and a number of issues of common interest.

Pope Francis condemns the attack on the Iraqi prime minister, describing it as a “despicable terrorist

act”09.11.2021 | 11:53 GMT

Pope Francis condemns the attack on the Iraqi Prime Minister, describing it as

Pope Francis and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-KadhimiIRAQI PRIME MINISTER MEDIA OFFIC / ReutersToday, Tuesday, Pope Francis condemned the attempt to assassinate Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, describing it as a “despicable terrorist act.”read moreRT reveals details of the Iranian Quds Force commander’s visit to Baghdad and his meeting with Al-Kazemi

And the Vatican said that its foreign minister sent a letter to the Prime Minister on behalf of the Pope, who visited Iraq last March, in which he stated: “In condemning this despicable terrorist act, His Holiness once again expresses his confidence that the Iraqi people, with God’s blessing, will cling to the wisdom and strength of the path of peace through Dialogue and fraternal solidarity. 

Al-Kazemi survived an attack by drones loaded with explosives on his house in the capital, Baghdad, last Sunday, and a number of his bodyguards were wounded in the attack.

Source: “AFP”

The statement of the three presidencies describing the election results as (objective) upsets the balance of positions

11/09/2021 13:23

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Baghdad / Obelisk: A statement issued by the meeting of the three presidencies with political forces, last Monday, sparked controversy, after describing the results as (objective), at a time when the Commission ended the manual counting processes without changing the results.

And political analyst and researcher Qusai Mahbouba said in a tweet on Twitter that “the meeting of the Presidency of the Republic, the Presidency of the Judiciary and the Prime Minister with a political bloc that rejects the election results to issue such a statement in this format, means that the three presidencies of Iraq are also floundering and entered the stage of political wandering.”

Mahbouba asked: What does a legal treatment of subjective results mean, and what is the explanation for that?

A meeting was held, last Monday evening, between the forces of the coordination framework and each of the presidents of the republic, ministers and the Supreme Judicial Council, calling for media and security calm, with the continuation of political dialogues to get out of the current crisis.

 The meeting’s statement called for searching for legal remedies for the non-objective election results that would restore confidence to all parties in the electoral process.

Absent from the meeting, important parties, including the former parliament, and parties rejecting the election results, which turns its outcomes into ink on paper, according to analyzes.

In fact, political sources in the obelisk’s communication with them considered the meeting a window to a way out of the crisis, not by imposing an entitlement, but rather by appeasing the parties dissatisfied with the elections.

The Sadrist movement that won the elections and was convinced of its results, a source told Al-Masala that the meeting of the political forces opposing the election results with the three presidencies did not offer real solutions to the political reality, and that the Sadrist bloc is the largest and therefore it is the one that nominates the prime minister.

Lawyer and writer Ali Al-Obaidi believes in a tweet, that there is no constitutional or legal way through the Federal Court to change the election results or return them in any way. The only way is to disrupt the work of the constitution and zero the system completely, and this is impossible.


The Commission sets the date for sending appeals to the judiciary

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Independent High Electoral Commission has set, on Tuesday, the date for sending the results of the appeals to the Judicial Commission for Elections.
Commission spokeswoman Jumana Al-Ghalay told Mawazine News, “The results of the appeals are in the process of being audited and will be sent to the judicial authority within the next few days.”
She indicated that “most of the election results are compatible and there is no significant difference, but rather minor and will not affect the results of the elections,” noting that “there are appeals recommended by the Council to be rejected, and the opportunity was opened to send appeals appendices and they were submitted, and counting and sorting took place on all appeals and all of them will be sent to the Judicial Commission. for the elections.”
And she pointed out that “the appeals that were recommended to be dismissed for a number of reasons, either were calling for a general counting and sorting, or a re-counting and focused sorting.” Ended 29/b 88

Ariba Iraq opens a new center for printing and issuing payment cards in Baghdad

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Economy News _ Baghdad

Areeba Iraq for Information Technology and Electronic Payment announced the opening of a sophisticated and modern center for printing and issuing payment cards in Baghdad, Iraq.

This center has the highest levels of security for printing plastic cards, and will provide banks with a wide range of printing technologies including wireless payment cards and metal cards, in addition to a fast and high-quality service regardless of the volume of orders. The opening of this center demonstrates the company’s ability to provide the necessary competitive advantage to its customers in Iraq and the region, making it one of the leading companies in Iraq that possesses such capacity with such specifications in one print center fully compliant with PCI card security standards.
This center was equipped with MATICA S7000 LX central card printing devices, in cooperation with InfotecSystems, the official partner of Matica Fintech. This machine is one of the latest and fastest devices of the Italian company MaticaFintech specialized in the field of technological solutions. These devices are characterized by many specifications such as laser engraving of cards, in addition to digital coding and smart encryption of EMV cards, in addition to automatic packaging of cards after the completion of the printing process.
This is in addition to direct thermal printing or embossing & indenting. All of these processes take place at a speed exceeding 1000 cards/hour.
Commenting on this agreement, Areeba Iraq Managing Director Issam Adra said, “Our company is committed to the Iraqi market by investing in the most advanced and secure card issuance systems in order to provide high quality services and record time to deliver cards to our customers. The latest services for the Iraqi market to meet all the requirements of electronic payment.
Mr. Mohammed Al-Aweni, General Manager of Infotec Systems also stated, “We are proud to strengthen our relationship with Ariba in its regional expansion in Iraq also at this stage, and Systems Infotec has proven through this cooperation that it can be trusted to implement such huge projects thanks to its experienced team And its extensive experience as a provider of card issuance systems and solutions.

Central Bank: Direction to open branches of Iraqi banks in Turkey


Economy News _ Baghdad

The Governor of the Central Bank, Mustafa Ghaleb Makheeb, discussed, on Tuesday, cooperation in the banking sector with the Turkish side, when he received the Turkish ambassador to Baghdad, Alireza Günay and his accompanying delegation. 

A statement by the bank, received by Al-Iqtisad News, stated that “the Governor of the Iraqi Bank, Mustafa Ghaleb, received the Turkish ambassador to Iraq, Ali Reza Günay, and the delegation accompanying him from Turkish banks.”  

He added, “During the meeting, it was emphasized the need to enhance cooperation in the banking sector between the two friendly countries. The Central Bank of Iraq was keen to provide the best facilities to Turkish banks operating in Iraq, and its desire to open branches for Iraqi banks in Turkey, and the importance of reciprocity in providing these services and facilities.”    

And the governor indicated, according to the statement, that “the fruitful cooperation between the two countries has positive economic repercussions due to the large volume of trade exchange between the two countries, with the need to adhere to the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing laws.”