IHEC: No manipulation of election results and judicial decisions is the boundary for all

2021/11/28 21:32

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The Electoral Commission clarified, on Sunday, November 28, 2021, the most prominent contents of the report of the German examiner company regarding the electoral process, while indicating that it is waiting for an official letter from the judiciary to end consideration of the results of the appeals to announce the names of the winners.

Imad Jamil, a member of the media team in the Electoral Commission, said in a statement followed by the obelisk that the commission sent the results of the appeals to the judicial authority this morning and we are waiting for an official letter from the commission confirming that it has completed its consideration and ratified all decisions and after that it will finish its work and allow us to announce the election results.

He added that there is no tampering with the election results, and the decisions of the judiciary are the decisive and binding boundary for all.

Regarding the report of the German examiner, between Jamil, that what was rumored and transmitted about the company were observations before the elections, as the company was brought to the data counting center and reviewed the devices and their spare parts and checked them, and they made notes and were processed by the Korean company that produced the devices.

He added that the Commission did not hide the report of the German company, and the company said in its final report in general, that the procedures for opening, closing, transferring results, matching and other related processes were working correctly during both public and private voting events, and despite the occurrence of voting problems, the Commission responded to these problems in The right time The electoral system problems did not have a material impact on the election results.

He added that the company pointed out in its report that the commission acted quickly and effectively and successfully addressed all the problems, which allowed the ability to verify data inputs and outputs at multiple levels that provide a high degree of confidence in the integrity of the electoral data, and no third party attempted at any time to influence or interfere with the audit .


Khazali calls on Sistani to intervene: The country’s situation is dangerous and accusing the resistance of Al-Kazemi’s assassination played with fire

politicsbreakingQais KhazaliShiite factionsAl-Kazemi’s assassination attempt 2021-11-28 10:54A-AA+

Shafaq News/ On Saturday, the Secretary-General of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq movement, Qais al-Khazali, issued an explicit call to the supreme Shiite authority, Ali al-Sistani, to intervene and “put points on letters”, after the situation in Iraq reached “dangerous”, he said.

Khazali said in a televised speech, which was followed by Shafak News Agency, that “the incident of targeting the prime minister’s house, if true, is serious and cannot be tolerated at all, and trying to accuse the resistance factions of it is playing with fire and an attempt to drag the country into a major crisis.”

He added, “Al-Kazemi was not present at his house when the alleged targeting was announced,” noting that “Al-Kazemi did not accept the involvement of two resistance factions in the investigation into the targeting, and this increases the suspicion.”

Khazali continued, “We send a message to the committee charged with investigating the alleged incident of targeting Al-Kazemi’s house… You must provide tangible evidence and real evidence, not allegations, media and Facebook, because the situation is intolerable.”


Sadrist leader: Al-Maliki ruled by a majority, but

political| 05:11 – 28/11/2021


Special – Mawazine News The
leader of the Sadrist movement, Essam Hussein, confirmed on Sunday that former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki worked on the principle of political majority for more than 10 years.
Hussein said in an interview with “Mawazine News” that “Iraq has experience in working with the majority policy, as happened in 2010 for the political majority, and al-Maliki monopolized power at the time.”
He added, “Although he managed the country poorly because of his advisors, he found a space to build Iraq at that time as a result of his monopolizing power and taking the decision alone, away from the parties.” Ended 29 / h



Al-Kazemi's advisor: The 2022 budget will focus on implementing investment projects



Sunday, November 28, 2021 3:25 PM

Baghdad/National News Center 

The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, confirmed today, Sunday, that the next year’s budget is not austerity, while indicating that it will focus on implementing investment projects.

Saleh said in a press statement, “The fluctuations of the oil markets and the global economic situation will cast a shadow over the draft general budget for 2022,” noting that “the next budget will focus on implementing a package of government investment projects that are in line with diversifying the economy and achieving sustainability in growth.”

Saleh explained, “The 2022 budget is not austerity, but rather is subject to the principle of consolidation or financial discipline as much as possible, in order to avoid borrowing except for extreme necessities.”

The Ministry of Planning, earlier, reiterated that employee salaries, social protection and other expenses were not affected by the delay in approving the general budget law for the year 2022, while referring to a small committee studying its basics.

مستشار الكاظمي: موازنة 2022 ستركز على تنفيذ المشاريع الاستثمارية

The Commission begins sending appeals to the judiciary

2021/11/28 13:19

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Baghdad / Obelisk: On Sunday, November 28, 2021, the Electoral Commission began sending the latest appeals to the judiciary, while the date for announcing the final results of the elections was set.

Imad Jamil, a member of the media team in the commission, said in a statement that the commission followed, that “the commission has started today to send appeals to the judiciary,” noting that “the commission will decide on the appeals once and for all in the coming days.”

He explained, “The appeals are the last to be submitted to the commission,” stressing that “after all appeals are completed and approved by the judiciary, the commission will announce within two days the final results.”


Region President: We will not be part of the political dispute in Baghdad, but rather a partner in the solution

KurdistanbreakingNechirvan BarzaniIraqi elections 2021-11-28 06:57A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani confirmed, on Sunday, that the region will not be part of the problems, but rather will be a partner in the solution, during his comment regarding the differences over the results of the Iraqi parliament elections, which emerged between the Iraqi political parties.

This came during a meeting of the region’s president with Mike Bryson Richardson, the British ambassador to Iraq.

A statement by the Region’s Presidency Office stated that during the meeting, they discussed strengthening Britain’s relations with Iraq and the Kurdistan Region in all fields, the threats of terrorism and confronting ISIS, the importance of consolidating mechanisms of joint cooperation and coordination between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army, and Erbil-Baghdad relations.

The two sides affirmed the bilateral desire to develop relations and areas of joint cooperation, and agreed on the need for the Iraqi parties to reach an agreement and for the formation of an Iraqi government capable of protecting political stability and meeting the citizens’ demands for security, stability, life and better services.

The reform efforts and steps in the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs and the reorganization of the Peshmerga occupied another axis in the meeting, in which it was emphasized that Britain would continue to follow up and support the process and its success, as well as discussing the situation and developments in the region in general and a group of other issues of common interest, which formed another axis of the meeting.


The Electoral Commission today sends its last appeals to the judiciary

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The Electoral Commission today sends its last appeals to the judiciary

{Political: Al Furat News} The Electoral Commission will send today, Sunday, the last appeal to the judiciary regarding the results of the parliamentary elections that took place on the tenth of last month. 

A member of the Commission’s media team, Imad Jamil, said that “he was supposed to send the final appeal since last Thursday,” without specifying the reasons for the delay.
And he indicated that “all the results of the counting and sorting were edited with minutes and sent to the judiciary.”
Last Thursday, the Electoral Commission announced the end of all re-counting and manual sorting, the last of which was on Thursday for stations in Nineveh Governorate, based on the decision of the Judicial Commission for Elections. Its reports submitted to the Board of Commissioners, which recommended that the results be sent to the Judicial Authority for Elections.