Tariq Harb provides a legal opinion on the re-election

2021.11.10 – 23:40
Tariq Harb provides a legal opinion on the re-election

Baghdad – people  

Legal expert Tariq Harb said that those who object to the election results do not exceed 2% of the political scene, stressing that there is currently no legal way to repeat the elections.  

Harb said in an interview with my colleague Ahmed Al-Tayeb, followed by “Nass”, that “the elections will not be repeated unless a decision is issued by the new parliament after its meeting, that the new parliament dissolve itself and hold early elections, and this is an unlikely option because the next parliament will not take a step of this kind based on To the objection of a few people who represent no more than 2 percent of the political scene.”  

Harb questioned the figures announced by the Shiite coordination framework, which talks about reaching 90 seats, asking, “Who are these, and what are their names?” He suggested that “the Sadrist bloc will be able to form a national majority that includes the highest winners from the Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni components.”  

A member of the political bureau of the “Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq” movement, Saad al-Saadi, said in an interview with colleague Laith al-Jazaery, followed by “Nass”, that “the re-election is one of the biggest democratic manifestations, and one of the factors that instill confidence between the people and the authorities.”    

He added, “If fraud is proven, there will be no objection to the re-election, and we have evidence – which we may present to public opinion if we reach a dead end – that will lead to the re-election.”    

And he stated, “We have no problem with the tour conducted by Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr with the political blocs, but in the coordinating framework we said that we will not conduct any negotiations before deciding on the appeals, and the Kurds and Sunnis share this concern with us, and they also have evidence, in addition to that they told us explicitly, that they will not ally themselves. With any Shiite party without the other before full consensus within the Shiite house.”

He continued, “We do not have a complex about the formation of the Sadrist bloc’s next government, and we have suggested that we may boycott the political process if the political process is not corrected, or if we oppose, but we will not obstruct the work of the next government according to the formula (play or sabotage the stadium)”, adding that “there is a will We must pay the price for our embrace of the popular mobilization and resistance factions.”

In response to the fact that the poor coordination between the alliances caused the Al-Fateh alliance to lose, he considered “the Al-Fateh alliance obtaining 16 seats as an indication of fraud, stressing that he would have accepted the results if it had given Al-Fateh 35 seats or more because these results may actually indicate poor coordination, and we could have won More than 40 seats if we coordinate the nomination of candidates in the constituencies.”      

Regarding the features of the next government, Khazali said, “The current situation is not suitable for forming a national majority government, and this will lead us to instability, because the losing party has evidence that the elections are a failure and fraud, and it will not be possible to talk about a rude Sadrist candidate or a rude framer, etc., but rather Asmaa can be put forward in this context as a political maneuver.”      

He added, “If the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, can form a majority government, we have no objection (..) If the Sadrist movement’s and the reference’s assessments say that the country’s situation is tolerable, then let them form a majority government, but the Kurds, Sunnis and the religious reference are convinced that the country’s situation cannot pass.” in order to affect the results of these elections.      

He continued, “The issue of the candidacy of the brothers in the current “Sadr Qah” is a political maneuver, and I do not think that they have a political decision to adopt this option to the end. As for the owners of Qah, al-Maliki said that he rejects this.”      

Khazali said in a press statement (November 4, 2021) that “there is no server in the Emirates, and this problem has been overcome and the server has been transferred to the Commission (in Baghdad), but there is a Frick calculator responsible for displaying the results, which is not checked by the German company, Frick’s calculator is known to the commission, as is Frick’s identity.”        

He added, “We said earlier within the coordination framework that the elections in this way are fraudulent and we will not participate in them, and our conviction is to adopt manual counting and sorting, but a session took place in the presence of the three presidencies, the Judicial Council and the Chairman of the Commission, and the problems were raised, and the head of the commission pledged that these elections are safe and cannot be rigged. And that he is ready to dispel fears by giving a tape from each box to each candidate before connecting it to the Internet and sending the results, and choosing a random box for manual counting and sorting, and for the commission to hand over a copy of each box for all the ballot papers that they entered within 72 hours, but what happened is that None of these decisions have been implemented.        

Al-Khazali threatened to resort to the Security Council to challenge the election results, describing the Security Council’s blessing of the Iraqi elections as a “stigma” in the council’s history. He also said that “the choice of boycotting the political process and our deputies refraining from taking the oath, or not participating in the next government and turning to the opposition are possibilities. “.



Commission: A limited and simple change in the results of stations after a manual recount

political| 09:10 – 10/11/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, the Electoral Commission commented, today, Wednesday, on the possibility of issuing a decision by the judicial body that is currently considering appeals to re-sort all stations manually, while revealing that there has been a limited change in the results of some stations.
Imad Jamil, a member of the media team of the Electoral Commission, said, “The judicial authority in the commission considers all appeals, a total of 1,436, and these appeals are not only specialized in manual counting and sorting.”
He added, “Before that, the commission has some time to complete the minutes of appeals related to the counting and sorting that were considered by the Board of Commissioners, and when the last appeal arrives, the ten-day period will begin and it has not yet begun.”
He explained that “
He pointed out that “legally, the judiciary can issue a decision dismissing appeals or agree to the recommendations of the Board of Commissioners.”
And about the extent to which the judiciary can issue a decision to sort all stations manually between, “Now the decisions are for the judiciary in all appeals, and the judiciary is committed to the law, specifically Article 38 / first, which allows the possibility of counting and sorting suspicious stations only manually, and the law does not allow counting all stations and text on electronic screening.
With regard to the file of announcing the names of the winners, he explained that “the issue of announcing and approving the names of the winners is awaiting the completion of the judicial body’s consideration of the appeals.”
He revealed that “there are more than 20 stations in which there was a change in the results after recounting the votes with a few votes, five or less, and they are considered within the corresponding percentage of (100%),” stressing at the same time that “it is not possible to exclude winning candidates currently.” And we must wait for the decisions of the judiciary.” Ended 29 / p. 87


An economist talks about the government’s possibility of returning the dollar to the old price

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

, the economic expert, Durgham Muhammad, confirmed today, Wednesday, that the Iraqi government can return the price of the dollar to the old price to address the rise in prices in the markets.
And Muhammad said in a statement to (Baghdad Today), that “the government is able to restore the price of the dollar, provided that there is direct control by the Central Bank of sales operations and the increase of dollar sales outlets in the local market and directly to the citizen and not through the banks that monopolize the dollar and create a market for it. It also controls its price in the market.
He added, “Increasing the price of the dollar is an improvisational decision by some political blocs and the Minister of Finance, who did not rely on raising it gradually, but rather in a sudden manner, as it led to a rise in inflation and an increase in the poverty rate in the country.”
And Muhammad added, “The current finance minister bears the responsibility for raising the price of the dollar and its negative consequences for the economy, as he has not achieved any economic development goal for the country at all.”


The Sadrist movement holds an important meeting to discuss the repercussions of the election results

political| 08:03 – 10/11/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Sadrist movement announced, on Wednesday, that the negotiating committee of the movement held an important meeting with one of the political forces.
The Sadrist movement’s media said, in a statement received by Mawazine News, that “the negotiating committee of the Sadrist bloc will hold an important meeting tomorrow, Thursday at 10 am, with one of the political forces at the headquarters of the Sadrist movement’s political body in the pool area near vegetable oils.”
He added that “the main axes of the meeting will discuss the repercussions of the election results.” Ended 29/R77


Defense Minister arrives in Saudi Arabia on an official visit

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Defense Minister arrives in Saudi Arabia on an official visit
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{Iraq: Al Furat News} The Minister of Defense, Jumaa Anad, arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday, at the official invitation of the Crown Prince and his Saudi counterpart, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz. 

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According to the defense statement, {Al-Furat News} received a copy of it, that “the stubbornness of Saadoun arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the head of a military delegation of senior officers in the Ministry of Defense, and he was received by the Deputy Defense Minister in Riyadh, Khalid bin Salman bin Abdulaziz.” 
He added, “During the meeting, they discussed ways to develop bilateral relations and cooperation in the defense field, in addition to discussing issues of common interest, in a manner that achieves the common interests of the two brotherly countries.”Share if you like


Tomorrow… the commission will refer all “appeals” to the electoral judiciary

politicsElectoral CommissionElection resultsappealsJudicial body 2021-11-10 08:15A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The Independent High Electoral Commission in Iraq revealed today, Wednesday, the date for referring all appeals regarding the results of the early parliamentary elections to the judiciary.

An official source in the commission told Shafak News Agency, “The Electoral Commission will send, on Thursday, all and the last appeals it has to the judicial authority for the purpose of resolving them,” noting that “whatever decision issued by the judicial authority will be binding on us and the parties submitting the appeals.”

He added that “the judiciary may issue a decision to reopen some stations and re-count operations and manual sorting,” noting that “this matter is up to it.”

The source stressed the need for “everyone to abide by what will be issued by the authority,” explaining that “the judicial authority has 10 days to resolve the appeals and submit the final decision regarding them.”


The judiciary begins to consider appeals against the election results

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Today, Wednesday, a judicial source revealed that the judiciary has begun to consider the appeals against the election results.

The source said, “The Judicial Authority for Elections began yesterday, Monday, 8/11/2021, to consider the appeals against the election results and their appendices received from the Independent High Electoral Commission.”

It is noteworthy that Article (20/Third) of Law No. 31 of 2019 (the Law of the Independent High Electoral Commission) obligated the judiciary to resolve all appeals within 10 working days from the date they were received, respectively by the commission, including answering the appeal petition, and that the decisions of the judicial body are irrevocable. out in any way.


Al-Halbousi and the KDP delegation discuss post-election understandings

politicsKurdistan Patriotic UnionAl-Halbousielectionsalliances 2021-11-10 05:13A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The head of the “Progress” coalition, Muhammad al-Halbousi, and the delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan discussed on Wednesday the results of the upcoming elections and alliances.

A statement by Al-Halbousi’s office, received by Shafaq News Agency, stated that it is the delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan headed by Khaled Shwani, and the meeting discussed the developments in the security and political situation in the country.

He added that the meeting dealt with the results of the parliamentary elections, and the political understandings and dialogues for the next stage.


(Washington Post) writer met Al-Kazemi in the bombed house: The strike made the second term certain

10/11/2021 09:36

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The writer David Ignatius said in an opinion article published by the American newspaper The Washington Post on November 8, 2021 that the last attempt to assassinate Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi shocked the Iraqis and its purpose was to undermine his role in running the country. 
The writer said that the attack was described as “cowardly”, by Al-Kazemi himself, and was condemned by the United Nations, the Biden administration and a wide range of Iraqi politicians, Iran and countries.

The writer said: I met Al-Kazemi in the small villa decorated with modern art only a few months ago, and it is the same one that was bombed.

 The writer considered that the attack was counterproductive, and its goal was to deprive Prime Minister Al-Kazemi of a second term, but its outcomes came in the opposite way, as it made his second term in office almost certain.

The writer saw that Al-Kazemi has been living in the crossfire since he took office in May 2020 and tried to direct a path between the United States and Iran.

The writer revealed that Al-Kazemi was about to start talks about forming a new government with Al-Sadr and other prominent politicians.