Officially.. the completion of the concrete structure of the Central Bank building and it becomes the highest in Iraq

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Officially.. the completion of the concrete structure of the Central Bank building and it becomes the highest in Iraq

{Local: Al Furat News} The executing company has fully and officially completed the concrete structure of the Central Bank of Iraq tower. 

The main casting has been lifted completely from all parts of the tower, followed by the implementation of the steel structure that will form the curved and undulating crown that adorns the top of the 173-meter-high building.

The tower, located in the Jadriya area in Baghdad and opposite the Tigris River, was designed by the Iraqi international engineer, Zaha Hadid, and its concrete structure will be fully completed before the end of this year 2021.

It is noteworthy that on June 13, the tower of the new building of the Central Bank officially became the tallest building in Baghdad even before the completion of its concrete structure, so that after its completion it would be the tallest building in all of Iraq.


The digital currency “Hazm” .. Iraqis fall victim to the “biggest” scam

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Shafak News/ For the third day in a row, the debate continues in the Iraqi street, about the significant drop in the price of the digital currency “packets”, which recently entered the country, after the price of each million packages exceeded more than six thousand dollars, in a period that did not exceed three months.

Recently, a digital currency in the name of “Hazm” has spread, launched by the Arab media, Muhammad Al-Arab, who is famous for being the delegate of Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath channels in Yemen to cover the war of the Saudi-led coalition forces against the Houthis.

Muhammad Al-Arab, a Bahraini journalist of Iraqi origin, was born in the city of Fallujah, east of Anbar Governorate. their luck through it.

Investors in the currency suffered heavy losses, after the currency fell, with its price ranging between one and two cents, after the Central Bank of Iraq warned, yesterday, against dealing with digital currencies.

And the Central Bank announced, in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that it is “closely following transactions in the digital, encrypted and virtual currencies market, given the great risks associated with these currencies and their lack of any legal, regulatory or technical controls or legislation in Iraq.”

He continued by saying, “In order to avoid any negative repercussions resulting from dealing with these currencies, which have high volatility and speculation in them, the Central Bank of Iraq warns against using them, and does not guarantee such currencies and does not provide legal protection for those who deal in them and has not granted a license to any digital currency currently encrypted.”

“At the beginning of the launch of the currency, the procedures were normal, and it was not possible for local governments to interfere, as long as there was no official ban from the central government,” said Ibrahim Al-Awsaj, the mayor of Ramadi district, the center of Anbar province.

He added, “But after the Central Bank of Iraq’s decision issued two days ago, a statement prohibiting its circulation, as it is more like a delusion and enters the door of fraud and fraud, the necessary measures will be taken against offices and traders, during the next week.” 

Al-Awsaj told Shafaq News Agency, “The possibility of filing a lawsuit against the owner of the currency and his partners, is related to the people who lost their money, as they can file a lawsuit, and the latter will deal with it, as we previously warned against trading in it, but personally, and after the Central Bank’s decision Legal measures will be taken against the currency selling offices, but the people investing in them, we have no power to force him not to trade, and there will be no measures against them.

While the digital currency expert, Nasser Alwan, said that “there are two types of digital currencies, the first is the one that is dealt with on the basis of the MasterCard and other advanced systems, which banks deal and cover officially, in exchange for hard currency or gold and others, and the second type is The encrypted currency, which appeared more than ten years ago, was the first currency (Bitcoin), which was launched by a group of merchants and wealthy people in China, to become, over the days, a traded currency in the investment and commercial center, and gained the confidence of traders.

And he indicated that “the difference between a trustworthy currency and a fake one, is that it belongs to well-known people who own tight software Stars, and they have a real company that manufactures products.” 

Alwan added, during an interview with Shafaq News Agency, that “all digital currencies have a high risk rate, since most of the money that is traded in them is money laundering, and it may be illegal trade, such as drugs and weapons, and despite that, a large number of countries The world is starting to turn seriously towards digital currencies, and it could be the future currencies.” However, by saying, “I assure that all digital currencies have a risk, meaning that (Bitcoin), which has a price of more than 60,000 dollars, could fall at any moment to become one dollar or less.”

Alwan stated, “More than a thousand currencies appeared after (Bitcoin), which contributed to the development of the world of technology, and they are traded through electronic platforms, but most of them are unreliable currencies, and there are many digital currencies that appeared recently and later turned out to be transactions A scam, and in general, it is like a game of gambling, and the majority of the world’s population deals with it as a kind of adventure without any guarantees. 

With regard to the currency of Hazm circulating in Iraq recently, the researcher in economic affairs, Muayyad Al-Dulaimi, explained that “all standards of trust and seriousness do not apply to this currency, because its owner has listed it on a platform known to be unreliable, which is the (white bit) platform and anyone can Manufacture of a coin and put it on this platform, as it does not require any scientific or financial conditions for the owner of the coin.

Al-Dulaimi told Shafaq News Agency, “Iraq does not have the expertise and legal or technological developments, regarding digital currencies, and we can say that it is late in that, and this was a major reason for the widespread demand for the package currency, as everyone who hears that he can invest with a dollar and from It could become a thousand dollars in a short period of time, and this raised suspicions about it.” 

Al-Dulaimi added, “The owner of bundles currency, put 100 billion bundles, and set 20% of them for circulation, and kept 80% of them, and he focused on Anbar Governorate and the city of Abu Ghraib in promoting the currency, and he paved the way for the currency issue a while ago, through His daily frequent broadcast live on the Facebook platform, and through it he attracted tens of thousands of people, as he was presenting many controversial ideas, including the issue of Anbar Province, which he raised at a very sensitive time, and then put forward fake business ideas, promises of surprises and others, which made him a source confidence in his followers.

Al-Dulaimi stressed, by saying, “We have warned against trading the currency since its launch, and the reason is that even if we think well of its owner, this means that we have entered into an adventure that may cause traders to fail, and this has already happened, especially since thousands have invested in the currency late, when it became five cents and more, which caused great damage to them, in addition to the great damage to the governorate’s economy, as the money was directed to trade in bundles of currency, instead of going inside the governorate and moving the wheel of the economy.”

Al-Dulaimi pointed out, “There are those who sold their wife’s gold, and there are those who sold their wheel and other property, and many of those who borrowed millions of dinars, to invest in the currency, there are even those who sold their homes, and many divorce cases were recorded because of this curse and not the currency. “.

Al-Dulaimi confirms, by saying, “The owner of the currency carried out one of the largest fraud and fraud operations against the Iraqis in general, as there are specialists familiar with the currency, who revealed that whoever sold large sums of currency amounting to 4.5 million, is the same owner, meaning that whoever caused the currency’s decline To this extent he is its owner, so I hope that legal action will be taken against him, so that people’s money will return to them.” 

As for the lawyer, Muhammad Saad, he says, “The size of the losses of traders in the currency of packages is very large, and there is no contract between the investor and the owner of the currency, and the reason that led to these losses is a speculative operation of the currency, regardless of who did it.”

And Saad indicated, in his speech to Shafaq News, that “if the allegations of skeptics about the currency and its owner are proven, and who see it as a fraud, it is possible to file a legal case by the Iraqi government and file it at the Interpol level, and the fraudster will be arrested, in the event that it was The country in which he is located does not have the information about the nature of the company’s business.

And he indicated, “Iraq does not have this legal culture, as one of the government agencies must adopt this, and through the public prosecution or any of those affected, a complaint is submitted, and then the wanted person is arrested.”