The Commission sets the date for sending appeals to the judiciary

political| 08:25 – 09/11/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Independent High Electoral Commission has set, on Tuesday, the date for sending the results of the appeals to the Judicial Commission for Elections.
Commission spokeswoman Jumana Al-Ghalay told Mawazine News, “The results of the appeals are in the process of being audited and will be sent to the judicial authority within the next few days.”
She indicated that “most of the election results are compatible and there is no significant difference, but rather minor and will not affect the results of the elections,” noting that “there are appeals recommended by the Council to be rejected, and the opportunity was opened to send appeals appendices and they were submitted, and counting and sorting took place on all appeals and all of them will be sent to the Judicial Commission. for the elections.”
And she pointed out that “the appeals that were recommended to be dismissed for a number of reasons, either were calling for a general counting and sorting, or a re-counting and focused sorting.” Ended 29/b 88

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