Al-Kazemi And The President Of The Iranian Bank Discuss Joint Cooperation And The Development Of Bilateral Relations

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Al-Ahed News

Today, Wednesday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi Discussed With The President Of The Central Bank Of Iran, Abdel Nasser Hemmati, Joint Cooperation And The Development Of Bilateral Relations Between The Two Countries.

A Statement By Al-Kazemi’s Office Said, “Al-Ahd News” Received A Copy Of It, That “The Prime Minister Received, Today, The Head Of The Central Bank Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran, Abdel Nasser Hemmati, And His Accompanying Delegation.”

He Added That “During The Meeting, They Discussed Joint Cooperation Between The Two Countries, And Ways To Develop Bilateral Relations At Various Levels And Fields, Especially In The Economic And Financial Fields.” Finished/6

Al-Halbousi receives Mr. Al-Sadr in Baghdad

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Al-Halbousi receives Mr. Al-Sadr in Baghdad

{Political: Al Furat News} The head of the Progress Alliance, Muhammad al-Halbousi, received the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, in Baghdad. 

Al-Halbousi’s office did not announce any other details of the meeting, except for the reception.S

The Electoral Commission announces the end of the manual count for the appeals annex of 4 governorates 

politicsElection CommissionappealsManual count 2021-11-04 14:13A-AA+

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Electoral Commission announced, on Thursday, the completion of the counting and sorting of stations for which evidence was presented within the appeals appendix of the candidates of the provinces of Diyala, Babil, Karbala and Najaf.

The commission stated, in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that “the counting and sorting of stations for which evidence was presented within the appeals annex in the aforementioned governorates, was carried out in the presence of representatives of the contesting candidates, international observers and authorized media personnel.”

She added that “the result of auditing this evidence will be submitted to the Board of Commissioners to take the appropriate recommendation in light of the procedures followed.”

And she indicated that “tomorrow, Friday, will witness the consideration of stations for which evidence was presented within the appendix of the appeals of the Karkh and Rusafa candidates in Baghdad, to resolve the file of their appeals in full, after completing the review and scrutiny of what the candidates submitted in the aforementioned appendix.”

Legal expert: The international contracts of the caretaker government cannot be canceled

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Legal expert: The international contracts of the caretaker government cannot be canceled

{Politics: Al Furat News} The legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, explained on Thursday that it is not possible to cancel the international contracts of the caretaker government. 

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Al-Tamimi told Al-Furat News that “the next government cannot cancel all agreements or contracts concluded by the caretaker government at the local level.” 
“And the next government cannot cancel international contracts, as they are commitments between countries,” he added. 
Al-Tamimi pointed out, “the new legislative authority’s ability to hold the government accountable and refer it to investigation by violating the law and violating the powers of the caretaker government. 
It can also result in major criminal lawsuits, and the imposition of fines on the participating parties.” 
It is noteworthy that the caretaker government or the caretaker government is a temporary government that lacks authority for the purposes of managing affairs at times. It may be a transitional phase, elections, or an emergency situation due to the failure to establish a new government or its delay, and this government has no right to decide on important and crucial matters.
For his part, the legal expert, Tariq Harb, set the date for the end of the duties of the caretaker government, until the formation of the new government, which includes the period of final results and the period of ratification of the parliamentary results in the Supreme Court and the President of the Republic’s invitation to the House of Representatives to meet under the chairmanship of the oldest member .. 
The government also continues during the period of electing a president The House of Representatives, the President of the Republic, his assignment to the candidate of the largest parliamentary bloc, the period of forming the government, and the period of presenting the government to the House of Representatives for a vote.

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Kurdistan Finance begins work on the new instructions on “double salaries”

2021.11.04 – 15:41
Kurdistan Finance begins work on the new instructions on “double salaries”

Baghdad – people  

On Thursday, the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Region issued new instructions regarding double salaries.  

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According to the instructions issued by the ministry, and “Nas Kurd” received a copy of it, (November 4, 2021), it “instructed to stop the phenomenon of double salary in accordance with Article 14 / first of the reform law issued by the Parliament of Kurdistan in 2020”.  

Two cases were identified within this framework:  

1 – Forgiveness of double salary before 1/7/2020 and giving its owners the choice of choosing one of them in implementation of the provisions of the law.  

2- Retrieve the double salaries received after the date of 1/7/2020, and limiting the receipt of one salary.  

It also established “special committees to review more than 106,000 cases of double salaries, large numbers of which were organized according to old laws that were submitted to a decision according to the new law issued for salary reform.”

A new investment fund in Iraq to encourage start-ups

economyIraqbreakinginvestment fundStartups 2021-11-04 07:51A-AA+

Shafaq News/ “My Startup World”, an English magazine specialized in business and Middle Eastern markets, stated that three companies have cooperated to establish a new investment fund in Iraq under the name “Iraq Project Partners (IVP)”, with the aim of encouraging startups to work. 

According to news published by the site and translated by Shafak News Agency; Omar Al-Handal (Al-Mahatta), Bassam Falah (Inovest Middle East, Rowad Iraq) and Muhammad Al-Khudairi (Iraq Tech Ventures) collaborated together to form the New Iraqi Fund. 

The site explained that the “Iraq Project Partners” fund plans to invest in emerging companies from the early stages of their establishment to the later stages of their growth, and aims to focus on innovation and the knowledge economy in Iraq, across many industries. 

The report quoted Al-Khudairi expressing his enthusiasm because the fund “comes at the right time,” explaining that “there are many talented Iraqi entrepreneurs who need capital, with few sources of funding available to them.”  

For his part, Bassam Falah said; The added value that each of the IVP partners brings is a “unique proposal that will meet the current urgent needs of the Iraqi startup ecosystem.” 

As for Omar Al-Handal, he expressed his confidence in the capabilities of Iraqi start-up companies, explaining that the fund will be the backbone of all upcoming entrepreneurship opportunities in Iraq. 

bitter melon added; “We hope to shed more light on the unique startups that Iraq offers to potential investors.” 

The site noted that “Iraq Project Partners” boast some of the leading names in startup companies in Iraq, after they participated in what the site described as “the largest fundraising deals in Iraq to date,” adding that they “were also an interconnected part of using their institutions to help in Create deal flow and develop competencies.

Kurdish delegation headed by Zebari in Baghdad “to calm the situation”

politicsbreakingHoshyar Zebaripolitical partiesgovernment formationKurdish delegation 2021-11-04 07:40A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The Kurdistan Democratic Party revealed today, Thursday, that a Kurdish delegation headed by Hoshyar Zebari has been sent to the capital, Baghdad, to calm the situation and negotiate between political parties in preparation for forming the next government.

Party member and former parliament member Mayada al-Najjar told Shafaq News Agency, “The Kurdistan Democratic Party formed a committee headed by Hoshyar Zebari, which in turn held meetings with the Kurdish parties to understand and bring views closer, and to emphasize the unity of the Kurdish row.”

Al-Najjar added, “The visit of the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad comes to understanding, dialogue and bringing the views of the political parties closer.”

Al-Najjar added, “The Kurdish committee will meet the Shiite and Sunni parties in Baghdad, and will work to calm the situation in preparation for the formation of the next government.”

According to Kurdish officials, the Kurdish forces are waiting to gather the diaspora of their Shiite counterparts and agree between these forces to nominate a candidate to head the new Iraqi government, to enter into negotiations to form that government and distribute its portfolios according to political custom and electoral merit.

Iraq and the United States hold a new round of negotiations to withdraw combat forces and announce important numbers

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Iraq and the United States hold a new round of negotiations to withdraw combat forces and announce important numbers

On Thursday, November 4, in Baghdad, the National Security Adviser, Mr. Qassem Al-Araji, hosted a meeting between the Iraqi Military Technical Committee headed by the Deputy Commander of Joint Operations, Lieutenant General Abdul-Amir Al-Shammari, and its counterpart in the coalition forces, headed by the Commander of the Inherent Resolve Operations Forces in Iraq, Major General John Brennan, and in the presence of His deputy is Brigadier General Richard Bell (UK) and Director of Interagency and Civil Environment, Brigadier General Vincent Coste (France).
As part of the security technical talks, discussions continued on plans that would reach the stage where there are no international coalition forces operating in Iraq in a combat role.
The assistant chief of staff of the Iraqi army, the commanders of weapons (land – air – air defense – army aviation – the naval force), the director of military intelligence and the representative of the Ministry of Peshmerga, who gave a summary of their operations and plans to work with the coalition forces after moving to the role of advice, assistance and empowerment, also attended.
The parties referred to the process of evacuating more than 2,100 shipments of military equipment from Iraq, within the framework of the continuous transition of the security relationship with the coalition forces to an advisory and non-combat role.
The parties also reaffirmed their commitment to the ongoing partnership between the Iraqi security forces and the coalition, and clearly defined how the coalition will continue to support the Iraqi security forces through its role in advice, assistance and empowerment, and agreed to re-evaluate progress in their relationship on a quarterly basis.
The parties also referred to the successful transfer of ownership of equipment to the Iraqi side during the past months, which included more than 1,800 armed armored wheels, cranes, water tanks and other vehicles, which contributed to increasing the mobility of the Iraqi security forces and enabling them to protect Iraqi citizens from ISIS. The Iraqi government has reaffirmed its commitment to protect members of the International Coalition who provide advice, assistance and empowerment to the Iraqi Security Forces. Coalition members are present at the invitation of Iraq, in accordance with Iraqi sovereignty and international laws and norms.
The parties also agreed to continue holding their regular sessions through future meetings with the Iraqi Security Coordination Group for the purpose of completing the discussion of the remaining steps to complete the transition of the coalition forces to the non-combat role by the time specified for it at the end of this year.

Oil prices continue to decline after agreement to resume Iran nuclear talks

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Baghdad / NINA / – Oil continued to decline today, Thursday, with US crude futures falling below $80 a barrel, after an agreement with Iran to resume nuclear talks this month. 

US West Texas Intermediate crude fell for the third day in a row to $79.98 a barrel by 03:26 GMT, down by 1.1%. 
Brent crude futures also extended losses for the second consecutive session, as contracts for January delivery fell 66 cents, or 0.8%, to $81.33 a barrel. 

The two benchmarks recorded, yesterday, Wednesday, the largest percentage decline since early August, to close Brent at its lowest level since the seventh of October, and the US crude at its lowest level since the thirteenth of October, after the release of data from the US Energy Information Administration that showed a greater than expected increase in stocks. US crude last week.

Iran and the major powers will resume talks on November 29 and this year. 

Iran is demanding that America lift sanctions restricting its oil exports./End 3