Pope Francis condemns the attack on the Iraqi prime minister, describing it as a “despicable terrorist

act”09.11.2021 | 11:53 GMT

Pope Francis condemns the attack on the Iraqi Prime Minister, describing it as

Pope Francis and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-KadhimiIRAQI PRIME MINISTER MEDIA OFFIC / ReutersToday, Tuesday, Pope Francis condemned the attempt to assassinate Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, describing it as a “despicable terrorist act.”read moreRT reveals details of the Iranian Quds Force commander’s visit to Baghdad and his meeting with Al-Kazemi

And the Vatican said that its foreign minister sent a letter to the Prime Minister on behalf of the Pope, who visited Iraq last March, in which he stated: “In condemning this despicable terrorist act, His Holiness once again expresses his confidence that the Iraqi people, with God’s blessing, will cling to the wisdom and strength of the path of peace through Dialogue and fraternal solidarity. 

Al-Kazemi survived an attack by drones loaded with explosives on his house in the capital, Baghdad, last Sunday, and a number of his bodyguards were wounded in the attack.

Source: “AFP”


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