Ariba Iraq opens a new center for printing and issuing payment cards in Baghdad

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Economy News _ Baghdad

Areeba Iraq for Information Technology and Electronic Payment announced the opening of a sophisticated and modern center for printing and issuing payment cards in Baghdad, Iraq.

This center has the highest levels of security for printing plastic cards, and will provide banks with a wide range of printing technologies including wireless payment cards and metal cards, in addition to a fast and high-quality service regardless of the volume of orders. The opening of this center demonstrates the company’s ability to provide the necessary competitive advantage to its customers in Iraq and the region, making it one of the leading companies in Iraq that possesses such capacity with such specifications in one print center fully compliant with PCI card security standards.
This center was equipped with MATICA S7000 LX central card printing devices, in cooperation with InfotecSystems, the official partner of Matica Fintech. This machine is one of the latest and fastest devices of the Italian company MaticaFintech specialized in the field of technological solutions. These devices are characterized by many specifications such as laser engraving of cards, in addition to digital coding and smart encryption of EMV cards, in addition to automatic packaging of cards after the completion of the printing process.
This is in addition to direct thermal printing or embossing & indenting. All of these processes take place at a speed exceeding 1000 cards/hour.
Commenting on this agreement, Areeba Iraq Managing Director Issam Adra said, “Our company is committed to the Iraqi market by investing in the most advanced and secure card issuance systems in order to provide high quality services and record time to deliver cards to our customers. The latest services for the Iraqi market to meet all the requirements of electronic payment.
Mr. Mohammed Al-Aweni, General Manager of Infotec Systems also stated, “We are proud to strengthen our relationship with Ariba in its regional expansion in Iraq also at this stage, and Systems Infotec has proven through this cooperation that it can be trusted to implement such huge projects thanks to its experienced team And its extensive experience as a provider of card issuance systems and solutions.

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