A new proposal on the ‘Kurdistan oil’ crisis: to deliver 450,000 barrels and Baghdad bears the production costs

2021.03.13 – 23:51

Baghdad – People  

A parliamentary source revealed, on Saturday, the existence of a proposal to deliver the Kurdistan region to 460 thousand barrels of oil per day to Baghdad, provided that the latter return the costs of production and extraction to the region.   


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The source said in a statement to “People” (March 13, 2021): “Most of the Shiite parliamentary blocs object to the text on the region’s share, but they did not come up with an appropriate alternative.”  

He added that “the Shiite blocs submitted a proposal on the basis of which the Kurdistan region would be delivered to 460 thousand barrels of oil per day to Baghdad, in exchange for the latter’s guarantee to return production and extraction expenses to the region from the exported oil money.”  

The source pointed out, “MPs have been informed that next Monday’s session will be devoted to completing the vote on the remaining articles of the Federal Court Law without the budget.”  

He added that “a decision will be taken on the budget file next Monday by a coordinating committee.”  


The Finance Committee confirmed, earlier Thursday, that next Monday is a fixed date for voting on the budget, whether or not it has been agreed with the Kurdistan region.  

Committee member Thamer Theban Al-Hamdani said in a statement to the official agency, which was followed by “People” (March 11, 2021), that “there is a possibility to change the price of a barrel of oil in the budget,” explaining that “the Federal Court law has nothing to do with resolving the budget law in Monday’s session.”  

Earlier, the Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, instructed to include the 2021 draft budget on the Parliament’s agenda at this week’s session.   

A brief statement of Al-Halbousi’s office, of which “People” received a copy, (March 8, 2021) stated, “The Speaker of Parliament has directed the inclusion of the budget bill next Monday, based on a request submitted by Representative Yusef Al-Kalabi signed by 150 deputies.”  

A document obtained by “people” showed that “150 deputies have signed the request of Representative Yusef Al-Kalabi to include the budget on the parliament’s agenda for Monday, March 15, 2021.”      




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