A new team for the Biden administration in the Middle East .. Who leads the Iraq file?

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(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The American “Foreign Policy” magazine revealed, on Friday, that President Joe Biden’s administration has appointed seven new officials in the team responsible for Middle East policy in the National Security Council of the White House.

The magazine quoted officials familiar with the matter as saying that the new appointments included several experienced employees who previously worked in the US-led campaign against ISIS.

In an email response to Foreign Policy, National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horne confirmed the correctness of these appointments.

The magazine said that the new employees will submit their reports to the Middle East Coordinator at the National Security Council, Brett McGurk, who previously served as the special presidential envoy for the International Coalition to Combat ISIS under Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

The new appointments included former State Department official Sam Parker, who will serve as director of Iran affairs, while Zahra Bell will be appointed director of the Iraq and Syria files, and Max Martin for Lebanon and Jordan.

Josh Harris, former deputy US ambassador to Libya, will manage the North African issues at the National Security Council, and Julie Sawyer, the Israeli-Palestinian file.

Meanwhile, Evinia Sidres will assume the position of Director of the Arabian Peninsula and KC Evans for the Department of Political, Military and Yemen Affairs.

Raghad Daham



Iranian official: America agreed to release the frozen assets in Iraq



The Central Bank of Iraq

Iranian frozen assets

2021-03-05 14:21

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Shafaq News / A member of the Administrative Board of the Joint Iranian-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce, Hamid Hosseini, announced that “Washington agreed to release the frozen Iranian assets in the Iraqi Commercial Bank.”

This came in a tweet to Husseini.

Seyed Hamid Hosseini


منابع موثقی در عراق از موافقت #امریکا با #ازاد سازی منابع ایران در #بانک تجارت عراق خبر میدهند واعلام داشته اند که چند #تراکنش نیز انجام شده است، این اتفاق در استانه نوروز وماه رمضان برای تامین اقلام ضروری مردم #راهگشا خواهد بود

4:52 AM · Mar 5, 2021

For his part, Iranian media reported that many financial transactions will be announced on the eve of the Nowruz holidays in Iran.

Earlier, the governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Abdel Nasser Hemmati, received the director of the Iraqi Commercial Bank, at the headquarters of the Central Bank in Tehran, and discussed with him ways to transfer Iranian assets.

Hemmati stressed the urgent need to use Iranian assets as soon as possible. The two sides also reviewed the appropriate procedures for transferring these sums to the country.

For his part, the Director of the Iraqi Commercial Bank announced, “the payment of some amounts from the Iranian assets with his country, stressing the acceleration of the use of these assets and exerting efforts to activate financial channels approved by the Iranian side in this context.”

This comes in light of the consultations that took place during the past months between banking affairs officials in Iran and Iraq, to release Iranian assets in Iraq.


Pope Francis calls on the international community to play a decisive role in promoting peace in Iraq and the whole Middle East

03/2021/05 16:17

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Section : Iraq

Baghdad / Obelisk: Pope of the Vatican, Francis, said Friday, March 5, 2021, that Iraq has suffered a lot from the disasters of wars and the scourge of terrorism, and from conflicts that have brought death and destruction, while calling on the international community to play a decisive role in promoting peace in Iraq and the entire Middle East.

His Holiness said in his speech from the Baghdad Palace, followed by the obelisk, I thank the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, for inviting me to visit Iraq, and I am grateful for the opportunity to make this long-awaited visit to this land, the cradle of civilization, which is closely linked, through the Prophet Abraham and many of the prophets.




Iranian official: Iraqi sources informed us that America has lifted the embargo on our frozen assets

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(Baghdad: Al Furat News) An Iranian official said that Iraqi sources – he did not name them – informed him of America’s lifting of its ban on Iranian financial assets frozen in Iraq.

Hamid Hosseini, a member of the Joint Chamber of Commerce between Iran and Iraq, said in a tweet on Twitter: “Reliable sources in Iraq have informed us of the approval of the United States to lift the ban on Iran’s assets frozen at the Iraqi Commercial Bank.”

“This measure will be helpful to Iran, and we are on the eve of the (Iranian) New Year and the blessed month of Ramadan,” he added.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Abdel Nasser Hemmati, announced on October 14 that the volume of frozen Iranian assets in Iraqi banks amounted to five billion dollars.

“The situation is changing and complicated, and we are trying to make it stable,” he said. “There are tens of billions of dollars of our assets frozen in foreign banks. Even countries that have good relations with Iran, such as Iraq, cannot cooperate with us due to American pressure.”

Ammar Al-Masoudi


Al-Sadr welcomes the Pope’s visit to Iraq

2021/03/05 12:33

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Section : Iraq

Baghdad / Obelisk: The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, announced Friday, March 5, 2021, that he welcomed the visit of Pope Francis to Iraq.

And Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr published a tweet that was followed by the obelisk stating, “Welcome to Pope Francis.”