Parliamentary Finance unveils new details regarding the budget .. One knot !!

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Sunday, new details regarding the federal budget for 2021.

Committee member Shirwan Mirza said {for the Euphrates News} about “the completion of most of the budget paragraphs, except for the share of the Kurdistan region,” announcing “the committee’s willingness to submit the bill to the House of Representatives for the purpose of voting.”

He added that “the region’s share is still hampered between the political blocs, and if the blocks submitted their formula regarding the region, we will add it to the draft law; but there is no official text alternative to the government regarding the region’s share in the budget until the moment.”

Mirza said, “The Kurds have repeatedly stressed that they support any proposal that does not contradict the laws in force and is in the interest of all the Iraqi people, and we do not know why the political blocs did not present an alternative solution to vote on the budget.”

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee concluded, “We are waiting for the vote on the Federal Court law within the next two days, and then we will see what will happen regarding the budget.”

It is noteworthy that the Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, confirmed the parliament’s keenness to proceed with the laws that were suspended in previous sessions, most notably the Federal Supreme Court’s law, which was suspended throughout previous sessions.

Al-Halbousi also announced that the draft budget law will be in the coming days within the council’s agenda to vote on it.

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A tweet from the Pope saying goodbye to his visit to Iraq

2021.03.07 – 20:10

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Baghdad – People  

The Pope of the Vatican said, on Sunday, that the Church and Christ are alive inside Iraq, after the end of the stations of his historic visit to the country.  


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A tweet by Pope Francis on his Twitter account, followed by “People” (March 7, 2021), “Today I can see and touch the touch of the hand that the church in Iraq is alive, and that Christ is alive and working in his holy and believing people.”  

A deputy in the regional parliament commenting on yesterday’s message: We will continue negotiating with Baghdad until the last moment

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Baghdad today – Kurdistan 

A member of the Kurdistan Parliament’s Finance Committee, Bahjat Ali, confirmed that the last message sent by the regional government yesterday, Saturday, will not be the last, while indicating that Kurdistan will continue negotiations with Baghdad until the last moment, to end the dispute over the budget law for 2021.

In an interview with (Baghdad Today), Bahjat Ali said, “The region will continue its negotiations with Baghdad until the last moment, in order to obtain the rights of our citizens,” noting that “the last message was a new commitment and commitment from Kurdistan.”

Ali added, “The decision is not in the region’s hands. We have made all our commitments and pledges, but the problem lies with the political blocs, and we cannot agree to the conditions of unconstitutional political forces, and it is not possible to deliver the entire oil, because there are financial and legal obligations and obligations before our people and our citizens.”

And a member of the Finance Committee in the Kurdistan Parliament expressed his hope that “the political blocs will respond to this message, and then a new delegation from the regional government will go to Baghdad again, before the budget is presented to vote in Parliament.”

Yesterday, Saturday, the spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Gutiar Adel, announced that his government submitted a proposal to the federal government and the Iraqi parliament to end the dispute over the budget law for the year 22021.

In a statement received (Baghdad Today), Adel said, “The government has delivered all data and statistics related to revenues and expenditures, both oil and non-oil, and the biometric registration of employees to Baghdad,” stressing that “commitment to the principle of transparency and willingness to provide any clarification to remove the problems that may hinder the agreement between the two sides.” “.

The statement added, “The approval of the Iraqi budget bill for 2021 in its final stages and after conducting many discussions with all concerned parties, the Kurdistan Regional Government affirms its commitment to all its duties and its belief in the principle of transparency as stated in the work program of the ninth government cabinet.”

And that “the Kurdistan Regional Government reviewed the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, through the book No. (7 – special), on 1-2-2021, on all the details related to the process, revenues and oil expenditures (based on the audit report of Deloitte International), in addition to Sending statistics related to non-oil revenues and border crossings and their revenues, depending on the annual financial statement of the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the region, not to mention sending tables of numbers and information for Kurdistan Region employees according to the biometric registration system.

He stressed that “the Kurdistan Regional Government always affirms its commitment to the principle of transparency to disclose oil and non-oil revenues to the public opinion and the federal government, and has so far responded accurately and in official letters to all inquiries and questions of the Iraqi ministries of finance and oil, as well as the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives.”

“At the same time, the region expresses once again its readiness to clarify any inquiries in this regard, in order to dispel all ambiguities and problems that may cast a shadow on the path of understanding and agreement between the two sides,” he concluded.

A deputy in the regional parliament commenting on yesterday’s message: We will continue negotiating with Baghdad until the last moment

Pope Francis concludes his Mass in Erbil: Iraq is always with me, and I salute the Kurdish people from the heart



Pope Francis

Requiem for Erbil

2021-03-07 09:28

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Shafaq News / Pope of the Vatican Francis concluded his historic mass in the city of Erbil, which was attended by about ten thousand people.

The pontiff said in a speech at the conclusion of the Mass, “The moment of returning to Rome is approaching, but Iraq will always remain with me and in my heart. I ask you all to work together, united for a future of peace and prosperity that does not neglect anyone and distinguish anyone.”

He added, “God bless Iraq, and I salute a special greeting from the bottom of my heart, the dear Kurdish population, and I express my thanks to the government and civil authorities in the Kurdistan Region for their effective contribution.”

Hundreds of citizens in the Kurdistan Region of all religions and sects attended to receive the Supreme Pontiff, who is on a historic visit to Iraq, which included Baghdad, Najaf, Ur, Erbil, and Nineveh.

Iran announces the release of $ 3 billion of its frozen assets in 3 countries, including Iraq

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Baghdad Today- Follow up

Today, Sunday (March 7, 2021), Iranian media reported that Iran has released 3 billion assets frozen in Iraq, Oman and South Korea.

He was quoted by the Iranian news agency “Fars news” Hamid Hosseini, a member of God A of presidential Iran – Iraq Chamber of Commerce, as saying he was “released $ 3 billion of assets in Iraq , Iran , South Korea and Oman.”

Hosseini added, “America agreed to release the assets in the Iraqi Commercial Bank, and some transactions in this regard have been completed.

He pointed out that: Despite Al-Jazeera’s news, according to which an Iraqi source denied the release of Iran’s assets, but according to documented information it obtained, America agreed to release 3 billion dollars of Iran’s assets in Iraq, South Korea and the Sultanate of Oman.

He explained, “The advisor to the Iraqi prime minister announced that Washington had granted its consent to Iran to use its money deposited in Baghdad for humanitarian purposes.”

And he indicated, “Part of the released funds will be used to provide the basic goods that the country needs,” adding: “A shipment of corn was imported from Iraq that resulted from the process of releasing the assets.”

He noted that “the liberation of the assets came with follow-up by the head of the judiciary when he traveled to Iraq, as well as the governor of the Central Bank and the Iranian Minister of Energy,” indicating that “the issue of frozen assets was also discussed during the recent visit of the Iraqi Foreign Minister to Tehran.”

The Iranian official stressed that “Iraqi officials, through frequent contacts, were waiting for a green light from Washington, which is what happened in the end.”

Iran announces the release of $ 3 billion of its frozen assets in 3 countries, including Iraq

Official reception and meeting between the Pope and the President of the Kurdistan Region (photos)

2021.03.07 – 08:53

Official reception and meeting between the Pope and the President of the Kurdistan Region (photos)

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Baghdad – People   

On Sunday, the President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, received Pope Francis upon his arrival at Erbil airport.  

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Our correspondent reported (March 7, 2021) that Nechirvan Barzani officially received the Pope at Erbil airport and held a meeting as soon as the Pope arrived in the governorate, while the latter also met with the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, and a number of clerics in the Kurdistan region.  

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And the Pope of the Vatican arrived, on Sunday morning, to Erbil Governorate, as part of his visit to Iraq.  

Our correspondent (March 7, 2021) stated that the Pope arrived on an Iraqi Airways plane to Erbil Governorate, in the midst of official reception procedures.    

He continued, that a number of officials in the Kurdistan region and clerics, were received by the Pope upon his arrival to the province.    

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