Capital Bank” prepares for a new banking start in Jordan and Iraq

Posted on Monday 15th March 2021 12:00 am


Chairman of the Board of Directors of Capital Bank, Basem Khalil Al-Salem, inaugurated the new building of Capital Bank in the Abdali area, announcing a new banking start for the Capital Bank Group led by innovation and digital transformation, after its expansion in Jordan and Iraq and the increase in the value of its assets to nearly 3.5 billion Jordanian dinars Shareholders’ equity in the group also increased to nearly 400 million dinars, making it one of the largest Jordanian banks operating in the local banking market.

In his opening speech and holding the first meeting of the Board of Directors in the presence of the executive management, Al-Salem stressed that Capital Bank Group will work to achieve maximum benefit from future growth opportunities, and to develop the volume of its business in the main markets in which it operates, especially after the number of Capital Bank branches in Jordan increased to 28 and number The branches of the National Bank of Iraq to 18 branches in Iraq, indicating that Jordan is a promising strategic market with attractive opportunities for investment, especially as it has a number of unique features represented in its unique geographical location and distinct demographic characteristics in addition to the strength of its banking sector.

He said: “During the past few years, Capital Bank Group was able, thanks to its ambitious strategy, to consolidate and maximize its role and economic and investment impact in the Jordanian and Iraqi markets, and today the group completes this pioneering march and takes new steps towards strengthening its competitive position and expanding its local and regional reach, especially since the group is the banking institution. The only Jordanian woman who owns a bank in Iraq ».

For his part, Chief Executive Officer of Capital Bank, Dawood Al-Ghoul, explained that the executive management of Capital Bank, with the support and support of the Board of Directors, is implementing an ambitious strategy to transform the bank into a distinct digital banking model in the Jordanian market that adopts digital transformation in its various operations and provides an advanced and innovative banking experience to its individual customers. And companies with the highest level of efficiency and quality according to the latest international standards, pointing out that Capital Bank is one of the first Jordanian banks to provide financial services through digital platforms such as the iCa chatbot service on Facebook and then on WhatsApp.

Al-Ghoul said that Capital Bank is also a pioneer in providing the opportunity for resident and non-resident Jordanians to open electronic accounts through WhatsApp without the need to visit branches, promising customers a comfortable and safe banking experience that enhances their experiences with Capital Bank.

In the document … Parliament’s schedule for tomorrow, Monday

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The House of Representatives announced its schedule for tomorrow, Monday.

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According to the schedule issued by the Council’s Media Department, Al Furat News obtained a copy of it, that “includes the completion of the vote on the draft law of the Federal Supreme Court, and the vote on Iraq’s accession to the Patent Cooperation Treaty of 1970.

The table also includes the reading of four laws (first and second). } Among them is the ratification of the air transport agreement between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.



Wafa Al-Fatlawi

The Kurdistan Region delegation begins last-hour negotiations in Baghdad

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Economy News _ Baghdad

Member of Parliament, Representative Riad Al-Masoudi, confirmed, on Sunday, the arrival of the regional government delegation negotiating the budget to Baghdad this morning, indicating that the delegation will conduct negotiations in the last hours before the start of the voting session on the draft budget law tomorrow, Monday.

Al-Masoudi said in a press interview, that “the Kurdish delegation arrived in Baghdad to conduct recent negotiations with government and parliamentary parties to agree on the final formula for the region’s entitlement to the budget.”

He added that “the negotiations of the region’s delegation will continue today and until tomorrow morning, before the start of the voting session on the draft budget law in tomorrow’s session, Monday, after the Speaker of Parliament approved the proposal of more than 150 deputies to include it on the agenda of Monday’s session,” indicating that “the delegation cannot procrastinate. “.

Representative legal: Points of contention in the Federal Court law revolve around two main issues



Baghdad / Al-Mawred News


On Sunday, the House Legal Committee considered that the points of contention regarding the Federal Court law centered on two main issues.

A member of the committee, Hussein Al-Oqabi, said, “The points of disagreement regarding the Federal Court revolve around two basic issues: The first is the vote inside the court. The other disputed point is the number, will it be 9 or 11 among the court’s judges and not Sharia scholars.”

He added, “Most of the political forces agree that Sharia jurists have an opinion in Article 2 of the Constitution with Islamic articles,” revealing that “there is an agreement to vote on Sharia jurists in parliament as is the case with higher positions within the state.”

Al-Uqabi noted that “the next meeting between the heads of the blocs and the presidency of the Council and the Legal Committee will resolve the issue.”

The Iraqi Parliament announces the date of the Kurdistan Government’s delegation’s visit to Baghdad and identifies the most prominent budget disputes


Kurdistan Region

Bashir Haddad

The budget


2021-03-14 07:46

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Shafaq News / The Presidency of the Iraqi Parliament announced on Sunday that the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation will return to the capital, Baghdad, before the session approving the federal budget for 2021, which has not yet been determined.

Bashir Haddad, Deputy Chairman of the Council, said in a statement made to reporters today in Erbil, that “there is no doubt that the regional government delegation will present to Baghdad before the budget voting session,” adding, “We demanded that the draft budget law not be included on the agenda of tomorrow’s session, Monday.” And that a special session be set for him. ”

He explained that “one of the reasons for not setting a budget session is that the Federal Court Law has not been approved, as there are many problems around it.”

Al-Haddad continued by saying that “Kurdistan’s share does not hinder the approval of the budget, as the region announced its support for the draft law sent by the government,” noting that “there are other problems and disagreements that hinder the vote on the budget, including that there are parties that require the approval of the Federal Court law before the budget, while others seek to create A problem for the Kazemi government with the budget. ”

He added, “Among the differences are oil prices included in the budget, as there are claims to raise the price in the budget.”


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SULAIMANI — Iraq’s Council of Representatives will not take up the 2021 Federal Budget Law on Monday during a scheduled session as had been anticipated.

The postponement also means that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will not travel to Baghdad for the session.

Second Deputy Speaker of the Council of Representatives Bashir Haddad said on Sunday (March 14) that the parliamentary session will instead focus on the draft Federal Court Law.

During a press conference, Haddad argued that disagreements between Erbil and Baghdad over the Region’s budget share are not the primary reason why the budget bill has not moved forward, suggesting that other issues including disagreements between the Sunni and Shia blocs were to blame.

The KRG and the federal government have been involved in tense negotiations over the budget for nearly a year, several times announcing the outlines of an agreement only to have politicians pull back from actually moving forward with implementation.

A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Haddad sought to cast a positive light on these presumptive agreements, saying it showed Erbil’s willingness to make a deal. He said that some parties were trying to amend the legislation in ways that are unconstitutional and that they were delaying passage of the bill in order to precipitate the fall of the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s government.

On Saturday, Former Deputy Minister of Finance Fazil Nabi told NRT that if the price of oil is fixed above $65 per barrel, the Kurdistan Region can pay public sector workers without reaching a budget agreement with Baghdad.

“The Region…should not distance itself from Baghdad until it becomes a state,” he cautioned however.

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Parliamentary Finance announces the setting of a new date for voting on the budget


Iraqi Council of Representatives

2021 budget

Share of Kurdistan Region

2021-03-14 07:41

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Shafaq News / The Finance Committee of the Iraqi Parliament revealed today, Sunday, that the paragraph on voting on the 2021 budget bill has been removed from the agenda of the council’s session for tomorrow, Monday.

A member of the committee, Muhammad al-Shabaki, told Shafaq News, “The Iraqi Council of Representatives has lifted the paragraph on voting on the 2021 budget bill from the council’s session agenda for tomorrow, Monday, and made the vote on the budget next Tuesday.”

And between reticulate; The postponement of the vote on the budget came due to the presence of technical notes on the law, amendments must be made to it and meetings regarding it, and the disagreement over the region’s share is still going on, and that is why it was postponed for one day, in order to reach final solutions, especially with the intention to pass the budget during the week Present”.