Weights to pass the budget and the Federal Court in the next session

Political | 09:12 – 10/03/2021

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, a member of Parliament, Jasim Al-Bakhati, confirmed, on Wednesday, that 150 parliamentary signatures have been collected to pass the budget during the next week.

Al-Bakhati said in a statement followed by Mawazine News / that “the approval of the budget law is easier than the Federal Court’s law,” indicating that “the first has one problem, which is the region’s share of the budget and the amount of oil that the region delivers to Baghdad, while the Federal Court’s law has six paragraphs. Not yet agreed upon. ”

He explained, “If there is no agreement with the Kurds on their share, the budget will pass by a two-thirds majority, as happened in the first and second borrowing.”

He pointed out that “the Federal Court Law has been almost resolved, as it was scheduled to vote on it next Saturday, but problems prompted it to be postponed to next Monday’s session with the Budget Law.” Ended 29 / A



The House of Representatives intends to pass the 2021 budget by majority in Monday’s session

Iraqi Council of Representatives. “Internet”

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MP Mansour Al-Baiji confirmed that the budget will be passed by a majority in a session on Monday, stressing that there is consensus on that.

Al-Baiji said in a statement seen by “Al-Eqtisad News”, that “the general budget of the country has been decided and amended with the exception of the share of the Kurdistan region, which has not yet been decided, stressing that it will pass by the majority inside the parliament and there is unanimous approval among the representatives.”

Al-Baiji considered that “the Kurdistan Regional Government does not want to reach a solution to settle its share of the budget, and it has stalled throughout the previous period and the approval of the budget has been delayed to this day because of the Kurdistan region. Therefore, more than 150 parliamentary signatures were collected in order to present the budget for passing it.”

The MP explained that “after the consensus that occurred among the representatives on the incompatibility on the account of our governorates with the general budget of the country, as was the case previously with the Kurdistan Regional Government, the signatures were collected to present the Budget Law at the nearest session in order for it to pass because it was too late and this delay cannot continue because the injured The only one of them is all of the Iraqi people. ”

He added, “The Kurdistan Regional Government must obey the law and the constitution as is the case in other governorates, and hand over all its revenues to the central government, and do not procrastinate on that, because our Kurdish people are the ones affected and they must realize well that the Kurdistan Regional Government is the reason.”

Al-Baiji stipulated that if he wants “his share in the budget, he must hand over his revenues in full, otherwise we will not vote on his share in the current year’s budget as happened with the borrowing law.” He continued, “Justice must be applied between all governorates and the Kurdistan Region because it is not possible or reasonable for us to surrender. A share to the Kurdistan Regional Government, and he does not hand over to the federal government anything. ”


Iraq is ranked 38th in the table of the world’s largest gold reserves

Gold bar in Kazakhstan. Reuters

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The World Gold Council announced, on Wednesday, that the United States of America ranked first and Iraq in the 38th place as the world’s largest reserves of the precious yellow metal.

The council said in its schedule for the month of March, that the central banks’ possession of the 100 countries listed in the table amounted to 35,244 thousand tons,
adding that the United States of America ranked first as the largest gold reserves it possessed with an amount of 8,133 thousand tons, followed by Germany with an amount of 3,362 thousand tons, and then comes a fund. International currency by 2.814 thousand tons, and Italy comes fourth with 2,451 thousand tons, while Yemen comes to the top with 1.6 tons, followed by Haiti by 1.8 tons.

He continued, “Iraq still maintains the 38th position in the world and the fifth in the Arab world with the largest gold reserves at 96.3 tons, which represents 10% of the rest of the other reserves,” noting that “the last purchase of gold by Iraq was in September 2020, with an amount of 0.1 tons.” .

He pointed out that “the most prominent buyers of gold during this month are Uzbekistan, by 8.1 tons and Kazakhstan, by 2.8 tons, while the main sellers were Turkey, with an amount of 17.2 tons, and Russia, by 3.1 tons.”