Al-Halbousi: Present the budget to a vote soon, and we will proceed with the legislation of the oil and gas law

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(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, confirmed, on Thursday, the parliament’s keenness to proceed with the laws that were suspended in previous sessions, most notably the Federal Supreme Court Law, which was suspended throughout previous sessions.

 In a statement, Al-Furat News Agency received a copy of it today, Al-Halbousi said, “There is insistence from members of the House of Representatives to proceed with legislative measures, to complete the Federal Supreme Court Law.” Being sensitive and related to the composition of the court and the decision-making mechanism. 

He indicated that “successive meetings will be held with the heads of the political forces and the legal committee, and these meetings will be chaired by the presidency of the Council, in order to reach common points.”

He pointed out that “next Monday has been set as the date for voting on the rest of the articles of this law,” stressing that “the draft budget law will be in the coming days within the council’s agenda to vote on it.”

He stressed that “there are a number of stalled laws that the council will proceed to legislate, such as the oil and gas law, which is one of the laws stipulated in the constitution, which will deal with the mechanism of dealing between Baghdad and Erbil and between Baghdad and the rest of the oil-producing provinces, and the law will be one of the council’s next priorities.”

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The House of Representatives adjourns its session to Saturday of next week

Political | 09:51 – 04/03/2021

Baghdad – Mawazine News

On Thursday, the House of Representatives adjourned its session to Saturday of next week.

In a statement, the Mawazine News received a copy, the Media Department stated that “Parliament has raised its session to next Saturday.”

Earlier in the day, the House of Representatives held its session No. (40) of the first legislative term for the third legislative year in the fourth parliamentary session, headed by Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi, during which six articles of the Federal Court Law were voted on and four other articles were postponed.

Oil prices jump 5% … Brent is above $ 67

2021-03-04 13:19

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Shafaq News / Oil prices rose about 5 percent on Thursday, while OPEC ministers and their allies discuss the future of supply cuts.

By 15:57 GMT, Brent crude futures were up $ 3.04, equivalent to 4.7%, to $ 67.11 a barrel, while US West Texas Intermediate crude increased $ 2.84, or 4.6%, to $ 64.12.

Ministers of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies began a meeting at 13:00 GMT to decide on production policy.

A source said that Russia had informed the OPEC + meeting that it was important to exercise caution and not disturb the market balance in light of intense uncertainty.

Russia also indicated that the gradual increase in supply should be cautious and step by step, according to the source.

The source added that Russia had indicated to the OPEC + meeting that it wanted to increase oil production during April to fill a deficit in the domestic fuel market.

Al-Kazemi’s advisor confirms that the elections will be held as scheduled next October

2021/03/04 12:51

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Baghdad / Al-Masala: The Advisor to the Prime Minister for Elections Affairs, Hussein Al-Hindawi, Thursday, March 4, 2021, called on Iraqi voters to speed up updating their electoral data, stressing that holding early elections on the tenth of next October does not accept any postponement.  

Al-Hindawi said, in a statement to the media affiliated with Al-Masalla, that holding early parliamentary elections on the tenth of next October does not accept postponement, indicating that all that is said about the postponement is mere wishes and perceptions that are not based on facts.  

He stressed that the Commission has started implementing its electoral plans, starting with extending the registration period for political alliances until 5/21/2021, as well as extending the period for receiving candidate lists until 4/17/2021, and considered these deadlines as deadlines for registering alliances and receiving candidate lists, which could not be extended for technical reasons, with the exception of checking names. Candidates and replacement of those who do not meet the legal requirements.  

He stressed the need for the commission to double its press and media conferences to clarify and explain its plans and procedures to the public opinion and voters, as well as the parties, alliances, candidates and the international community.  

The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, previously announced that the parliamentary elections would be held on time, pledging to provide international monitoring of the electoral process.

Al-Kazemi’s announcement of the election date was met with an international welcome and a pledge of support and work for its success.

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