Erbil announces a political agreement with Baghdad regarding oil

Political | 12:00 – 27/03/2021

BAGHDAD – Mawazine News

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan announced, on Friday, a political agreement with Baghdad regarding oil.

The leader of the Union, Ghayath Al-Surji, said in a radio interview, “In the past it was agreed that the region would hand over 460 thousand barrels, but the dues of the oil companies operating in the oil sector and the debts owed by the region were deducted from the wages of the oil pipelines to Turkey in addition to the deduction of the region’s share for consumption. ” the local “.

He added,” The delegation of the region has agreed with the political blocs in Baghdad and the Parliamentary Finance that the remainder will be 250 thousand barrels to be delivered to the SOMO Oil Marketing Company. “Ended 29 / A 43


Arab solidarity with Egypt in the painful Sohag incident .. Kuwait, the Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Libya and Jordan offer condolences to the president and the people for the victims of the accident … and Kazemi announces the postponement of the tripartite summit between Cairo, Baghdad and Amman.

Sohag accident – Archives

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Friday, March 26, 2021 06:28 PM

In an expression of their solidarity with Egypt, its leadership and its people, a number of countries offered condolences to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, on the victims of the tragic Sohag train accident, where the incident resulted in a number of victims and injured.


For his part, the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, sent a cable of condolence to President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Republic, expressing his sincere condolences and sincere condolences to the victims of a passenger train collision in Sohag Governorate, which resulted in the occurrence of dozens of victims and injured. May God Almighty bless the victims with the breadth of His mercy and forgiveness, and indwell them, so that He will grant them paradise, and their families will have patience and solace, and He will bless the injured with a speedy recovery

Al-Kazemi announces the postponement of the tripartite summit in Baghdad


Baghdad / Al-Mawred News

On Friday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced the postponement of the trilateral summit in Baghdad until further notice.  

Al-Kazemi wrote in a tweet on Twitter, “We offer condolences to the Arab Republic of Egypt for the painful injury caused by the two trains collision, calling for mercy to the victims and a speedy recovery for the injured.”  

He added, “In solidarity with the tragedy of our brothers, we announce the postponement of the tripartite summit in Baghdad to the very near future, with a meeting next week for the foreign ministers of the three countries to set a new date for its holding.”

The Iraqi Parliament sets the date for voting on the 2021 budget



The Iraqi Parliament

The financial budget

2021-03-26 11:52

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Council of Representatives (Parliament) set, on Friday, the date of the scheduled session to vote on the draft federal budget bill for the current year.

According to the agenda distributed by the media department of the council, Parliament will vote on the budget in next Sunday’s session.

The session will be devoted to the budget vote, with the exception of public discussions for a quarter of an hour.

The vote on the budget was scheduled to take place tomorrow, Saturday.

However, the council’s media department indicated that, “given the continuing discussions on the draft budget law and the need for final formulations of the articles of the budget bill, the council presidency decided that the voting session on the draft budget law would take place on Sunday.”

There are still differences between the political blocs on several items in the draft budget, including the share of the Kurdistan Region and the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar.

Parliamentary Finance: Carrying forward the 2021 budget is an option




The budget

2021-03-26 07:12



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Shafaq News / On Friday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee ruled out the vote on the budget bill in the House of Representatives session tomorrow, Saturday, revealing the possibility of postponing approval of the budget until further notice.

Committee member Jamal Cougar told Shafaq News, “The vote on the general budget law for 2021 in a session tomorrow, Saturday, is very unlikely, due to the large number of differences and Shiite and Sunni demands on the articles and paragraphs of the budget.”

He added that “there are controversial points on the budget law, except for Article 11 related to the region’s oil, which is related to the development of the regions, the exchange rate of the dollar and the distribution of the investment budget, projects to the provinces, in addition to the share of social welfare.”

And Cougar said, “The vote or the transfer of the budget law to other notice will be decided next week,” expecting at the same time to resolve it by the end of the week.

The Iraqi parliament had failed to vote on the federal budget bill for 2021, following the continuing disagreements over some items.

The budget allocations are estimated at 130 trillion Iraqi dinars (about $ 89.6 billion).

Article 11 of the draft budget relates to the share of the Kurdistan Region, and stipulates that it will deliver 250 thousand barrels of oil per day, with tax revenues to Baghdad, in return for receiving 12.6 percent of the budget.

However, some political blocs are demanding that the article be amended to include a text that holds anyone who decides to spend these funds to the region legally responsible if their oil is not delivered to the federal government.

Political blocs also reject what was stipulated in the budget to exclude a segment of citizens whose monthly salaries exceed 1.5 million dinars (about $ 1030) from benefiting from the ration card, which is a program for the distribution of food rations to the population that has been followed since the imposition of the blockade on the country in the 1990s.

And other blocs refuse to vote on the budget if the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar is not modified, by returning it to its normal condition 1168 thousand dinars per ($ 100) instead of 1450 per ($ 100).

Iraq relies on oil sales revenues to finance about 95 percent of state expenditures, and is suffering from a stifling financial crisis, as a result of the decline in crude prices under pressure from the Corona pandemic.

Al-Kazemi will visit Saudi Arabia next Wednesday



Baghdad / Al-Mawred News

Today, Friday, an informed source revealed that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will visit Saudi Arabia next Wednesday.

The source said, “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will visit Saudi Arabia next Wednesday.”

On Thursday, the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, sent an invitation to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, Riyadh, during a hypothetical meeting that brought the two parties together.

Kurdish bloc sets two conditions for voting on the budget

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{Politics: Al Furat News} The Kurdish Al-Amal bloc in the House of Representatives stipulated two issues for voting on the fiscal budget bill for 2021.

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A member of the bloc, Sarkut Shams al-Din, said in a statement that the Euphrates News Agency received a copy of, that “the bloc will not vote on any agreement between Baghdad and Erbil if it does not include the marketing of oil through the” Sumo “company and include the salaries of the region’s employees without any arguments or delay or cut off.” Until “some political blocs have waived the condition of marketing oil for the benefit of the Kurdistan Democratic Party,” he said.

“Marketing the region’s oil through partisan companies there is a great waste of public money in the country and a betrayal of the constitution and the Iraqi people,” he added.

Shamsuddin added, “The other condition is to amend the Parliamentary Elections Law, and set up a mechanism to dissolve the House of Representatives to hold elections next October, stressing that any mechanism in this regard outside the constitutional contexts is totally rejected.”

Parliament is scheduled to hold a session next Saturday to vote on the fiscal budget bill for 2021.

The deputies ruled out voting on the budget on Saturday, because no agreement has been reached yet on the differences, especially the region’s share.

Samir Hawrami, spokesman for the Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, announced yesterday, Thursday, that “the new formulation agreed upon in the draft fiscal budget for 2021 included two proposals,” noting that “the region is ready to implement one of these two proposals.”

Hawrami said in a press statement, “Since April 2020, the Kurdistan Regional Government has concluded 3 types of agreements with the federal government regarding financial dues,” noting that “there are currently two proposals about the Kurdistan region’s share of the budget for 2021, a proposal for the federal government,” And another for the Finance Committee and Parliamentary Blocs. ”

He added, “The region is ready to implement one of these two proposals that were agreed upon,” noting that “the Parliamentary Finance Committee voted for the article on the Kurdistan region’s share of the budget, so the region’s share is not the reason for delaying the vote on the budget law.”

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Advisor to the Prime Minister considers the new round of dialogue with Washington a success for Kazemi

Political | 12:15 – 26/03/2021

 Baghdad – Mawazine News,

Advisor to the Prime Minister, National Security at Nahrain University, Hussein Allawi, said, Friday, that the launch of the new round of strategic dialogue between Baghdad and Washington is a success for the current government.

Allawi said in a radio interview, “There is an insistence on the part of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to transfer relations to a horizon from the unilateral aspect to the multiple sides.”

He added that “the launch of the new round of strategic dialogue between Baghdad and Washington is a success for the current Iraqi government headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi.”

Allawi pointed out that “the multiplicity of relations will be sufficient to support the democratic experiment and combat terrorism.”

 The United States of America and Iraq announced the resumption of the strategic dialogue between the two countries during the month of next April. Ended 29 / h