Political analyst: The US sanctions against the “Hashd leaders” are effective even if they do not have external funds

Saturday 7 December 2019 | 11:27 am

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Baghdad / … political analyst, Wathiq Al-Hashemi, confirmed today, Saturday, that the US treasury sanctions against the four Iraqi figures, in particular the “crowd leaders”, will affect them, even if they do not have assets in America or outside Iraq in general, because these sanctions will be binding on Iraqi government banks. .

And al-Hashemi told “Eye of Iraq News” that “the character that will be most affected is the president of the (National Axis) Alliance Khamis al-Khanjar because he has balances in foreign banks and may be in Europe or America itself,” noting that “other personalities exclude that you own Balances in foreign banks that are under the control of US sanctions and can only secure their money in countries that do not cooperate with America. ”

Muhammad al-Rubaie, a spokesman for the political bureau of the “Sadiqin Movement”, which represents the “Asaib Ahl al-Haq” movement, had announced that the American sanctions imposed on the leaders of the group would not be beneficial because they did not possess the external funds.

It is noteworthy that the US Treasury announced earlier Friday, the imposition of sanctions on the leader of “Asaib Ahl al-Haq” Qais Khazali, and his brother Laith Khazali, leader of the group, in addition to the director of security of the popular crowd Hussein Faleh, and the head of the “National Axis” coalition, Thu dagger. Finished 2


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