Two presidents express a position on the “Al-Sinak massacre” in central Baghdad, and there is no comment for Abdul-Mahdi

12/12/2019 10:45:08

Shafaq News / Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi and President of the Republic Barham Salih condemned on Saturday the armed attack on protesters in the center of the capital, Baghdad, that resulted in dozens of dead and wounded.

A statement issued by Al-Halbousi’s office stated that the latter “continued, with great interest, the armed attack on the peaceful demonstrators, carried out by criminal gangs outside the law, which took place on Friday, and resulted in a number of deaths and injuries.”

He added, “The government and security forces must take their role by force of law to maintain security, protect citizens, their property, and their capabilities, and prevent any armed manifestations outside the framework of the state.”

As for the Presidency of the Republic, she said in a statement that “Saleh continued, with great care and deep pain, with the relevant government agencies what happened yesterday, Friday, the sixth of December, from an armed criminal attack by criminal gangs and outlaws, which killed a number of dead and wounded in Popular protest.

Saleh stressed, according to the statement, “Once again, the legitimate right of any citizen to protest and demonstrate peacefully, and to prevent and criminalize any armed and violent response against peaceful demonstrators.”

He added that “the responsibility of the state security services, in addition to protecting peaceful demonstrators and public and private property and preserving the lives of Iraqis, is to prosecute and arrest outlaws criminals and bring them to a fair trial to obtain the deterrent punishment they deserve.”

Saleh called on “everyone to respect the peaceful nature of the demonstrations that call for reform, social harmony, and cooperation between citizens and the state’s security services to maintain public security and confront outlaws.”

This did not make any position from the resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, any position on the incident until the time of writing the news.


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