Barzani: For the first time, we participate in preparing the budget with Baghdad and jointly export Kirkuk oil


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12/12/2019 11:17:09

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Shafaq News / The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, said on Saturday that the region is participating for the first time in preparing the federal budget with the federal government in Baghdad, noting that the two sides are jointly disputing Kirkuk governorate’s oil.

Barzani gave a speech to the people in which he reviewed the most important accomplishments that were achieved during the first hundred working days of forming the government, and pointed out that what has been achieved represents only the beginning.

The Prime Minister said that strengthening relations with the federal government was one of the priorities of the new government formation, stressing that his visit to Baghdad after he supervised the first cabinet meeting represented a goodwill gesture of desire to reach a fair agreement under the constitution.

He continued: “Strengthening relations with Baghdad has a positive impact, not only on the daily life of the citizens of Kurdistan, but also on the daily life of all Iraqis, and the Kurdistan Regional Government is seeking to conclude a comprehensive agreement with the federal government that is in the interest of everyone.”

Turning to the file of talks with Baghdad, the Prime Minister said that it has made good progress on four issues, the first of which is to find a fair formula for the file of Kurdistan’s share of the financial budget, while the second issue focused on the powers of the region and its constitutional powers on oil and gas.

As for the third issue, the Prime Minister said that it relates to the disputed areas and mechanisms for resolving them based on the constitution, while the fourth issue was devoted to the Peshmerga forces and ensuring their constitutional rights as part of the defense system for Iraq.

He said: “We are still continuing our discussions with the federal government to decide on these problems, and for the first time the regional government is involved in preparing the early stages of the annual budget for Iraq, and we have made good steps with the Ministry of Finance in this regard.”

The Prime Minister stressed that resolving the issue of the Kurdistan Region’s share of the federal budget will contribute to the completion of many projects that will serve the citizens of Kurdistan and Iraq in general, noting that there are other developments that have been achieved in the file of relations with Baghdad.

He went on to say that the Iraqi Ministry of Interior has become providing the necessary facilities in granting entry visas for foreigners wishing to visit the Kurdistan Region, pointing out that this step would help foreign investors to go to Kurdistan to work.

He said that the Kurdistan Regional Government provided facilities for the citizens of Iraqi provinces coming to the region, which included the cancellation of the financial fees obtained from issuing the entry card, explaining that the current procedures are now limited to security audits only.

The Prime Minister continued his speech, saying: “We provide all the necessary facilities for the citizens who come from the Iraqi provinces to visit the cities of the Kurdistan Region, and they spend their time in reassurance in light of stability and security in the region.”

It is noteworthy that the Kurdistan Regional Parliament elected on June 11, 2019, Masrour Barzani to head the ninth government formation, by a majority of votes. On July 10, 2019, he was sworn in as head of a coalition government with the participation of the main parties, consisting of 23 ministers, including three women.

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