Parliamentary Finance reveals the date of the arrival of the 2020 budget in Parliament

 Politics    12/12/2019 18:54  259          

Baghdad today – Baghdad

The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives revealed, on Saturday (December 07, 2019) that the draft budget law 2020 for the Iraqi state will soon reach the parliament .

Committee member Hanin Qaddo said to (Baghdad today), “It is through information that we have received that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives will receive within the next few days a draft of the 2020 budget law for the Iraqi state .”

And Qaddo said that “after the arrival of the draft law, we will study the articles and paragraphs of the law in detail, then read it first and second, and then vote on it as soon as possible.”

The deputy of the Sadikoun parliamentary bloc, Uday Awad, revealed Thursday (December 5, 2019) that the head of the caretaker government, Adel Abdul Mahdi, granted 20% to the Kurdistan region, in the next 2020 budget.

Uday Awad said, during his hosting of the “Point of View” program presented by Dr. Nabil Jassem, on the “Degla” satellite channel, and followed him (Baghdad today), “There are decisions that will be issued by the Council of Ministers in the next week, including what concerns the budget,” indicating “The 2020 budget will come next week to Parliament and will be a bomb because of the increase in the proportion of Kurdistan.”

Awad added, “Abdul-Mahdi granted the Kurdistan region in the 2020 budget more than 20% that were approved in previous years, which was 17%,” noting that “some ministers seek to resolve the special score file, in light of the daily caretaker government, but Abdul-Mahdi is hesitant, and there is a minister who called on him to continue resolving this file. ”

In the same context, a parliamentary source said, on Thursday (December 5, 2019) that the Presidency of the House of Representatives intends to address the Presidency of the Republic to send a draft budget budget for 2020 to the parliament by next week .

The source stated in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that “the Presidency of the House of Representatives intends to address the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, to send a draft federal budget law 2020 to parliament by next week .”

Earlier in the day, members of the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed the legal way out to implement the Budget Law for 2020 after the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi became a daily caretaker government, whose powers it is not to send bills to the House of Representatives .

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