The foreign ministry is likely to lead a delegation led by Saleh to Washington to exclude Iraq from sanctions against Iran



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suggested to the Foreign Relations Committee, Saturday, go high – level government delegation headed by President of the Republic , Barham Salih , to Washington to discuss the Iraqi government an exception imposed against Iran economic sanctions, as indicated that the government is able to reject sanctions and non – compliance with them categorically. 
“The Iraqi government has the intention to go to Washington with a high-level delegation headed by Barham Saleh to discuss its exclusion from the US sanctions imposed on Tehran,” said Amer al-Fayez, a member of the committee. “Iraq is unable to abide by sanctions because it is linked In Tehran with long borders as well as cooperation between the two countries in the field of energy and trade. “
He added that “Iraq is able to reject the US sanctions imposed on Iran and not to abide by them categorically, but seeks to maintain its relationship with Washington and Tehran at the same time,” noting that “the Iraqi government will not allow the regional differences or external and expose its international and economic relationship to risk.” 
And Fayez that “the government delegation will go to Washington during the next phase may be the date of launch after the completion of the cabinet cab remaining for Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and the adoption of the federal budget.” 
A new report by the International Crisis Group found that the results of the internal assessment conducted by the Bush administration that the policy of so-called maximum pressure on Iran is not working and has failed.
The newspaper “Okaz” Saudi Arabia has revealed, earlier, the notification of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the US ambassador in Iraq that Baghdad can not be dispensed with Iranian gas and electricity.

Parliamentary Finance: All the observations on the budget will be decided and approved within two weeks


08:48 – 19/01/2019

Special – Mawazine News 
Member of the Finance Committee parliamentary, Mahmoud Mullah Talal, Saturday, the resolution of all observations on the budget for the year 2019, while noting that the adoption will be in the next two weeks. 
“The general budget for 2019 has witnessed during the last period, more than 47 paragraphs of paragraphs,” he said, adding that “all paragraphs were amended on the basis of proposals submitted by ministers, agents and governors and in the presence of the Ministry of Finance, As well as some requirements. ” 
He added that “this week or next, will see the adoption of the budget,” pointing out that “the budget of 2019 worth 130 billion dollars, and thus the largest budget, and therefore a problem and therefore will reduce government spending to not reach the problem of deficit.
He explained that “will be pumped funds to facilitate the reconstruction of the liberated provinces and increase spending on service projects in the country,” stressing that “the reduction will include only government spending.”

From: Hussein Al – Nasser

Parliamentary Finance: allocate 10 trillion dinars for loans in the budget


07:54 – 19/01/2019

Special – Mawazin News 
The parliamentary finance committee, Saturday, allocated more than 10 trillion dinars for loans in the budget this year. 
A member of the committee, Faisal al-Issawi said in an interview for “Al-Mawazin News” that “the budget include the repayment of external loans and internal more than 10 trillion dinars.” 
He added that “his committee seeks to increase investment spending in the budget.”

delegation from Kurdistan Region to visit Baghdad to meet Abdul – Mahdi to normalize the situation in Kirkuk


A delegation from the Kurdistan Region to visit Baghdad to meet Abdul Mahdi to normalize the situation in Kirkuk
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The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), which are divided between Arbil and Baghdad, held their first meeting on Saturday.

The committee was formed last year during a gathering of the two parties under the direct supervision of the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Massoud Barzani, but the elections in the Kurdistan region in addition to the formation of the federal government has blocked a meeting of that committee.

According to information and leaks received, the committee held this afternoon a meeting headed by the official of the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and a member of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Arslan Bayes.

According to the information received, the meeting witnessed a good understanding, and three points were reached in order to re-normalize the situation in Kirkuk.

According to information, the committee decided to send a delegation to the federal capital Baghdad to meet with Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the concerned authorities to normalize the situation in Kirkuk.

According to the information, the committee also agreed to reactivate the Kirkuk Provincial Council after normalizing the situation and hold a round of talks with the political parties of the Turkmen and the Arabs to choose a new governor instead of the current appointed proxy Rakan Said Jubouri.

The Kurdistan National Union in Kirkuk has held during the past days meetings including the Turkmen Front, the Badr Organization, and the Arab Council in the province in preparation for reaching agreements that satisfy all parties regarding the situation in the province.

Najmuddin Karim, governor of Kirkuk, said by the federal government revealed on Thursday that Barzani leads efforts to normalize the situation in the disputed province of Kirkuk between Arbil and Baghdad.

“There are efforts to normalize the situation in Kirkuk,” Karim told reporters on the sidelines of a funeral for leaders of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Arbil. “President Massoud Barzani is leading efforts in Baghdad in this regard.”

“We hope that the situation in Kirkuk will be normalized peacefully and that the non-Kirkuk and non-Iraqi forces will withdraw from the province coming from other areas,” he added.

He stressed that “the need to restore conditions in the preservation of what it was before the invasion of an organization calling for areas in Iraq.”

Wisdom is attached to the possibility of a reference intervention to resolve the dispute over the ministerial cab: this is what we expect

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On January 19, 2019, a member of the Al-Hikma faction, Jasim Khumat, commented on the possibility of intervention by the religious authority in Najaf to resolve the dispute over the ministerial cab.

“The religious authority is far from the differences that are taking place regarding the completion of the ministerial cabin, so it will not implicate itself in such a way that it will be counted later,” Khattat said in an exclusive interview with Baghdad today.

He added that “the reference directed and guided the government in many cases, but the problem in the political work in general,” pointing out that “there is a real trend towards a breakthrough crisis and resolve the remaining ministries in addition to the draft federal budget of the country for the year 2019.”

News reports indicated that there was a tendency in the religious authority to intervene in order to resolve the dispute over the cabinet cabaret after the talks of political forces reached a dead end.

And a major dispute between the coalition of reform and reconstruction on the one hand, and construction on the other, on the possibility of replacing the candidate of the Ministry of Interior Faleh Fayadh candidate compromise, which delayed and the final resolution of the vote on candidates for security portfolios within the House of Representatives.

Because of these differences, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi was forced to submit his Cabinet to the House of Representatives in the form of payments, where the parliament voted on the twenty-fifth of the month of October last fourteen ministries. He then voted on other ministries to have a total of 19 ministries voted out of 22.

Since last November, the attempts of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and the Presidency of the House of Representatives continued to complete the vote on what remains of his cabinet.

The House of Representatives did not include a vote on the remaining cabinet cab on its agenda, which was published earlier in the day.

For this reason, the prime minister canceled his participation in the Beirut economic summit


19/01/2019 02:48 PM

A source familiar with the Office of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, Saturday, the cancellation of the last participation in the economic summit held in the Lebanese capital Beirut last Thursday and scheduled to end on Sunday.

The source said, in a press statement followed by “The Covenant News”, “The Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, decided to cancel his participation in the Arab Economic Summit held in Beirut “He said.

The source added that “the decision came because of the weak Arab representation at the summit and send delegations are not high-level and include only ambassadors and delegates “He said.

A report published by the Anatolia Agency on Friday revealed the participation of only three heads of state at the Beirut Economic Summit, namely Iraqi President Barham Salih, Lebanese President Michel Aoun and Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz of 22 Arab countries.,15700023,15700124,15700186,15700191,15700201,15700248&usg=ALkJrhh3DVncgqJaeBsx5ZhFiGZznMxOGA


Parliament finishes reading two laws and hosts a citizen of Mosul (expanded)


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(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The House of Representatives in its 26th session, which resumed under the chairmanship of Mohammed Al Halbusi, President of the Council on Saturday, the first reading of the draft laws and hosted a citizen of the residents of the old city in Mosul.
A statement by the Information Department of the House of Representatives received by the agency {Euphrates News} copy of it today, “At the outset of the meeting, the Council completed the first reading of the draft traffic law submitted by the Security and Defense Committee, which aims to regulate the provisions of traffic vehicles and identify the parties responsible for registration and determine the conditions of durability and safety The conditions of granting the market license and determining the categories and review the penalties and fines imposed on violation of the provisions of the Traffic Law in line with the seriousness of the violation and the economic reality and identify those who have the power to impose the fine. 
The Council called for the first reading of the draft law to address the violations of housing provided by the committees of services and reconstruction, and legal at the request of the Services Committee until the discussion of the bill. 
The council hosted Ahmed Ibrahim Mohammed, a resident of the old city of Mosul, the center of Nineveh governorate at the request of the governorate deputies.
The President of the Council welcomed the citizen of Mosul to attend the session of the Council of Representatives, praising his message, which was launched by the media on the city of Mosul and raised by the attention of ladies and gentlemen MPs. 
In a speech to the council, Ahmed Ibrahim Mohammed stressed the importance of providing services and dealing with poor living conditions in the city of Mosul and speeding up the elimination of unemployment, indicating the exposure of the carpentry shop owned by him to looting by elements of the organization calling the terrorist. 
In turn, President Halabousi stressed the commitment of the House of Representatives to represent the provinces of Iraq and attention to all citizens, noting the importance of addressing the destruction in the province of Nineveh and the lack of services in Basra, noting that the House of Representatives took a series of measures to provide services in parallel with the keenness of the Finance Committee to address the suffering of citizens.
The President of the Council praised the sacrifices of Iraqis from all the provinces in the liberation of the territories and the blood they have contributed to the victory of the gangs and called on the terrorist, which destroyed the infrastructure and displaced the safe families, vowing to make every effort to speed up the reconstruction and the return of displaced people, calling on the people of Nineveh province to cooperate with Security forces in order not to allow the return of terrorists. 

Al-Halbusi urged the ladies and gentlemen to make recommendations by the fact-finding committee on the situation in Nineveh province. He called on the council to take responsibility for providing the necessary services to the citizens and providing treatment for the wounded and compensating the families of martyrs.
The MPs’ interventions focused on the importance of providing compensation to citizens in Ninevehaw province in the rest of the provinces within the financial budget for 2019 and providing financial allocations for the reconstruction of infrastructure and a stop by members of the House of Representatives in the old city of Mosul to urge reconstruction and the need to withdraw economic bodies in the city of Mosul Which citizens suffer. 
The Council completed the first reading of the draft law challenging the law in the provisions and decisions of real estate property submitted by the committees of law, agriculture, water, marshes, labor, social affairs and displaced persons for the purpose of correcting errors in the judgments and decisions issued by the courts and judicial committees formed under the law of real estate claims by the jurisdiction in cases of compensation in kind And agrarian reform, which gained the degree of bit by the passage of time or ratification.
The Presidency of the Council decided to postpone the first reading of the draft law amending the Penal Code contained in the Penal Code No. 111 of 1969 and the other special laws No. 6 of 2008 and the draft law of the Federal Supreme Court and the draft Federal Civil Service Law submitted by the Legal Committee upon request. Agenda of future meetings. 

The President of the House of Representatives to the possibility of presenting the draft federal budget for the year 2019 to vote in the next meeting in the event of completion of the Finance Committee for its tasks in making amendments to it. 
Then it was decided to lift the parliament session until next Tuesday 22/1/2019