A senior US general: Cooperation and coordination with Iraq at its highest level


Release date: 2019/1/17 20:09 
BAGHDAD (AFP) – Army Chief of Staff Gen. Othman al-Ghanmi discussed on Thursday the cooperation and coordination between Iraq and the coalition led by the United States in the military field.
“At the beginning of the meeting, al-Ghanami welcomed the general and his delegation, saying that our relationship with the United States is strong and strong and we are in constant and constant contact with the leaders and advisors present in Iraq to discuss and coordinate support Combat operations to eliminate the remnants of the remnants of the terrorist, in addition to supporting and developing the capabilities of Iraqi forces (training, processing and border control). 
“We are one team against the fiercest terrorist enemy in history,” General Fotil said. “The level of cooperation and coordination between Iraq and the United States of America is at its highest and we are committed to and continue to provide all Forms of logistical support and assistance to develop the capabilities of the Iraqi army in all its forms. “

Lebanon’s economic summit: 27 files on the table, most notably a large free zone

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Baghdad today – follow-up

Lebanon is preparing to host the fourth session of the Arab Economic Development Summit in Beirut on 19 and 20 of January.

The agenda will be distributed to three meetings, in addition to the opening and closing meetings.

The draft agenda of the Summit consists of 27 items covering all the common Arab economic, developmental and social issues. The most important issues that the Summit is expected to consider are:

– Launching a strategic Arab framework for the eradication of multidimensional poverty 2020 and 2030.

– The Platform for Action for the Family in the Arab Region in the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Arab Declaration on Identity and Identity.

– The strategy of establishing a major Arab free trade zone.

Arab Common Electricity Market.

Arab Charter for the Development of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises.

Arab Strategy for Sustainable Energy.

Arab Food Security.

– Strategic vision to promote and activate joint Arab action between the tourism and cultural sectors.

Solid Waste Management in the Arab World.

– Supporting the Palestinian economy and developing a comprehensive plan for development in Jerusalem “2018-2022”.

– Financing for development, including how to finance development projects and achieve Arab economic integration.

– A comprehensive Arab regional action plan on “Prevention and response against all forms of violence”.

Arab Strategy for Older Persons.

– The Platform for Action for the Family in the Arab Region within the framework of the implementation of the goals of sustainable development 2030.

– Development Agenda for Investment in Childhood in the Arab World 2030, Arab Strategy for the Protection of Children in the Status of Asylum in the Arab Region, and the Arab Decade for Human Rights 2019-2029.

– The 14th Arab Sports Games, 2021.

– The economic and social burdens resulting from the hosting of Syrian refugees and their effects on the host countries.

– The challenges faced by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) and its implications for the host countries of the Palestinian refugees.

Digital Economy.

– Supporting Arab states in conflict.

– Development in Yemen.

– Support Somalia’s efforts to implement the development plan and exempt the country from its external debt.