Parliamentary Finance: All the observations on the budget will be decided and approved within two weeks


08:48 – 19/01/2019

Special – Mawazine News 
Member of the Finance Committee parliamentary, Mahmoud Mullah Talal, Saturday, the resolution of all observations on the budget for the year 2019, while noting that the adoption will be in the next two weeks. 
“The general budget for 2019 has witnessed during the last period, more than 47 paragraphs of paragraphs,” he said, adding that “all paragraphs were amended on the basis of proposals submitted by ministers, agents and governors and in the presence of the Ministry of Finance, As well as some requirements. ” 
He added that “this week or next, will see the adoption of the budget,” pointing out that “the budget of 2019 worth 130 billion dollars, and thus the largest budget, and therefore a problem and therefore will reduce government spending to not reach the problem of deficit.
He explained that “will be pumped funds to facilitate the reconstruction of the liberated provinces and increase spending on service projects in the country,” stressing that “the reduction will include only government spending.”

From: Hussein Al – Nasser

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