representatives of Nineveh demands that Abdul Mahdi put an end to the militias and continue to “rape” the territories

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Shivak News / MP on the Nineveh Sherwan Dobrani on Saturday, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the immediate intervention to put an end to the practices of armed militias, calling for the prevention and stop the confiscation and seizure of the territory of Nineveh by extrajudicial bodies.

“The prime minister must intervene immediately after the takeover of the land of Nineveh on behalf of the Shiite Waqf and work to return the land to the people of the city of Mosul,” said Dobdrani in a statement today.

He explained that “these abuses that get from the most hand is unacceptable and we will have a firm position towards such violations against Nineveh within the House of Representatives.”

“This is not the first time that the land of Nineveh and its people has been overrun,” he said during the statement. “Nineveh lands have already been seized by more than one side.”

“We have explained and disclosed these facts as well as the thefts and smuggling of oil and the existence of economic offices run by the parties of the popular crowd in our report within the fact-finding committee, which we will deliver to the Prime Minister’s Office.”

“The prime minister must take swift measures to curb these abuses and abuses and we have promised our people to be their voice and reassure them that we will never accept any transgression toward Nineveh and its people,” he said.

Earlier, a member of the Iraqi parliament for the province of Nineveh, Ahmad Jubouri, to save Iraq’s oil after continuing smuggling operations in the Qayyarah area of Mosul.

Jubouri said in a statement that there are more than 72 oil fields in the region of Qayara, south of Mosul was the organization of a duel to smuggle oil and sell it for his own account, noting that “after the liberation of Mosul from the control of Daash, the smuggling of this oil by armed parties and factions, Daily stealing about 100 tanks of crude oil and selling it for its benefit. ”

 “This robbery takes place in broad daylight and with the knowledge of the government, whether it is the former (the government of Haider al-Abadi) or the current government (Adel Abdul Mahdi), without being able to do anything,” al-Jubouri was quoted as saying.

“The oil smuggled from these wells goes towards Baiji and then drunk to Basra, where the export ports are,” Jubouri said.

For his part, said Atheel al-Nujaifi, a leader of the party “Iraq united” and the former governor of Nineveh, the truth of the news, noting that “there are armed parties claim to protect these wells, but control, so that no one can interfere in its work,” noting that “operations Oil smuggling from these areas continues. ”


The commander of the 7th Infantry Division sends a reassuring message to the Iraqi people

Editorial date: 2019/1/26 21:04

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The commander of the 7th Infantry Division, Major General Noman Zobaie, sent a message of reassurance to the Iraqi people on the border with Saudi Arabia.

Al-Zobaie told the {Euphrates News} that “for the border with Saudi Arabia, our forces divided two parts of the first in the north of the Euphrates River and our units are located along this road are the 8th and 7th Infantry Division and the 9th Armored Brigade Brigade, Along the border strip towards the province of Nineveh and towards the operations of Nineveh. ”

“As for the south of the Euphrates River, the Eighth Armored Division and the Border Guards of the Second Region, as well as the popular mobilization forces on the south of the Euphrates River and Akashat and the border port of Alwaleed, have vowed to defend the borders and soil of the homeland.”

“I send a message of reassurance to the people of Iraq, there are men who vowed to defend the homeland and not to undermine the security and sovereignty of the nation,” Zobaie said.

Kurdistan government: Iyad is behind the events of Chiladze and we will conduct thorough investigations to punish them

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The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced on Saturday that “the hands of a terrorist” behind the events in the district of Shiladzi in the province of Dohuk today, which caused the loss of his life demonstrator and wounding at least ten others, promising to punish “terrorists and rioters.”

“We express our concern and sadness at the loss of life and injuries in the events of today’s Chiladze region, and express our condolences and sympathy to the families and families of the victims,” the KRG said in a statement.

“There are subversive hands behind these events, so the agencies concerned are conducting thorough investigations to punish the terrorists and the rioters,” she said.

The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the House of Representatives, Vian Sabri, earlier on Saturday, to end the “illegal presence of the PKK on the territory of Kurdistan and stop the indiscriminate shelling of the Turkish side,” indicating that “the PKK took advantage of peaceful demonstrations today In Chladze-Badhuk to pour oil on fire. ”

On Sunday, a demonstration was held in the province of Dohuk to denounce the Turkish shelling of the area. Demonstrators stormed the military headquarters of the Turkish army, killing a demonstrator and injuring 10 others, as well as burning a number of military vehicles.

Government of Kurdistan to show an official position of storming the camp of the Turkish forces in Dohuk

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The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Saturday expressed its concern about the civilian casualties of the events in the town of “Chaladze” storming the headquarters of the Turkish forces, announcing an investigation into the incident.

This came in an official statement issued by the provincial government.


Medical source: 10 dead and wounded the result of storming the base of the Turkish army in Dahuk

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Baghdad today – Kurdistan

A medical source in the province of Dohuk, on Saturday, that the result of storming the base of the Turkish army amounted to 10 dead and wounded.

The source said, in an interview with (Baghdad today), that “a person named Hussein Rikan from the residents of Rikan district of the province of Dohuk died of his wounds in the events of the storming of a Turkish military base.”

The source, who asked not to be named, said that “the incidents also caused the injury of nine people, including an officer in the Directorate of Crime Prevention Duhok.”

Earlier on Saturday, Turkish security sources said that Turkish troops returned to their base in Chiladze, east of Dohuk province, adding that there was an “alarming” flight of Turkish planes over the area.

“The Turkish forces returned to the military base in Chiladze after the withdrawal of the demonstrators and the intervention of the Peshmerga,” the source told Baghdad Today.

He added that “Turkish warplanes flying at low altitude, above the skies of the region, which was a horror of the people of the possibility of Turkish bombing,” noting that “the people called on the provincial government and the federal government to intervene.”

Earlier on Saturday, the Kurdish Peshmerga forces evacuated protestors from the Kurdish military base in Dohuk after Turkish forces completely withdrew, while a local official denied that Turkish prisoners had been held by the demonstrators.

A source in the province of Dohuk, “Baghdad today,” that “the Peshmerga forces took control of the Turkish military base in Chiladze east of Duhok, completely and all the demonstrators peacefully.”

The source added that “the operation resulted in the injury of two citizens as a result of the stampede between them,” pointing out that “the Turkish army fired only by air and the injuries are not bloody but the result of bottlenecks.”

“The Turkish forces withdrew to one of the nearby Turkish military barracks before the demonstrators arrived at the headquarters,” he said.

For his part, denied the commander of the Amadiyah district in the province of Dohuk, Ismail Mohammed, Saturday, the occurrence of prisoners of Turkish soldiers in the hands of angry demonstrators who stormed the military headquarters of the Turkish army in the area of Shiladzi east of Duhok.

“A large force of the Peshmerga arrived at the Turkish military base in Chiladze (30 km east of Amadiyah district) and managed to take the demonstrators out smoothly,” Mohammed told Baghdad Today.

He added: “There are no prisoners of the demonstrators from the Turkish army,” noting that “the citizens were angry from the recent Turkish bombing, which killed 6 citizens of the Kurds.”

A number of angry protesters stormed this afternoon, the headquarters of the Turkish military in the area of Shiladze east of Dohuk, where they set fire to a number of weapons and equipment and mechanisms, against the backdrop of civilian deaths in a Turkish bombing targeted positions of the PKK in the Kurdistan region.

A security source said earlier on Saturday that two Turkish intelligence officials had been wounded and other soldiers had taken part in capturing the angry demonstrators who stormed the Turkish military headquarters in the Shaladze district.

The source said that “two Turkish intelligence officials were injured after the storming of angry demonstrators the headquarters of the Turkish army Shiladze east of Dohuk province,” noting that “Turkish aircraft flying over the area, after the number of Turkish soldiers captured in the hands of protesters.”

He added that “Turkish forces opened fire indiscriminately on the demonstrators, which led to the injury of 5 protesters, including a critical situation,” adding that “the arrival of Kurdish security forces Asayish to the barracks, with fire engines and ambulance.”

The source pointed out that “the protesters burned eight tanks of the Turkish army, as well as other mechanisms and headquarters of soldiers inside the barracks.”

Yesterday, Turkish planes bombed sites that they said belonged to the PKK, killing six people, four of them civilians and two Peshmerga.

pleased Barzani urges Britain to play its role in bringing Baghdad and Erbil closer

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“The approval of the Iraqi budget is a positive step to resolve the outstanding issues, stressing the need for Britain to play its role in bringing closer and solve the problems between Baghdad and Erbil.

A statement issued by the provincial security council said that Barzani was delighted Saturday with Secretary of State for Middle East and North Africa, Alastair Burt, and the accompanying delegation.

The meeting was held in the presence of British Ambassador to Iraq and British Consul General in Arbil, the two sides discussed developments in the region and bilateral relations between the region and Britain.

He added that on the developments in the relations between Arbil and Baghdad, Barzani counted the adoption of the budget as a positive step to resolve the outstanding issues, stressing that Britain should play its role in bringing closer and solving problems between Baghdad and Erbil.

The British minister said that Britain would continue to develop and strengthen bilateral relations, saying that his country would increase its support for coordination between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army in the areas of Article 140 in order not to provide the opportunity for the re-emergence of ” On the basis of the Constitution in order to solve the problems of the region.


TV: Barzani telephone Oglu about the storming of a Turkish military headquarters in Dohuk and reassuring him


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Turkish Prime Minister Nabilvan Barzani has telephoned Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Zhaoshoglu on the backdrop of storming the demonstrators of the Turkish forces in the province of Dohuk.

According to the channel, Barzani told Oglu during the call to take all necessary measures in the face of events in the district of Chiladze, Duhok province.

The Turkish Defense Ministry said on Saturday the exposure of a military headquarters of its forces in the province of Dohuk in the Kurdistan region of Iraq to an attack by angry demonstrators.

The ministry said in a statement today that a Turkish military base in northern Iraq had been attacked by persons incited by “pkk”.

“The attacks resulted in partial damage to a vehicle and military equipment,” the statement said.

Dozens of people demonstrated in the district of “Shiladze” in the province of Dohuk on Saturday in protest against the Turkish bombardment of the town of “Derelok” and claimed the lives of a group of civilians.

The demonstrators marched towards a military post of the Turkish forces in Dohuk, and expressed their anger at the repeated bombing.

According to reports from there, a group of demonstrators stormed the headquarters and took control of it completely.

According to information, the demonstrators set fire to the Turkish military vehicles and vehicles at Headquarters.

According to the information, the Turkish forces did not open fire on the demonstrators and only opened fire with air.

At least two people were injured as a result of the stampede inside the military headquarters.

Peshmerga forces and police forces on Saturday afternoon dismissed disgruntled demonstrators from the Turkish military headquarters in Dohuk province.

An officer in the Peshmerga forces told the Twilight News that they had rushed to the place of the Turkish military headquarters in the area of “Chaladze” and evicted all demonstrators from it.

The demonstrators burned two tanks, wheels and contents inside the military headquarters, adding that the civil defense teams were fighting the fires set by the demonstrators.

A security source said on Wednesday evening the killing of four civilians in the Kurdistan region after the bombing of Turkish air.

The source told Ashqaf News that “the Turkish warplanes today bombed the area of Rashwa, in the area of Deira Lock, in the province of Dohuk.”

“The Turkish shelling killed four civilians from the area,” the source said.

The Kurdistan Workers ‘Party (KDP) branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) was charged Thursday with the deaths of two civilians, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Turkish government.

Nuri condemned the bombing, calling on the two conflicting sides to end their fighting. “They must stop taking the Kurdistan Region as a battlefield,” he said.

The Turkish aircraft has been shelling areas of the Kurdistan Region, under the pretext of pursuing elements of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.