Tuesday .. Parliament offers a budget for 2019 to vote


Political situation

Sunday 20 January 2019 4:06 pm

Baghdad / .. The parliamentary finance committee, on Sunday, the determination of the House of Representatives to present the draft budget bill 2019 to vote during its meeting next Tuesday.

A parliamentary source in the committee, for “the eye of Iraq News,” that “the Parliamentary Finance Committee, agreed with the Presidency of the House of Representatives, the offer of the budget for 2019 to vote during Tuesday’s meeting next.”

The source, who asked not to be named, said that “the draft law, has been some amendments in the presence of representatives of the political blocs, in addition to the government committees, for the purpose of preventing the appeal amendments, conducted by the House of Representatives.”

The House of Representatives has concluded, in its previous sessions, reading and discussing the draft federal budget law for the year 2019, amid the objections of a number of representatives of the Kurdish and Arab forces, and the various political forces, while the Speaker of Parliament Mohammed Halbusi continued to hold meetings of the Council during the current month until Approval of the budget


Photos .. Security clarification of the opening of Rashid Street after the closure of 15 years

Date of release: 2019/1/20 19:32

[Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Operations Command of Baghdad, the opening of the Rashid Street in the center of the capital in front of the wheels of citizens after the closure of more than fifteen years.

“The operations of Baghdad continues to implement its plans to open the closed roads and lift the concrete blocks of all roads and neighborhoods of the capital Baghdad, where this afternoon was the opening of the closed part of the street Rashid [from the courtyard of the Rusafa through the Arab market And to the courtyard of Hafez al-Qadi} after the closure for security reasons more than fifteen years. ”

He explained that “was opened in the presence of Major General Hamid al-Lami, Chief of Staff of Baghdad Operations, Major General of the General Traffic and General Jasem of the Special Division and Ahmed Khawam, Director General of the Municipality of Rusafa and a number of leaders and media cadres and a public of citizens.”


Iraq ‘s economy seeks to establish an economic bloc with two Arab countries

Twilight News

2 hours ago

Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohamed Ali al-Hakim on Sunday discussed with his Egyptian counterparts Sameh Shukri and Jordan’s Ayman Safadi the establishment of the Arab Common Market for Electricity.

“Hakim met with Shukri and Al-Safadi to discuss the draft agenda of the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit in Beirut, which included 27 items dealing with Arab economic and social issues,” a foreign ministry statement said.

The statement added that “the three parties discussed the establishment of the Arab Common Market for Electricity, which is the first item within the project,” noting that “the establishment is of great importance to the Arab countries in the implementation of the objectives of sustainable development.”

He pointed out that “the three ministers discussed the mechanisms of expanding Arab commodity trade to include all services, in preparation for the establishment of an Arab economic bloc.”



Monitor the movements of “strange” within the “Central Bank” of Iraq!

The security scene Sunday, 20 January 2019 at 13:24 PM (Views 1773)

Baghdad / Sky Press

Witnesses, monitored strange movements, within the Central Bank of Iraq, for two consecutive days.

Witnesses said that the bank witnessed the entry of cars carrying, at night, without knowing the type of cargo being taken out of it, pointing out that the process lasted two consecutive days.  

The Central Bank of Iraq, located in the capital Baghdad on Al-Rashid Street, was founded in 1947 and was formerly known as the Iraqi National Bank.


A few hours before it happened, the bloody moon would appear here

Date of release: 2019/1/20 19:09

{{International: Euphrates News} A few hours amateurs detail the movement of stars and elephants in the United States and Uuba for a unique phenomenon, a total eclipse of the moon, but provided that the sky is clear.

From Los Angeles to New York, the stars’ observers and their faces will take over before the sky, in anticipation of the eclipse known as the giant Bloody Wolf, expected to appear at 04:41 am Monday.

The hour-long eclipse of the North and South Americas, Europe, West, Africa and northern Russia will be visible, with 2.8 billion people following.

Although it is a total eclipse, the moon will not darken completely but will glow with a red copper color that earned it the name of the bloody moon. It is called “giant moon” because it is full and very close to the earth.

Since it appeared in January, when wolves were starving outside the villages, the wolf’s description of the moon was obtained according to the Fermers-Almannak patrol.

But no matter how perfect the stars are to show this dazzling event, the sheer joy or frustration of the evening will really depend on one thing: the weather. If the sky is clear on Sunday night, the total eclipse of the moon can be seen with the naked eye.

Unlike the eclipse of the sun, which requires eye protection for safe viewing, no additional measures will be required to follow the lunar eclipse without health risks.

If clouds are blocked, this phenomenon can be tracked online.

“Anyone who can not see can connect to the Internet and follow the scene from our cameras in the sky around the world,” said Andrew Vesikas, a spokesman for Astronomers and WeatherBorders.

And the next opportunity for Americans to see a total loss of the moon will be available in 2022.

Vizikas said that the red color of the bloody moon is the result of the flow of sunlight through the atmosphere, which is covered by dust and pollution.

Blue rays with the shortest and most refractive wavelength are scattered outside the Earth’s surface, while the longer, less refractive red rays travel toward the moon.


The wise minister at the Beirut summit: Iraq has become a meeting point and its doors are open to cooperation

Release date: 2019/1/20 18:11

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim said that Iraq today has become a point of convergence, and its doors are open to cooperation.

“Today Iraq is a point of convergence and its doors are open to cooperation and Arab integration in all its forms and will play a pivotal role in supporting security and stability in the region,” al-Hakim said in a speech at the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit held for its second day in Beirut. Building a system of common Arab relations based on the exchange of interests away from the axes. ”

He explained that “Iraq’s policy is focused on economic openness, extending the hand of friendship and cooperation to all brotherly and friendly countries, and building a network of economic relations and attracting large foreign investment.”

He called for “the importance of achieving economic integration, the establishment of major joint economic zones, and the transformation of borders between our countries into investment areas.”

He stressed that “work must be done to find effective mechanisms, and applicable in the field of economic cooperation by encouraging joint investment of income-generating projects to eliminate unemployment.”

“The continuation of the economic deterioration in some countries of the region is one of the major challenges to security and stability,” he said, adding that “providing food security to our Arab countries is a key element in promoting joint Arab action to serve the Arab citizens.” is over


The parliamentary economic: radical changes will occur on the budget during the coming hours


  The Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary, on Sunday, the existence of radical changes in the budget bill for the year 2019 in the coming hours, noting that the changes will include transfers in services and liberated provinces .

  Committee member Abdullah al-Kharbit said in a statement to the ‘news’, that ‘radical changes will occur in the budget bill for 2019 in the coming hours ‘.

  He added that ‘Parliament will make large transfers in the allocations of liberated provinces and public services in all provinces, as well as requests in the appointment of staff on the movement of the owners ‘.

  “The Sunni component is not entirely satisfied with the budget law, but his representatives are trying to get as much services as possible within the budget to pass in the next few days .”


The supervisory and auditing bodies meet in the Central Bank of Iraq

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Baghdad today _ Baghdad

The supervisory and auditing bodies in the Iraqi Central Bank, on Sunday, held a meeting, chaired by the Governor of the Bank, Ali Al-Alaq.

The central bank said in a statement, received (Baghdad today) a copy of it, that “a meeting of the bank held today under the chairmanship of the Governor, and the presence of the President of the Office of Financial Supervision, the head of the board of Securities, and the captain of accountants and auditors, and Vice-President of the Iraqi Association of Certified Public Accountants, and representatives of international audit firms (KPMG, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers). ”

The statement added, “The meeting dealt with prospects for professional work and legal requirements with respect to auditing professions and provide professional consulting provided by those companies.”

The participants stressed the importance of the role played by these companies in different aspects, and the need to establish legal frameworks for auditing and advisory functions.

The statement said, “It will be a meeting later held at the headquarters of the Association of Accountants and Auditors to adapt the things that were trading between the various entities replaced.”


The dollar is stabilizing against the Iraqi dinar


Economy News _ Baghdad

BAGHDAD – Foreign currency markets in Baghdad recorded a stable exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar on Sunday.
The market price in the Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad was 1198.5 dinars per dollar, ie 119 thousand and 750 dinars per hundred dollars.
The prices of selling and buying dollars in banking companies, was:
the sale price of one dollar 1202.5 dinars, or 120 thousand and 250 dinars per hundred dollars.
The purchase price of the dollar is 1192.5 dinars, or 119 thousand and 250 dinars per hundred dollars.


Abdelmahdi’s policy faces his biggest concerns as the countdown to the 100-day deadline begins

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one hour ago

The number of members of the parliament has opened fire on the (missing) government because of its absence from the ministers of defense, interior and justice, while the Minister of Education (Shaima al-Hayali) hanging between the dismissal and chanting section.

The Iraqi parliament, which continues since the resumption of the holiday start of the year meetings, the agenda ranged in yesterday’s debate between the discussion of the paragraphs of the budget for the year 2019 and read some bills before the end of the first legislative term, without the table completely from any reference to the completion of the government cab.

Abdul Mahdi, for his part, threw the ball completely in the stadiums of the political blocs, on the lack of consensus on the candidates of other ministries, while continuing to hold a weekly press conference after the meeting of the Council of Ministers, and answers are limited to the questions of journalists, usually on foreign policy and the position of Iraq Of American sanctions on Iran, or US bases, as well as his focus on improving security conditions, lifting more concrete barriers inside the capital Baghdad, as well as his tours in the early hours of some areas, streets and markets.

While the government of Abdul Mahdi has not yet been completed, parliamentarians are moving against two of his ministers, namely Minister of Electricity Loay Khatib and Naim al-Rubaie.

Yusuf al-Kalabi, a member of the Iraqi parliament for the victory coalition led by Haider al-Abadi, announced that he had collected signatures in order to dismiss Minister of Communications Na’im Thajil al-Rubaie to include accountability and justice procedures, which means his affiliation to the banned Baath Party.

“Communications Minister Naeem al-Rubaie is trying to influence the judiciary through people who have promised him that they will bring him a decision from the discriminatory body on accountability and justice decisions,” Al-Kalabi said in a tweet on Twitter. “We will expose them strongly, and we will not fear the right to a suitable nation.” .