Wisdom is attached to the possibility of a reference intervention to resolve the dispute over the ministerial cab: this is what we expect

 Policy    2019/01/19 15:14  194    Editor: Mos     

Baghdad today _ special

On January 19, 2019, a member of the Al-Hikma faction, Jasim Khumat, commented on the possibility of intervention by the religious authority in Najaf to resolve the dispute over the ministerial cab.

“The religious authority is far from the differences that are taking place regarding the completion of the ministerial cabin, so it will not implicate itself in such a way that it will be counted later,” Khattat said in an exclusive interview with Baghdad today.

He added that “the reference directed and guided the government in many cases, but the problem in the political work in general,” pointing out that “there is a real trend towards a breakthrough crisis and resolve the remaining ministries in addition to the draft federal budget of the country for the year 2019.”

News reports indicated that there was a tendency in the religious authority to intervene in order to resolve the dispute over the cabinet cabaret after the talks of political forces reached a dead end.

And a major dispute between the coalition of reform and reconstruction on the one hand, and construction on the other, on the possibility of replacing the candidate of the Ministry of Interior Faleh Fayadh candidate compromise, which delayed and the final resolution of the vote on candidates for security portfolios within the House of Representatives.

Because of these differences, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi was forced to submit his Cabinet to the House of Representatives in the form of payments, where the parliament voted on the twenty-fifth of the month of October last fourteen ministries. He then voted on other ministries to have a total of 19 ministries voted out of 22.

Since last November, the attempts of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and the Presidency of the House of Representatives continued to complete the vote on what remains of his cabinet.

The House of Representatives did not include a vote on the remaining cabinet cab on its agenda, which was published earlier in the day.


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