Al-Haddad expects the future of the Euphrates Abdul-Mahdi’s cabin and reveals an agreement to balance the region {expanded}

Editorial Date: 2019/1/11 23:11
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The second deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Bashir Haddad, the future of the cabin of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, “revealing” an agreement on the share of the Kurdistan region of the financial budget for 2019.
“I do not see in the near term an assumption for my posts of interior and defense, and we can not set a time limit,” Haddad said in a satellite TV program broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel on Friday evening. 
“It is likely that the two ministries will be run by the proxy and remain in this form until the prime minister reaches an agreement on the candidates, and this may continue until the end of the government,” he said. 
He stressed that “adherence to the opinion and not to accept the candidates will delay the resolution of the two posts,” noting that “delayed completion of the cab may weaken the Parliament’s control of the government and accountability for the government program.”
The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, said that “the coalition of reform and reconstruction, wants to change the candidate of construction Faleh Fayadh for the interior, and they are not afraid to pass by a majority vote, but do not want to revoke the agreement on the criteria of nomination and specifications of the candidate that is objection to the origin of the principle and not the person, That “the Democratic candidate with Abdul Mahdi, even if the candidate for the interior is Fayadh.” 
“The political consensus and alliances are tactical and not a long-term strategy, and we say that all alliances are all interim alliances, and this is true because,” he said, “there is no permanent position in politics but a fixed interest, no remaining friend, no permanent enemy and the Iraqi political map.” Each stage has its own political nature and nature. “
He noted that “the biggest challenges facing the government of Abdul-Mahdi is the lack of cabins and terrorism and financial and political crises and low oil prices and services and the file of displaced and US sanctions on Iran and others.” 
“The party is not an organizational party, it is closer to the current and the public, and it can give positions to figures from outside the party,” Haddad said, denying his criticism of the party for my nomination as second deputy speaker. 
He pointed out that “the relationship with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan is a democratic and political relationship,” noting that “resolving the candidate of the Ministry of Justice if there is no Kurdish-Kurdish consensus, the majority is the other option, which is within the democratic mechanisms and we have only this way either by consensus or majority.”
“The National Union has taken its share and more in the presidency and should keep the position of the Democratic Party in the government, but the Union says that the presidency was decided by voting and that they must participate in the government and here the dispute between the two parties, and they think they have a share in the government but the Democrats say they took their share This is a constant argument between them. ” 
He denied a member of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, “any problem in the vote on the cabinet cabin headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi and we were keen on the participation of deputies and do not believe the participation of others in the vote of employees or guests as it is said,” noting that “the absence of electronic voting problem we face in counting votes of Representatives “We started the voting project, which does not cost much and is given to a company and is now in the contracting stage.”
Regarding the financial budget for 2019, he said that “the budget set by the previous government and not the fingerprint of the new government of fiscal policy, social and economic vision and the special time narrow was formed a joint committee of the current government and the Parliament to prepare and review the budget and the development of observations and study, Add and delete “. 
Al-Haddad added: “When I returned the budget from the government has not been modified only in 5 points and I think the discussions will be sharp on the budget in parliament,” noting that “the most controversial points is austerity budget because of low oil prices, although we aspire to be more flexible but not different From past years. “
“The government should henceforth find imports and other sources that do not depend on oil, whose prices are volatile and other sectors such as industry, agriculture and tourism must be activated,” he said. 
Al-Haddad called on “the parliament and the government to fight corruption, although it is a step by step or at least to stop this corruption,” pointing out that “a large proportion of public money goes to corruption and waste and fake projects have no reality.” 
“We do not know how 12.6 percent of Kurdistan was identified and we do not know how 17 percent was determined because it is not based on precise criteria, which should be based on the proportion of the population,” he said.
He added that “it was agreed in 2005 to identify 17% of the budget and then was reduced to 12% Despite all these ratios did not reach the region more than 10% because of the fiscal deficit and sovereign expenditures, which also includes the region,” revealing “the direction to reform the budget for the region and go to the option Between 12% and 17% “. 
A member of the presidency of the parliament, that “political strife reflected negatively on the performance of the House of Representatives and vice versa,” stressing that “the Presidency of the Council of Representatives is 100% harmonious and all members have experiences of responsibility,” calling for “the need” to resolve the parliamentary committees in the coming days because they remain vacant Affect the legislative and regulatory role of parliament. “

World Bank report: Iraq will be the highest Arab economic growth by 2019

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Baghdad today – follow-up

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries are expected to witness a rise in economic growth to 1.9 percent in 2019, according to a World Bank report.

The show report recently released titled Figures (Global Economic Prospects: The Middle East and North Africa “bleak skies”) that growth in the GCC will rise to 2.6 percent , supported by the movement of an active investment at the level of the oil – exporting countries, the

bank expects that growth declines in Algeria To 2.3 percent due to slower government spending than in 2018.

Egypt will see a growth rate of 5.6 percent in 2019, boosted by investments and reforms in the expected business climate.

The growth rate in Morocco and Tunisia will reach 2.9 percent in 2019 if tourism indicators improve and political reforms continue.

Although Iraq recorded modest growth in 2018 at 1.9 percent, reconstruction projects, according to the report, will be an important driver for the growth of its economy and neighboring economies, with an expected 6.2 percent, the highest in the Arab world.

Growth in Jordan is likely to see a slight improvement of 2.3 percent.


The 2018 estimates showed an improvement in growth to 1.7 percent amid improved economic activity in oil exporting and importing countries.

Algeria registered a growth rate of 2.5 percent last year, Egypt with 5.3 percent, Morocco with 3.2 percent and Tunisia with 2.6 percent.

The World Bank has warned of the dangers facing the region, which can discourage growth, as conflicts can escalate and lead to greater damage to income and economic activity, not to mention health and social well-being.

Regional Government announces increase of salaries of employees in the budget

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The Secretary of the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region Amang Rahim on Friday the amendments made by the federal government on the draft financial budget for the year 2019 positive.

Rahim said in a publication on social networking sites today, that “in the chapter on (compensation of employees) has been increasing the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region from (3 trillions, and 828 billion dinars) to (5 trillions and 448 billion dinars).

According to the official Kurdish government, the federal government has increased the salaries of staff of the region from (317) billion dinars per month to (454) billion dinars monthly, a difference of 137 billion dinars.

He pointed to the allocation of a special budget for the Peshmerga forces have nothing to do with salaries of employees and retirees in the region, which is disbursed provided that the two governments commitment to the oil agreement.

Rahim noted the removal of the word “northern provinces” in violation of the Iraqi constitution of the draft budget, which is scheduled to vote by the Iraqi Council of Representatives.


The agenda of the parliament session on Saturday

Editor’s note: 2019/1/11 21:01

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The House of Representatives, a regular session, on Saturday.

The agenda of the session includes “the vote on the formation of an investigative committee on the fire of the shelter and repair of displaced women in Adhamiya, and the first reading of the proposed law of the first amendment to the law of the scientific complex.”

It also includes “the first reading of the draft law on financial administration, the first reading of the draft law of informatics crimes and the first reading of the draft law the first amendment to the law of the fund to recover Iraq’s money No. 9 of 2012.

The parliament session is due to begin at 1 pm

Parliamentary Finance: The price of a barrel of oil in the budget will remain at $ 56



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The parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Friday that the price of a barrel of oil in the budget was installed at $ 56, indicating that the studies sends assurances about the rise in the price of a barrel to more than 56 dollars in the coming days.

“The price of a barrel of oil in al-Mawanah was fixed at $ 56, despite the fact that there were claims to reduce it to about the figure mentioned because of the low prices in the oil market,” said Siham al-Aqili, a member of the committee.

“The stabilization of the price of a barrel of oil in the budget was the result of studies and indicators of the resumption of the rise in the price of a barrel of oil during the current year to more than $ 56, and therefore there are no fears of increasing the proportion of the budget deficit.”

She explained that “the parliamentary finance committee is discussing with the other competent authorities to increase and maximize non-oil imports and reduce the high expenditures of some ministries and the transfer between the doors of the budget.” End 25 n

Security media announce the outcome of the terrorist bombing of Qaim district in western Anbar

11:10 – 11/01/18

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The Center for Security Information, Friday, the outcome of the terrorist attack that targeted a market in Qaim district west of Anbar, while confirmed the death and wounding 17 people.

The Center said in a statement received / Mawazine News / a copy, that “the terrorist bombing in Qaim, resulted in the death of a civilian and wounding 12 others and 4 members of the security services.”

He explained that “the attack of a terrorist was obtained by a wheel of a car bomb (Kia type) carried near a market to spend al-Qaim in Anbar province.”

And the people of Qaim district west of Anbar, this morning, a suicide bombing targeted the market Hasiba, leaving martyrs and wounded and material damage.