United Nations economy expects growth in the global economy and sets a path to poverty eradication

The United Nations expects growth in the global economy and sets a path for poverty eradication
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The United Nations said on Monday it expects the world economy to grow 3 percent this year, and in 2020 it is slightly below its 3.1 percent growth rate in 2018.

But the United Nations said in its annual economic outlook report “The World Economic Situation and Prospects” that there is a need for urgent and concrete policy action to put the world on track towards achieving the UN’s poverty eradication goals by 2030, according to Reuters.

“There are a lot of yellow lights flashing, some of which will probably turn red in the years to come, with unpredictable consequences,” said Richard Kozul Wright, director of the UNCTAD Division on Globalization and Development Strategies.

“Growth is fragile, there is still a huge blur, risks are on the horizon, we have not gotten rid of the repercussions of the financial crisis in 2008-2009, we are still in an unusual new situation.”

Employment rates are rising, but job quality remains low, and much higher levels of economic growth are needed in Africa to lift people out of poverty, the report said.

More than 700 million people live below the extreme poverty line, set in 2011 at $ 1.90 per day, in purchasing power parity terms, and half in sub-Saharan Africa.

“In Africa, there is a need to raise economic growth to double-digit levels to reach targeted poverty reduction rates, well above the growth rates recorded over the last 50 years,” the report said.

There are risks associated with the slowdown in growth in Germany and China, the Italian banking system, Britain’s exit from the EU, and the fact that the world economy is still burdened with debt ten years after the global financial crisis.


The date of the vote on the budget and candidates for justice and education

19:56 – 21/01/2019


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The Parliament Speaker Khadija Ali confirmed on Monday that tomorrow’s session will witness the vote on the budget, likely to vote on the candidates of the Ministries of Education and Justice next Thursday.

“Tomorrow’s session will witness the second reading and the vote on the budget after taking all the amendments from the members of parliament and hand them over to the Finance Committee for consideration without the allocation of a session to discuss those observations,” Ali said.

She added that “there are significant differences on them will be clarified during the voting session because of the allocations of the provinces and the proportion of the province as well as the shares of the provinces of projects.”

“The curricula vitae of the candidates for the ministries of justice and education have reached parliament and it is hoped that they will be presented in Thursday’s session to vote on them,” the parliamentary speaker said.


The Ministry of Finance presents a long awaited story

Editorial date: 2019/1/21 23:38

{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The Ministry of Finance, a good news waiting for this segment.

The ministry circulated all ministries and government agencies to cancel the tax deductions and income tax and the start of the payment of salaries accumulated for the family of martyrs in all ministries after they stopped for more than two years. ”


Iraqi PM Sends Two New Names of Ministerial Nominees to Parliament

BasNews 21/01/2019 – 19:53 Published in Iraq

ERBIL – Iraqi PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi has sent a couple of new candidates for the ministerial posts of education and justice, according to an official document signed by the premier.

Abdul-Mahdi has urged the parliament to vote for the new ministerial nominees, including Safana al-Hamdani as the Education Minister and Arkan Bibani, who is originally from the disputed Kurdish province of Kirkuk, for the position of Justice Minister, the document showed.

The Iraqi leader explained that he had chosen the two candidates after a series of consultations with the political parties.

However, it is not clear when the Council of Representatives will vote on the new nominees, while the ministries of defense and interior have so far remained vacant.


figures .. send Baghdad to Kurdistan money


Baghdad sends Kurdistan money
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Shafaq News / Member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Ahmad Haji Rashid, on Monday, the allocation of funds for some of the cities of the province, outside the share of the Kurds from the financial budget for the year 2019.

“We have been able to provide amounts to the provinces of Halabja and Dohuk and the cities of Qalqat Daza and Soran,” MP Ahmad Haji Rashid said in a publication on his social networking site Facebook. “The amounts have been fixed for these cities within the federal budget.”

He explained that the distribution of funds to the provinces and cities will be as follows “

Halabja 2 billion dinars

Daza Fortress 2 billion

Dohuk billion dinars

Suran billion dinars

Haji Rashid pointed out that the Finance Committee has installed the amounts, pending the vote in the House of Representatives, stressing that the amounts have nothing to do with the share of the Kurdistan Region of the budget for the year 2019, and will be allocated to many projects.

Barzani discuss with Allawi political files, including the relationship between Erbil and Baghdad


Barzani discussed with Allawi political files, including the relationship between Erbil and Baghdad
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The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, with the leader of the National Coalition Iyad Allawi, on Monday, the situation in the Iraqi arena and the latest political situation and the relationship between the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

In a statement to the official website of the President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Massoud Barzani and his follow-up twilight News, Barzani received Allawi in the resort of Salah al-Din and the two sides held talks on many of the current issues.

The statement added that the meeting witnessed an exchange of views on the political situation in Iraq and relations between Erbil and Baghdad, pointing out that developments and developments in the region was another focus of the meeting.

Keywords: The banking sector in Iraq is growing and growing in order to expand the base of different economic trends


Economy News _ Baghdad

The governor of the Central Bank Ali Alalak, on Monday, that the banking sector in Iraq is growing and growing, so as to expand the base of different economic trends.

“The banking sector in Iraq is growing, expanding and expanding in order to expand the base of different economic trends,” said the governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alaq in his speech during the first Iraqi conference of exchange companies and attended by “the economy news”. He pointed out that “exchange companies represent an important part of the banking process through The great work done by the banking companies operating in the country. ” 

“The exchange companies in Iraq is one of the largest companies now in the level of exchange companies operating in the countries of the world.”


Dollar decline in Baghdad today

Release date: 2019/1/21 9:49 •

Baghdad: foreign currency markets in Baghdad, on Monday morning, a slight decline in the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

The market price in the Kifah Exchange in Baghdad was 1197.5 dinars per dollar, or 119 thousand and 750 dinars per hundred dollars.

The prices of selling and buying dollars in banking companies, was:

the sale price of one dollar 1202.5 dinars, or 120 thousand and 250 dinars per hundred dollars.

The purchase price of the dollar is 1192.5 dinars, or 119 thousand and 250 dinars per hundred dollars.

Foreign Exchange Rates, Gold and Oil, {up to the preparation of this news}:

EUR World Price: 100 Euro = 113.75

GBP The World Price: 100 Bounds = 128.77

Turkish Lira World Price: 100 $ = 534.17 Turkish Lira


The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil = 62.93 dollars, the

price of a barrel of US crude oil = 54.30 dollars


Oil hits the highest level since the beginning of 2019

Editorial Date: 2019/1/21 12:11

(Reuters) – Oil prices rose to their highest level since the start of the year on Monday after data showed refinery consumption rates in China, the world’s second-largest crude consumer, jumped to a record last week despite a slowing economy.

Global Brent crude futures were $ 62.77 a barrel by 0726 GMT, up seven cents, or 0.1 percent, from the previous settlement.

Brent had earlier climbed above $ 63 a barrel for the first time since 2019.

US WTI crude futures were $ 53.92 a barrel, up 12 cents, or 0.2 percent. US crude earlier hit $ 54 a barrel for the first time this year.

The data released by China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Monday showed crude oil consumption reached a record high of 603.57 million tons in 2018, or 12.1 million barrels per day, up 6.8 percent from the previous year.