Abdul Mahdi discusses with the US ambassador bilateral relations between the two countries



Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mehdi stressed the importance of strengthening relations between Iraq and the United States of America.
“Abdul Mahdi received US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silman on the occasion of the end of his work and expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by the US ambassador during his mission in Iraq and his contribution to enhancing cooperation between the two countries,” the statement said.
For his part, the US ambassador expressed his pride in the period of his work in Iraq, praising the Iraqi government’s efforts to consolidate security and stability and developments in Iraq in all fields.
He stressed ‘the importance of the pivotal role played by Iraq in the region’.
The meeting was attended by US President George W. Bush’s Special Envoy, the International Coalition Against Da’ash in Iraq and Syria, Ambassador Jim Jeffrey, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran Andrew Beck and Foreign Minister Mohammad Ali al-Hakim.

The Dollar is rising as investors prepare for market volatility and the US Central Meeting


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Economy News _ Baghdad

The euro fell on Monday as investors bought the dollar and prepared for market volatility ahead of US-China trade talks and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy decision. 
Investors are focusing on the US Central Bank meeting scheduled for Wednesday as policymakers are expected to hint at a truce in the monetary tightening cycle in recognition of the growing risk to the US economy. 
The US currency, which has fallen 1 percent since late December, is likely to have a negative impact after it received support from a four-fold increase in US central interest rates in 2018.


The Iraqi Trade Bank is awarded the best commercial bank in Iraq for 2019



Economy News _ Baghdad

The Iraqi Trade Bank (BII) announced Monday that it has won the “Best Commercial Bank of Iraq Award for 2019” at the Global Finance Awards in London for its continued contribution to the growth of the Iraqi economy, its strong financial performance last year and the strength of its balance sheet In addition to the improvement in capital and liquidity and the stability of its credit quality.
The Bank of Iraq was honored for its distinguished position as a pioneer in the field of banking operations in Iraq, and the results of the choices came according to studies, analyzes and consultations by a group of leading executives, financial analysts and banking experts around the world. The Bank has also been commended by Global Finance for its commitment to providing superior banking services and a wide range of international coverage, as well as customer service, competitive pricing and innovative banking technologies. 
Faisal Al-Hims, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Iraqi Trade Bank, who received the award at the awards ceremony, said: “This prestigious award is another recognition of our major achievements in the development of the local economy and comes as a result of our efforts to provide the best financial services in Iraq. And the rest of the region, which we are proud to provide continuously. “
He explained that the bank’s winning this award reaffirms the high level of credibility of the bank at the international level, which has gained over the past few years as a result of entering into several strategic agreements with international financial institutions. 
“The BTI supports the trade exchange between Iraq and the rest of the world, and we are therefore keen to strengthen our joint strategic partnership with our strategic partners to provide customized commercial financing solutions to customers,” he added.
“Our presence in the Middle East and new strategic relationships are an important step in attracting more investments to Iraq, which will continue to be a source of confidence in the Bank,” he said. The bank’s long-term strategy, with a focus on upgrading modern banking services and achieving the development and economic prosperity of Iraq. “


Baghdad Chamber of Commerce to the Jordanian delegation: raising the entry visa for Iraqi traders will increase investment opportunities

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Economy News _ Baghdad

Baghdad Chamber of Commerce stressed on Monday the need to increase trade cooperation between Iraq and Jordan in various fields, at the top of which is to raise the level of entry for Iraqi traders, in turn between the Jordanian side and in an official visit to Iraq that their presence will enhance the understandings and trade agreements between the two countries. 
During the reception of the Jordanian government delegation headed by the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Tariq al-Hamouri and the membership of a number of Jordanian economic and trade figures, the head of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Jafar al-Hamdani said that the recovery of the Iraqi economy is positive for the economies of the region and the world, This is what all the economies of the world have realized. “The aspiration of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce is that the brotherly Jordanian delegation would be a real breakthrough for the achievement of the Arab Union, the Arab Free Market and the strategic partnership.”
Al-Hamdani stressed the importance of discussing the files that enhance the reality of economic cooperation and transferring it to a new stage, stressing the need for both sides to facilitate and free the movement of goods and funds between the two countries, on top of which is facilitating the task of lifting the entry visa for traders between the two sides. The two countries. 
For his part, Minister of Commerce Mohammed Hashim al-Ani, said that Jordanian companies have many commercial opportunities available in all of Iraq can be invested and work on them, stressing the readiness of the ministry to overcome all the difficulties that may face those companies. 
He pointed out that Iraq is a global trade destination due to its commercial opportunities that can boost the economic balance, especially as the government program encourages investment and supporting the private sector.
The Minister of Industry and Aid Saleh al-Jubouri said that the Jordanian industrial sector is a real partner in the Iraqi market and the possibility of supporting the Iraqi industry in joint cooperation are ongoing understandings between the two sides, stressing that the Iraqi industry is trying today to compete with its counterparts from the countries of the region by offering products according to approved specifications. His call for the need to support the Iraqi industry by placing it in the priorities of the Iraqi government’s work. 
The Jordanian Minister of Industry and Trade Tariq Hamouri also stressed during his speech the importance of the presence of the delegation of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Iraq because of its positive repercussions at various levels of the two countries. He pointed out that there is a Jordanian trade delegation accompanying the government delegation, To promote mutual cooperation and benefit the two countries by studying the investment and trade opportunities of both parties.