Washington and Baghdad are negotiating a long-term US presence in Iraq


Washington and Baghdad are negotiating a long-term US presence in Iraq

Translated by Hamid Ahmed 

The United States and Iraq have recently intensified their talks to keep a section of US troops permanently in the country following the expulsion of armed militants.

Both countries want to avoid repeating what happened in 2011, when US forces withdrew from Iraq after they successfully curbed al-Qaeda’s threat and reduced violence in the country. But three years after that withdrawal, the Iraqi army collapsed in the face of the march of armed militants.
According to US officials, who declined to be named because they were not authorized to speak publicly, the United States and Iraq have yet to decide on the size and composition of the force that would remain, which could change over time.
The two officials said no decision had yet been made on a long-term presence, and that the composition of the force to be agreed upon would be determined by the Iraqi government.
“What is happening now is similar to what we were looking for after 2011,” said James Jeffrey, a former US ambassador to Iraq who is close to the issue in an interview with USA Today.
The US newspaper says it is not clear whether the United States will be able to avoid some of the political obstacles in Baghdad that have derailed the agreement to keep troops in 2011, and that Iran, which opposes the presence of US troops in the country, has strong political influence in Iraq.
“The big problem is that if there is pressure from the Iranians to leave the United States from Iraq,” Jeffrey said.
Jeffrey, who is now an analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said the size of the force is likely to be less than the current strength of 5,500 US troops in Iraq. He pointed out that the task of any force that will be in Iraq in the future will be similar to what is currently done by US forces, namely, training Iraqi forces and assistance in the intelligence and reconnaissance and will not have any direct combat role.
The presence of American advisers and other means of support will help boost the Iraqi army’s ability to avert a catastrophe such as the one that occurred in 2014 when gunmen stormed Mosul, cities and other villages as many Iraqi soldiers pulled out of their positions.
Since then, US-backed Iraqi forces have managed to break a tight grip on the occupied territories and have managed to expel the militants and the rest of them have fled to the desert areas bordering Syria.
“Despite these successes, our battle is not over yet, even after the collapse of the organization’s succession, both financially and structurally, the organization remains a threat to stability in the newly liberated areas and also a threat to our countries,” US Defense Secretary Jim Mats said last month.
He may not be able to occupy territory yet, but he can create terrorism through bombings in Iraq or by planning and inciting attacks around the world.
The Iraqi government is aware of this threat and believes that further assistance is needed from the US-led coalition. Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi declared the final victory over a preacher earlier this month but said terrorism was still considered a “continuing enemy.”
“I think we have to prepare ourselves to be prepared to commit ourselves to a long-term presence in Iraq to strengthen our partner’s ability to face any threat,” General Paul Funk told USA Today in October.
In 2011, it was not possible to reach an agreement to keep part of the US troops because of the problem of securing legal protection for US forces not to be held accountable for any crime resulting from the use of their military power. The Iraqi government then rejected the deal because of political opposition to the principle of a long-term US presence.
At present, US and Iraqi officials hope to avoid a similar political hurdle. According to a US official, instead of approving a formal agreement that may require approval by the Iraqi parliament, the US military says it can operate in Iraq in accordance with the current memorandum of understanding between the two countries.
The memo is still in force since 2014, when American advisers were deployed in Iraq to help local forces fight a coup.
Jeffrey said any agreement to keep American advisers in Iraq would provide a brake on increasing Iranian influence in Baghdad.



The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers celebrates the great victory

20/12/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers celebrated the great victory that was achieved against the supporter of the terrorist and his expulsion from the territory of Iraq.

The statement issued by the Secretariat that this is achieved wisely and the leadership of Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi, and the valor of the Iraqi armed forces with all their silos and formations, and the blood of the martyrs and the wounded, and with the support of factions of the popular and tribal masses and sons of the homeland of all nationalities, religions and sects.
The Secretary-General of the Council, Dr. Mahdi Al-Alaq, blessed our Iraqi people with this great victory after three years of steadfastness, sacrifice and the declaration of victory over the forces of evil.
He praised the role of the great religious authority in the national mobilization to take up arms and defend Iraq until this victory was achieved, and the blood of innocent martyrs who sacrificed for the safety of this country, congratulating the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Dr. Haider Al-Abadi for his wisdom in managing the battle militarily and politically. Harmony between the military units, and was guided by the need for humanitarian treatment and its emphasis on human liberation and safety before the place the great impact in the sanctity of the battle. He praised the people of the liberated areas for their support of the security forces, the position and the information, which hastened to resolve the battle and liberate their cities from criminal gangs.
Al-Alak said during his speech at the celebration the role of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and its efforts to restore stability and reconstruction through the formation of the crisis management unit, which had a role in the follow-up and field visits and coordination with international organizations and donor countries to gain support and contribute through financial grants to support projects to restore stability and reconstruction The liberated areas, which had a clear impact on contributions from States and international organizations through such coordination and follow-up, which greatly alleviated the suffering of displaced persons.
The government is striving to complete a safe return for all displaced persons and to start efforts to achieve genuine and comprehensive national and community reconciliation as the surest guarantee for the protection and consolidation of national unity and to continue combating the terrorist, coercive and exclusionary ideas of any kind. In order to block any return to terrorism and crimes, and in this framework the Iraqi government seeks to invest international support to strengthen diplomatic relations to ensure continued regional and international support to combat extremism in all its forms and work on Uprooting its roots and causes.



Years after he was pursued by a “preacher” … Santa Claus embraces Mosul again


بابا نويل في العراق


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The legend says … that Santa Claus or Santa Claus carries children gifts that match their imagination … leaves them near their dreamy heads on Christmas Eve, which is close to the seal of the year in Mosul, the most popular to celebrate the end of years spent bitter and terrifying by terrorism.

Sputnik . For the first time after almost 3 years spent by the people of Mosul without a farewell year and receive another with the rest of the Iraqis in the provinces of the country, when the necks hit and rolled heads under the swords of the elements of “da’ash” terrorist since mid 2014.The correspondent of “Sputnik” in Iraq, the preparation of the city of Mosul, the center of Nineveh, north of Baghdad, to celebrate Christmas, and among the next to buy industrial pine trees, green and snow, and adornment.

Christmas, first in a shop that had been shut down for years by the terrorist “Da’ash”, appeared in Mosul, specifically on its left coast, which embraced freedom after Iraqi forces fought and defeated him on January 24 this year.

بابا نويل في العراق
Santa Claus in Iraq

Ahmed Khalil, 27, plays Santa Claus on drums and dances, among which Santa Claus sings “happy new year” for Abba, the most famous Swedish rock band in the 1970s.

Ahmed Khalil, the owner of a boutique called “Romantic Boutique” at Mosul University, opposite the fuel station in the city of Mosul, told us about Christmas preparations in the city.

“Our work began in mid-November. We prepared Christmas trees, decorations, colored and gold bands, children’s toys and light leaflets.”

Khalil said, we received many requests from shops, restaurants and companies, to decorate the entrances and facades with Christmas trees and decoration of Eid, as well as some houses.

بابا نويل في العراق
Santa Claus in Iraq

Among the places where Christmas decorations are lit up in Mosul, by Khalil, is the Bajin al-Jandoul meat restaurant, one of the oldest restaurants in the city, in Al-Muhandisin neighborhood and Al-Diwan for counters. It is located in Al-Narkal neighborhood opposite the International Mall and many cafés and cafeterias.

Since the beginning of the week, a romantic boutique has been set up in a restaurant named “Abu Laila” in the banks’ neighborhood, also on the left coast.

Khalil told us that many Christian families have returned to Mosul after being subjected to forced migration by the terrorist “Da’ash” organization, which has a choice of harsh choices, such as changing religion or leaving in clothes only, with the confiscation of all their property.

“But the Muslim families are the most likely to buy trees and decorations, most of them in the left coast. On the right side, there are a few customers who shop for Christmas because of the delay in the return of life in the right after the destruction of terror and military operations until the end Last August.

Khalil revealed that he had received a request to decorate the Mosul airport on the right side with 100 pine trees, likely to have a ceremony even though it was not opened or operated as a result of the damage he had caused because of a “call.”

As for the work of the shop under the control of “Da’ash” terrorist, the young man reported that he was one of the few survivors who managed to leave the city when the organization seized it on June 10, 2014, and the shop closed from time to liberation.

Of course, there was no birth ceremony in any of the years, and all of it was forbidden, but after the liberation of the city.

After Ahmad Khalil returned with many families to the left coast, he found his shop, which he opened since 2007, damaged by the “da’ash” and the battles against him, but he started renovating it and changing its decor to look prettier than before.

In the year 2018, the people of Mosul are looking forward to the reconstruction of their city and the governorate, and the opening of its airport and museum after witnessing a historic disaster carried out by the “da’ash” brutally destroying human history with axes, as well as the most important features of Nineveh and perhaps the most famous and most famous minaret of Hadba, which drew the city from it one of its titles.

بابا نويل في العراق
Santa Claus in Iraq

In the past days, the men were walking around Mosul with their weapons, their beards and their Afghan clothes, and the mummies of the al-Hesbah. All the features of joy and celebration are forbidden and those who practice them are subjected to slaughter, slaying and stoning to death.

The cafés were not a place of entertainment in the clamor of Dahesh, where secret elements gathered to gather information about people to kill and pillage them. Instead of Christmas trees, al-Daashi stood out from al-Hesba, addressing young men and men and inviting them to join the organization. With the hairs of his beard or his mustache.

Perhaps the wishes of the children of Mosul, for the rest of the world’s young, are different from their dreams of getting dolls … a car to flip the soil, a bride with a hat and eyes that close and open, and another that Mama says … A Santa Claus father might dream of the return of their parents or their brothers and sisters and friends – Far away and some of them remained missing and buried under the rubble and debris that have been destroyed so far on the right side of the city.



The Cabinet authorizes the Minister of Finance to negotiate arms and logistical support



Political situation

Tuesday 19 December 2017 08:24 pm
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BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The cabinet agreed on Tuesday to authorize the minister of finance or his authority to negotiate and contract for the purchase of arms, ammunition and logistical support to the ministries of defense and interior, the Popular Propaganda Authority and the anti-terrorism apparatus.

A statement by the Office of Abadi received by “Eye of Iraq News”, “The Council of Ministers held its regular session on Tuesday, 19 December 2017 under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider Abadi.”

The statement added that the council “approved the authorization of the Minister of Finance or authorized to negotiate and contract for the purpose of purchasing arms and ammunition and logistical support to the Ministries of Defense and Interior and the Popular Propaganda Authority and the anti-terrorism apparatus based on Article 2 of the amended budget law for 2017.”

He added that “the Council directed the establishment of the National Security Service to speed up the security audit procedures for officials of ministries and other parties in the liberated areas to hand over their salaries.”

He added that “the Council of Ministers directed by the Ministry of Finance to finance the Ministry of Health amount of five billion dinars of medical evacuations for the purpose of rehabilitation and infrastructure and the provision of medical equipment and supplies to conduct operations for medical recruitment at Ibn Sina Hospital.”

“The council agreed to authorize the Minister of Water Resources to negotiate and sign a $ 100 million loan for the dam. He also directed the formation of a committee to evaluate the water supply of the Basra water project.

The statement pointed out that “the Council of Ministers directed that the Ministry of the Interior to complete the procedures for the implementation of Article 36 of the Law on the establishment of foreigners No. 76 of 2017 on the determination of the amount of fees and fines collected by embassies and consulates and the Directorate of residence and residence and passport at the border crossings taking into account the principle of reciprocity, The Tourism Authority to submit a new proposal to determine the fees required in exchange for the use of tourist groups of tourist facilities and impose on each tourist within those groups. Finished


Abadi calls on the Kurdistan authorities to respect peaceful demonstrations


Since 2017-12-19 at 18:52 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, on Tuesday, the authorities of the Kurdistan region, to respect the peaceful demonstrations in the province of Sulaymaniyah and other areas in the region, while threatened not to remain silent in the event of citizens in Kurdistan to any aggression.

“After the announcement of Al-Muzair victory, we turn to the sectors of interest to the citizen’s life to make a qualitative leap. We have a plan of action to implement the benefits of the new phase, foremost of which is achieving community peace, achieving stability in all governorates and promoting citizenship and cooperation between the two sides,” he said. “We also focus our attention on caring for the families of the martyrs and the wounded and providing them with the necessary treatment, opening centers for their treatment and rehabilitation and bringing medical teams from all over the world.”

“After announcing the victory, we began to move towards stimulating the work in the housing and energy sectors, and we have held many meetings with international companies within the National Housing Initiative, and seek to resolve the housing problem and increase in population growth,” and thanked the “positions of the religious authority announced by Last Friday sermon to support the authority of the state and the maintenance of security and stability and arms inventory by the state throughout the country and not to exploit the fighters for political interests. ”

He called on the House of Representatives to “approve the budget and not to disrupt the state and the interests of the people,” saying by saying “because the delay and non-reading is unacceptable and must pass the law.”

He added, “We renew our call to the Kurdistan Regional Government to abide by the Constitution and cooperation to extend federal authority according to the Constitution,” revealing “the existence of a committee to return to the borders of 2003.”

He pointed out that “what is happening in Kurdistan is the result of the decision of the referendum wrong and uniqueness of the resolution,” calling for “respect for the right to demonstrate and protect citizens who peacefully express their rejection of these policies and non-fire.”

“We will not stand idly by if citizens in the Kurdistan region are attacked and our duty is to protect all citizens,” he said.

And on the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region, Abadi said, “We follow the issue of salaries of the region and we began the segments of teachers and doctors and police to be audited and then disbursed according to the percentages and numbers correct, and not subject to party and personal gain.”

As for the elections, Abadi stressed his “determination to hold the elections on time”, pointing out “to accelerate the return of displaced persons and services.”

In the talk about the privatization of electricity, Abbadi said that “the collection of electricity includes all Iraq and we conducted in Mosul, which is a sound and at an appropriate price rate of twenty thousand families poor,” saying that “the House of Representatives put the collection in the budget and surprised by the impact before the elections.”

He pointed out, “to investigate the volume of funds being recovered and stop smuggling, and to provide an opportunity to return money in accordance with the law and the judiciary.”

On the anti-corruption campaign and the prosecution of spoilers, Abadi stressed that “there is no lists prepared in advance of the names of the corrupt,” pointing to “the existence of a series of measures to prosecute the criminals.”

As for the damage to Darbandakhan dam in Sulaymaniyah, as a result of the recent earthquakes in the province, Abadi pointed to “the authorization of the Minister of Finance to obtain a loan from the World Bank for the maintenance of Derbandakhan Dam.”

On Tuesday, the cabinet convenes a regular session chaired by its chairman, Haider al-Abadi, to discuss and vote on a number of laws on its agenda. Abadi will hold a press conference to discuss the latest political, security, social and economic developments.


Pictures of the Carnival of Baghdad


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(Baghdad: Al Furat News) held on Tuesday evening, the activities of the Carnival “Baghdad Day” annual held by the secretariat of Baghdad on the gardens of Qushla.
According to a statement by the secretariat, the agency received {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, that “under the auspices of the Prime Minister in conjunction with the announcement of the great victory achieved by the brave security forces on gangs began Tuesday evening, the activities of the Carnival (Baghdad Day) Strawberry “.
He added that “carnival included the play” Baghdadi “which embodies a [20] Baghdadi character in various fields (science, literature, art, thought, politics) that have an active presence in the life of the Baghdadi and Iraqi society during the last century, Of the Jalgi Brigade and other events. ”
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Speaker of the Iraqi parliament refuses to exit the protests of Sulaymaniyah peaceful demonstration

Speaker of the Iraqi parliament refuses to leave the protests of Sulaymaniyah peaceful demonstration
 Twilight News    
 27 minutes ago

Shafaq News / Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri on Tuesday, the exit of the protests in Sulaymaniyah on the framework of peaceful demonstration.
Public protests in different parts of Sulaymaniyah and the Karamian administration have been renewed due to delays in receiving their salaries and imposing mandatory saving measures.
The protests took a violent turn after protesters burned partisan and government headquarters. Prompting the security forces to disperse the demonstrations strongly impacted 5 dead.
“Demonstrations are a right of the people and a sound exercise through which rights can be claimed,” Jubouri said in a statement to the news agency. “He stands with the rights and demands of the people, whether in Kurdistan or in any part of the land of Iraq. Sabotage and endangering the lives of others. ”
He called for “serious and genuine dialogue in resolving all outstanding problems and crises as the best solution to end differences and agree on new mechanisms contribute to the development of the service reality of citizens and improve their living conditions.”
He also called for the need to calm and initiate real procedures for dialogue and attention quickly in everything that would provide a decent life for the Iraqi citizen.

Council of Ministers issues 6 security, financial and administrative directives and votes on 4 files


The Cabinet issues 6 security, financial and administrative directives and votes on 4 files
 2 hours ago

The Ministry of Finance, funded by the Ministry of Finance, the amount of five billion dinars from the allocations of medical evacuation for the purpose of rehabilitation and infrastructure and the provision of equipment and medical supplies to conduct operations for medical recruitment in the hospital Ibn Sina.
According to a statement by the office of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the latter headed the session of the Council, which also directed the establishment of the National Security Service to speed up the security audit procedures for officials of ministries and other areas in the liberated areas to hand over their salaries.
The Council of Ministers voted on the contract with the Chinese side and approved the authorization of the Minister of Finance or authorized to negotiate and contract for the purchase of arms, supplies and logistical support to the Ministries of Defense and Interior, the Popular Propaganda Authority and the Anti-Terrorist Authority based on Article 2 of the amended Budget Law of 2017.
The Board voted on the working paper for the World Bank loan.
The Council of Ministers instructed that the Ministry of the Interior complete the procedures for implementing Article 36 of the Law on the Establishment of Foreigners No. 76 of 2017 on the determination of the amount of fees and fines collected by embassies, consulates, directorates of residence, residence centers and passports at the border crossings, taking into consideration the principle of reciprocity. To determine the wages required in exchange for the use of tourist groups of tourist facilities and imposed on each tourist within those groups.
The vote on the date of May 12, 2018, a date for holding provincial elections on the proposal of the Electoral Commission in conjunction with the parliamentary elections.
A vote was also taken to exempt the project from the controls for the implementation of Resolution 161 of 2017 and to pay the company’s arrears of the first stage 100%.
The Council of Ministers directed the Ministry of Finance to finance the rest of the allocations of water and sewage projects.
The Council agreed to authorize the Minister of Water Resources to negotiate and sign a $ 100 million World Bank loan for dam conservation purposes.
He also directed the Council of Ministers to form a committee to assess the bid by water for the water project of Basra, provided that the Committee makes its recommendations within a month.


Abadi: Parliament violates the law in the budget and events of the region as a result of the referendum [expanded]

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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said that the House of Representatives sent notes on the federal budget for 2018 to the government before reading, returned this matter “contrary to the law.”
Abadi said in a weekly press conference today that “what is happening in the region as a result of the wrong policy and the referendum,” calling on her government to “respect the right to demonstrate and protect citizens, and issued orders to protect citizens in every spot in Iraq,” rejecting the “policy of overtaking citizens and public money, “We will not stand watching any violation of the law in dealing with citizens, and the federal government has the duty to protect citizens and property everywhere.”
He called on the Prime Minister to “confirm his commitment to the Constitution,” noting that “the existence of continuity, where we formed a high committee and negotiated the return of the Peshmerga to the borders of 2003 and part of it to be implemented, and we continue to discuss and follow the file of salaries of staff of the region and we want to investigate the Baumtri of staff provided by the province and the preparation of staff Where we started with teachers’ classes. ”
He pointed out that “we do not want an unspecified exchange and there is widespread corruption in Kurdistan and says the region has a million and 400 thousand employees, which is 30% of the employees of Kurdistan and this number is unreasonable.”
He added that “Iraq has witnessed the stimulation of work in the field of housing and energy related to the electricity card or alternative or related to the oil wealth of derivatives and the sale of oil and held several meetings with international companies to invest, and we work to solve the problem of housing in the population growth and add each year million people and must programs To accommodate it. ”
He also thanked the “position of the reference in the Friday sermon concerning the maintenance of the security and stability of Iraq and the limitation of arms in the hands of the state and commitment to it and not to exploit the fighters and their sacrifices by political action.” “, Noting that”
The prime minister said that “the House of Representatives sent comments on the budget of 2018 to the government before reading it, which is contrary to the law, and we hope to pass it to us to have a correct exchange of it,” stressing “to borrow 100 million dollars for the maintenance of Derbendkhan dam damaged by the earthquake and the maintenance of nearby dams.
“According to the constitution, the elections are held on time and no one has the right to extend them. If the parliament does not amend the current election law, it will be effective.”
Abadi said that “the collection of electricity from all of Iraq, a partnership between the public and private sector and the maintenance of the network and collection, which is a sound procedure to prevent waste,” noting “We spent billions of dollars in waste and did not provide electricity and those who object to the continuation of this waste,” noting that ” For electricity 100 million megawatts, and each hour spent 10 trillion dinars and the total collection now 600 billion dinars, or 6%, “explaining that” the goal of the draft tax is to provide electricity for 24 hours at reasonable prices. ”
“There are no international investigators but foreign advisers who offer expertise and advice. There are no lists prepared for predators, but investigations and opening files.” He explained that “many of the corruption funds have gone out of Iraq and we have opened several countries on them.” With real estate and opening bank accounts are the most complex. ”
“There is coordination between the government and the region and work to control security,” he said