Kurdish political movements accuse the Barzani government of failure and injustice

18/12/2017 12:00 am

Change: Spacemen (for electoral purposes) within the Peshmerga payroll and regional staff
Baghdad / Follow-up morning

As political differences worsen within the Kurdistan region of Iraq because of the intransigence of some parties and trying to jump on the problems and crises caused by not paying attention to political partners in the region and provide the interests of Iraqi Kurds citizens to the special interests; prominent leaders of various parties and Kurdish currents launched a violent attack on the government of the Territory led Najafan Barzani accused of failure and injustice, and warned that the visits of the external Foreign Minister will exacerbate the situation and may lead to internal wars, while the Kurdish Change Movement revealed the existence of “space” in the Peshmerga forces and staff in the region mm Receive their salaries and attend one-day work every “four years” for electoral purposes.

The MP from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Salar Mahmoud said in a press statement followed by “morning”: “The government of the province continues its system Carton and wants to be a parliament also Cartonia,” noting that “the meetings between the government and parliament is protocol and useless because the decision-making goes back to the government Alone, “and Mahmoud,” the success of any government in the event of disrespect for the will of Parliament, and even that it will become an unjust government, “returned” the government of the region grievance citizens of the Kurdistan region. “
A deputy of the Islamic Union bloc in the Kurdistan parliament also launched a violent attack on the current government in the region. MP Abu Bakr al-Haldani said in a statement seen by the “morning”: “The Kurdistan government is trying to deceive the citizens through their promises and pledges,” asserting that ” “The officials in the Kurdistan region have been making empty promises and promises for twenty-six years to improve the living conditions of citizens, without achieving anything on the ground,” he said.

Astronauts in Kurdistan
For her part, revealed the deputy of the Change Bloc Sherine Reza, the presence of astronauts in the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and employees of Kurdistan, indicating that “the administration of Arbil gives salaries to people working one day every four years for electoral purposes.”
Reza said in a press statement followed by “morning”: “The audit committee formed by the central government revealed the existence of fake names in the Peshmerga forces in addition to the departments of Kurdistan receive salaries without work,” adding that “the government of the territory stolen and looted the citizens of the Kurds over 26 Year and the survival of the same means more hunger and poverty, “calling” citizens and employees of the north to take out demonstrations and an uprising against the Barzani government. “
The representative pointed out that “the overthrow of this government and the formation of other more professional people able to protect the region’s economic and natural resources and build good relations with neighboring countries are the steps that are working on the mass change to save the Kurdish people from persecution and poverty.” On the dialogue with Baghdad, “The federal government has set conditions and the acceptance of Kurdistan to start a constitutional dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil to discuss reducing the proportion of the province in the general budget for 2018.”
Member of the executive cell in the Movement for Change, Mohamed Tawfiq Rahim, said in a press statement on Sunday: “The National Council in the Movement for Change will ratify the transition to the opposition, next week,” explaining that “the Council will take this decision at the request of the masses,” he says.
“Although this decision came late, I am 100 percent certain that the National Assembly of the movement will endorse the transition to the opposition next week,” Rahim added. “Most of the views in the National Assembly, the General Council and the headquarters of the Movement for Change support The transformation to the opposition, “explaining that” the decision to return to the opposition is the demand of the masses of Kurdistan and the street in the current stage that passes through the region, “and pointed out that” the movement of change close to the pulse of the street of Kurdistan, and had a greater impact when it was opposed, In the government. “

Constitutional demands
In turn, called the Kurdistan Islamic Group, the government of Erbil to accelerate the response to the demands of the federal government to avoid a humanitarian and economic disaster, and demanded Arbil to declare its support for the decision of the Federal Court on the referendum and the delivery of airports and border crossings and oil resources as federal conditions.
The deputy of the group Ahmed Hama in a statement followed by “morning”: “The Kurdistan region is about to economic crisis and humanitarian large in the event of non-delivery of salaries of staff of the region,” adding that “the only solution is the response of the government of Erbil to the federal conditions and handing over airports to the Civil Aviation Authority As well as the management of the sale of oil to Baghdad and the delivery of border crossings and meet all the conditions, including the official declaration to support the decision of the Federal Court on the invalidity of the referendum, “Hama said,” The fulfillment of demands by Erbil ensure the receipt of salaries and adequate funds for employees of the Kurdistan region and the people of the region, The Kurdistan Democratic Party. “

External visits
The Kurdish Movement for Change MP Tafka Ahmad warned that the foreign visits of Kurdistan Regional Government President Najirvan Barzani will deepen conflicts and generate internal wars. “In a press statement on Sunday, the two parties in Arbil and Baghdad should sit at the table of one dialogue to resolve, The problems without any external interventions, “and added that” these interventions will generate conflicts and internal wars between the governments of the Center and the region, “calling for” to avoid the development of the crisis and dialogue for the solution of problems. “
The head of the regional government, Nechirvan Barzani, is due to begin a two-day visit to the German capital Berlin on Monday in his second European visit after his first visit to Paris.
In the same context, MP from the coalition of state law, Kamel Zaidi, the external visits to the Prime Minister of northern Iraq, Najran Barzani, an attempt to internationalize the Kurdistan crisis with the Center or the search for an international mediator, stressing that it will not work well because of their understanding of these positions of Baghdad legal and constitutional.
Zaidi said in a press statement: “The last two visits to the head of the government of northern Iraq to Turkey and France failed because it did not achieve the goal of Kurdistan to internationalize the crisis with Baghdad,” noting that “the current visit to Germany will not achieve its goals also because of the understanding of these countries Baghdad’s legal and constitutional position “Zaidi said that” the government of northern Iraq is going through a difficult situation through public pressure in Kurdistan in addition to political differences on the adherence of the Prime Minister to the referendum despite the rejection by the Federal Court, “Zaidi predicted that” the Kurdistan government will face major problems, especially after the announcement of the Bloc of Change The withdrawal of its ministers officially N the government. “
Talk Talabani
On the other hand, refuting the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Pavel Talabani, “the claims of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in collusion with Baghdad during the restoration of power in Kirkuk and disputed areas.”
Pavel, the son of the late President Jalal Talabani, said in an interview with the British newspaper “Telegraph” on Sunday, the need to “extinguish the flames of the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil so as not to exploit the crisis called for the restructuring of its groups.” Talabani called Britain to negotiate to end the four months of “The reason for his presence in London is to convince the international community to help start negotiations between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Baghdad as soon as possible before the deterioration of the situation, to move the country To the Mam “.

journalist report
In an article published Sunday by the energy expert Walid Khadduri, Al-Hayat newspaper reported that according to the oil and gas law in force in Kurdistan, there is no need for the approval of the parliament to conclude oil contracts with the investing companies. That the Kurdistan region may have to address Interpol to return the oil minister fugitive Ashti Hawrami.
The writer said in his article that “the Chairman of the Committee on Industry and Energy in the Parliament of Kurdistan, Sherko Jawdat, trying to question the Minister of Natural Resources in the north, Ashti Hawrami, but to no avail, given his disappearance for about two months abroad,” adding that ” Erdoed left the referendum to an unknown destination, and announced that they would launch a campaign to return the Minister of Natural Resources to Kurdistan, and if the Minister of Wealth is denied, we will organize a campaign to return him and inform the Interpol and foreign parties. For oil information
Territory “.
“The US ambassador in Baghdad, Douglas Silliaman, expressed last week to the media, Washington’s concern about the oil contracts concluded by the Territory with the international oil companies, said Silliman: The contracts and oil sales concluded by the Iraqi Ministry of Oil with international companies were estimated A lot of transparency, but we are concerned about individual oil contracts carried out by the territorial government with international oil companies. “

Border crossings
On the other hand, announced the Iranian Interior Minister Abdul Ridha Rahmani Fadhli on Sunday, the opening of the terms of Pervezikhan and Haj Amran border with the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and the Iranian minister, in a monthly meeting with the Iranian Chamber of Commerce: “It was decided to open the terms of Pervez Khan and Haj Amran borderline: Noting that the resolution came into force from (Sunday). “
Iran decided in mid-October to close its three border crossings with the Kurdistan region of Bashmakh, Haj Amran and Parvizkhan, in response to the referendum referendum secession.
For its part, accused the Committee on Security and Defense parliamentary Kurdistan region to allow terrorists to enter Iraqi territory, said member of the Committee Iskandar and Tutt in a press statement: “It is necessary to restore the border crossings, which is still Barzani occupies, they are still the terrorists to enter Iraq,” noting that ” These ports are the main crossing for the entry of weapons to the terrorists in Iraq, they must be released as soon as possible, with the announcement of the final victory over the organization calling for the terrorist, “and accused former president of the region Massoud Barzani to form a” white banners “to” destabilize the security and stability of northern cities,
He said.
The statements of MP Iskandar and Tutt, published on Sunday, the newspaper “Okaz” Saudi Arabia, that the owners of the “white flags” are not “alarming,” noting that it is a Kurdish group appeared in the wake of multiple circles of conflict in Salahuddin, and quoted Iraqi security sources as saying : “The group of white banners armed in Salah al-Din is not the heir to a preacher in Iraq,” indicating that “its elements are local Kurds, as the region where they are a majority Kurdish, they belong to one of the political parties influential in Kurdistan, not extremists,” she added “The white flags group is located in the vicinity of the district of Tuz Khurmatu Patj Ah surrounding areas, “noting that” this group emerged in the wake of the multiplicity of circles of conflict in Salah al-Din. “


Parliament votes on the amnesty law

Kurdistan Parliament votes on amnesty law
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 2 hours ago

Shafaq News / Kurdistan Region Parliament voted on the amnesty law by a majority of those present.
The power to issue an amnesty was transferred to Parliament, while the power to issue a pardon was transferred to the territorial government after Massoud Barzani refused to extend his term of office and to delegate his powers to the legislative, executive and judicial branches.
A statement by the Kurdistan parliament said all articles in the draft amnesty law had been ratified after some changes had been made to some of its articles.
He pointed out that the ratification was made by a vote of 62 members yes against 17 members voted against the project.
The law, which has been ratified, does not include the charges in article 8, including terrorism and crimes that affect public security and those convicted of killing women, the statement added.


Parliamentary and presidential elections in the Kurdistan Region within three months

President of the provincial government called the parliament and the Electoral Commission to prepare …

Parliamentary and presidential elections in the Kurdistan Region within three months

The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, on Sunday evening, the Parliament of Kurdistan to set a date for the general elections within a maximum of three months.

Barzani said in a letter to the presidency of parliament, on a memorandum of parliament on taking the necessary measures to prepare for the legislative and presidential elections (the presidency of the region), are ready to show all cooperation and coordination with Parliament.

“After holding intensive meetings with most of the political parties in the Kurdistan region and studying the current situation, we reached the conclusion that the return to the authority of the people and the holding of elections is the best option to ensure unity and address the problems of the region.”

Barzani also called on the Independent High Electoral Commission and the referendum to take the necessary preparations for the elections in accordance with legal and international standards. Stressing that the provincial government for its part will provide all the requirements of the process.



Iraq wins official recognition of practicing law before the courts of England and Wales


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BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The Iraqi Bar Association announced on Sunday that it had obtained an official recognition to practice the legal profession of an Iraqi lawyer before courts in England and Wales.
“The Iraqi Bar Association has obtained the approval of the Bar Association of England to introduce Iraq as one of the countries with (Recognized state center) in England and Wales “.
He added that “this came in a formal response to the British Embassy in Iraq, in addition to the address issued by the Iraqi Bar Association, after several meetings and dialogues were conducted to achieve this purpose.”
He continued,
“I think this is a tremendous achievement for your esteemed union and also underscores the strong bilateral ties between the UK and Iraq,” said John Wilkes, the British ambassador to Iraq.
It is noteworthy that this remarkable step has introduced Iraq in the ranks of the developed countries among the countries of the world as an official recognition of the weight of the Iraqi lawyer, without going through a large series of study for several years and pass intensive tests to be recognized qualified to work in England and Wales or accept the programs of mutual rehabilitation between the two sides, It’s just simple tests. Done

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URGENT Abadi: Government will return displaced Yezidis to their areas quickly

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Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said during his meeting with the spiritual father and religious leader of the Yazidi sect in Iraq, Baba Sheik Khirtu Ismail, that the government will work to bring the Yazidis back to their areas.
“Abadi received in his office Sunday the spiritual father and religious authority of the Yazidi sect in Iraq, Baba Sheik Kharto Ismail and his accompanying delegation,” a statement from his office said.
Abadi welcomed Pope Shaikh Khurtu Ismail, stressing the keenness of the Iraqi government to take care of all the components of the Iraqi people and their commitment to give them the status they deserve. They are a dear part of our Iraqi people.
The Prime Minister pointed to the great victory achieved by our heroic forces in all its forms on terrorism Daheshi, explaining that this enemy has been preoccupied in his crimes, which did not escape any of the components of our people, including the Yezidi community dear.
“We are determined to follow up on the displacement and killing of the displaced people, and the government will work to bring the displaced Yazidis back to their areas as soon as possible after making sure that they are free of mines and explosives and implementing the Stabilization Plan in cooperation with the international community,” he added.
For his part, praised the spiritual leader of the Yezidi community, what was achieved by the Prime Minister of a clear victory returned to the Yazidis hope to return to their areas, after the death caused by the killing and destruction, stressing that the Yazidis feel pride in belonging to their country, Iraq dear. ”
Abadi listened to the observations presented by the delegation And was followed up and resolved.


Secretary of the Council of Ministers: Economic relations with Saudi Arabia will witness great cooperation


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The Iraqi-Saudi Coordinating Council, represented by specialized committees from the Iraqi side, held its second session in the office of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers under the chairmanship of Minister of Planning Salman Al-Jumaili and in the presence of a number of members of the Council of Ministers or their representatives for ministries of transport, industry and minerals, Scientific, Agriculture, Foreign Affairs].
The Coordinator of the Council Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Al-Alaq that the next phase of economic and trade relations between the two countries will witness significant cooperation, contributes to the increase of trade exchange, and provides investment opportunities in all areas, primarily commercial, agricultural and industrial areas, adding that the Iraqi- Will remove all barriers and encourage investment and strengthen relations between Riyadh and Baghdad.
The Council discussed the mechanism of work and set the tasks of the committees and members to prepare and coordinate the identification and review of projects that it is hoped to implement with the Saudi side soon, stressing the need to complete the files related to the implementation of the work on the development of border ports and the establishment of railways and the activation of air and sea transport by the end of this month .
The Council held its first meeting in Saudi Arabia last October, during the visit of the Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to the Kingdom, to enhance strategic communication between the two countries, deepen mutual political trust, open new horizons of cooperation in various fields and develop partnership between the private sector. The two countries, and the opportunity for business people to learn about business and investment opportunities.


In figures .. These frozen funds recovered by Iraq to Khazitnh



Sunday 17 December 2017 07:04 PM
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BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Treasury Secretary General Maher Hussain said on Sunday that the money actually recovered to the Iraqi state treasury amounted to nearly 950 billion Iraqi dinars, while referring to the recovery of 77 million dollars that were frozen abroad.

“The money that was actually recovered to the state treasury is about 950 billion Iraqi dinars,” Hussain told Iraq News, adding that “the Ministry of Finance in all its formations and sectors related to the money and how to preserve it.”

He added that “his office took precautionary measures prevented the waste of 90 billion Iraqi dinars,” noting that “the Office of the Inspector General was able to recover 77 million dollars were frozen in one of the banks abroad.”

He pointed out that “the work of the Office of the Inspector-General of the Ministry of Finance is related to four important issues are the investigation and comment and audit and assess performance.” He said that “there are funds recommended for the recovery of 854 billion dinars in addition to 146 million dollars, and this money will respond according to procedures and legal contexts.” Finished