Ports of Iraq establish a new electronic system to link finance to individuals

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{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Iraqi ports announced the establishment of a new electronic system to link finance to individuals.

According to a statement of ports, received the agency {Euphrates News} copy of it today, “an electronic system was established to link salaries and central personnel electronically.”

“Human resources will be linked to the financial department so that any changes in the employee’s salary, bonus, addition of child allowances or changes in grades will be included in an automated program in the Human Resources Department. Staff and suffering in routine procedures “.

He also said that the ministry will also issue a ministerial identity containing the password for each employee. The employee will be able to enter the account and show all the information of the employee with the identity to know about his bonuses, promotions, job rank and any field in the salary scale. “He said.

He added that “after the introduction of all the information of staff in the financial section will be addressed to the audit department to develop a program showing lists of entitlements of financial staff can not audit the lists and control,” noting “directly financial section – the payroll division today to enter the financial statements of employees.” End

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Source: A delegation from Baghdad headed by the Secretary of the Council of Ministers to visit Kurdistan and meet with the Minister of Interior of the region

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Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

A source in the provincial government, on Sunday, the visit of a delegation from the Baghdad government and his meeting with the Minister of Interior of the region.

The source told “Al-Ghad Press” that “a delegation from the Interior Ministry and the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers visited today, the Kurdistan region.”

The source, who preferred not to be named, said that “the delegation met during the visit the Minister of the Interior of the region,” without giving further details about what happened in the meeting.

It is noteworthy that the relations between the center and the region is witnessing a major crisis after the referendum on secession at the end of last September, by the President of the region Massoud Barzani, who left office after the referendum in weeks, the region is now witnessing a wave of angry demonstrations demanding the payment of salaries of employees and improve the living situation which has become Have deteriorated over the past period.


In conjunction with the liberation of the cities .. Christians of Iraq are celebrating Christmas


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The Christians of Iraq celebrated this year in a great way and distinguished from the last few years, after the great victory over the supporter of the terrorist.

The Christians of Mosul celebrated the Christmas Mass at the Church of St. Paul in Chaldean city amid heightened security measures, for the first time since the fall of the rule, calling the terrorist and shouting the joy of returning to their rituals in Iraq’s second city, which was restored in July.

For its part, said a British Catholic charity said that while improving the situation of Christians in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, but they are being persecuted all over the world more than ever in history.

Amidst candles, Christmas trees and white curtains to close window frames, Muslims mixed with Christians as well as officials from local authorities and military institutions in Mosul.

Ninewa, including Mosul, is one of the oldest Christian citizens in the East, having roots in the early Christian centuries.

Iraqi families have started to buy special Christmas gifts and congratulations cards, which are the largest in the market and the largest in years.

Iraq is expected to witness a large and special celebrations for Christmas and New Year.

The Ninewa Governorate Council decided on Sunday to suspend the official working day for Monday (25 December 2017) throughout the province on the occasion of the Christian Day.







  1. في الموصل اليوم …اول قدّاس لعيد الميلاد في كنيسة مار بولص بعد غياب دام اكثر من 3 سنوات. سلام مقدس للشهداء الابطال الذين صنعوا هذا النصر.

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    In Mosul on Friday. First mass of Christmas at the Church of Saint Paul after an absence of more than three years. Martyrs sacred peace heroes who made this victory.


Abadi heads the meeting of the energy collection program and conduct a comprehensive review of the experiment [expanded]


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Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi chaired the meeting on the electric power collection program, which included energy experts, academics, regulators and state media.
“During the meeting, a comprehensive review of the tax collection experience was carried out by listening to what the programmers put forward and diagnosing some of the shortcomings and weaknesses that emerged in applying and developing solutions,” a statement from his office said.
He added that “the project is not a secondary measure but rather a necessity to enable the state to conserve energy by rationalizing it as a national wealth. The success of the program enables the state to guarantee the best services to the community in the field of electricity and all services and development related to energy saving. electrical”.
“In light of the discussions, it is decided to support and encourage the implementation of the program and its implementation in all governorates without exception,” the statement said.
It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Government represented by the Ministry of Electricity, launched a project to collect energy with the participation of the private sector to rationalize consumption and filling the deficit and applied in some areas of the capital Baghdad, but the project raised considerable opposition from local governments in the provinces and agreed to boycott the “high cost in the collection” .


Parliamentary Security decides to interrogate “Abadi” during the next legislative term to find out the numbers of US troops




24-12-2017 04:37 PMThe Euphrates –


The deputy of the Security and Defense Committee in the parliament Iskandar and Tutt, the existence of a parliamentary resolution on the question on the number of US troops stationed in Iraq and places of deployment, while noting that the Commission asked to question Prime Minister Haider Abadi during the next legislative term to find out the truth of the matter.

Wattout said in a press statement that any ground military presence of US forces in Iraq is a violation of sovereignty, pointing out that the government should bring this issue before the House of Representatives for discussion. Stressing that there is a parliamentary decision within the Security and Defense Committee to inquire about Abadi on the status of US forces and their numbers and places of deployment, indicating that the news that talks about the existence of secret negotiations and US bases will be raised in Parliament after the end of the legislative holiday may be questioned Abadi on them.

The US Today newspaper recently revealed negotiations between the Iraqi and US sides to keep 5,500 US troops in Iraq after the end of the war.