Leading dissident: Thousands of supporters left the tenderness in a secret deal with the consent of Washington


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Leading dissident: Thousands of supporters left the tension in a secret deal with the consent of Washington

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A dissident leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces, who expelled the Daqash organization from the city of al-Raqqa, recounted the fall of the city, saying that thousands of al-Qaeda fighters had left in a secret deal approved by Washington.

“The forces have prepared to transport all the remaining militants from an organized organization from the city of Raqqa, although they said at the time that they were fighting hard-line foreign extremists to defend the city,” said Talal Silo, a former commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

US officials have described Seelo’s statements as “false and fabricated” but a security official in Turkey, where Selo fled three weeks ago, has reported similar incidents of a stinging defeat in his Syrian stronghold of tenderness.

Turkey differs with Washington over US support for the Kurdish Democratic Syrian forces that led the fighting in al-Raqqa.

“Less than 300 fighters have left with their families while others have continued to fight,” Silo was spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces and one of the officials who told the media in mid-October when the deal was reached.

But he said in an interview with Reuters that “the number of fighters allowed to leave is much higher and that what was narrated from a final battle was a mere fantasy aimed at keeping journalists away until the completion of the evacuation.”

He added that “a US official in the international coalition against the organization did not give his name and agreed to the deal in a meeting with a leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces.”

At the time, there were conflicting accounts as to whether foreign fighters had been allowed to leave Al-Raqqa.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said later that one of the drivers in the evacuation described a convoy of length to seven kilometers of 50 trucks and 13 buses and 100 vehicles belonging to the organization “Daash” loaded with fighters and ammunition.

The Turkish government has expressed concern that some fighters who have left the border may cross into Turkish territory and may be trying to launch attacks in Turkey or the West.

“An agreement has been reached that the terrorists will leave about 4,000 people and their families,” Silo said.Adding that “they were all fighters except 500 people.”

He pointed out that they headed east to the territory under the control of the “Daash” organization around Deir Ezzor, where the forces of the Syrian army and forces supporting President Bashar al-Assad gains.

For three days, Syria’s demilitarized forces prevented people from going to al-Raqqa, saying fighting was raging to deal with militants who refused to surrender.

“The declaration was a cover for those who had gone to Deir al-Zour,” he said. “The agreement was approved by the United States, which wanted a quick end to the battle of tenderness so that Syria’s democratic forces could move to Deir al-Zour.”

Source: Reuters

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  URGENT Al-Jubouri comments on Abadi’s second term

Date of release: 2017/12/7 22:52 • 185 times read
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) Speaker of the House of Representatives, Salim al-Jubouri, commented on the opportunity to renew the mandate of Prime Minister Haider Abadi.
“He (al-Abbadi) has the right to be in a second term and he has a good chance in it,” said Jubouri in the program “Calus” broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel tonight.

URGENT Jabouri denies alliance with al-Maliki and does not rule out with Abadi

Date of release: 2017/12/7 22:36 • 133 times read
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The Speaker of the House of Representatives, leader of the Union of Iraqi Forces, Salim al-Jubouri, the existence of an alliance between him and the head of the coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki.
“I do not have any agreement and an alliance vision in this regard and I am still preoccupied with the inter-alliances in the provinces represented by us,” Jubouri said in the Calus program.
Jubouri did not rule out the alliance with a list that may be formed by Prime Minister Haider Abadi to run for the next election, “stressing the need to” hold the elections on time. “


Urgent security .. International bombing targeted the sites of Daash near Baghdad


URGENT: International bombardment targets locations near Baghdad
 Twilight News    
 18 minutes ago

Shafaq News / The military information cell announced the targeting of sites and supply lines for the organization of Dahesh near the capital Baghdad.

A statement by the cell responded to the twilight news that the coalition air force carried out five air strikes resulted in the destruction of the Walker and two lines to provide a supporter in the desert of Anbar and the island.

He said the bombing also killed a terrorist group near Taji.



Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament announces support for Abadi government


رئيس الحكومة حيدر العبادي


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President of the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Dr. Yousef Mohammed, expressed his full support for the efforts of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi in the fight against corruption.

“The war against corruption is no less important than the war on terrorism,” Youssef told Sputnik. “He demanded that it be comprehensive and that no one be excluded from it, neither at the level of Iraq nor at the regional level.”Youssef called on European countries, the European Union and the international community to support anti-corruption efforts in Iraq in general and in the Kurdistan region in particular.

This came during a speech by the speaker of parliament at an international conference in the EU Parliament building today.

He called on the President of the Parliament of the Territory to normalize the situation in the disputed areas, especially the province of Kirkuk and the cities of Tuzkurmato, Makhmour and Shankal, and the adoption of the region and the federal government a new approach based on the common good and the common interest to solve the problems existing between the parties.


Iraq: Kuwait conference an opportunity to launch a large investment program


Editorial date: 2017/12/7 21:39 • 8 times read
Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Mahdi al-Alaq, said that the reconstruction conference in Iraq scheduled to be held in Kuwait in mid-February next year an opportunity to launch a large investment program.
Al-Alak said during his speech at the third session of the preparatory workshop for the conference that the program was prepared by the National Investment Authority in cooperation with the World Bank for its importance in restoring stability and reconstruction and the return of the displaced. “He said.
“The Iraqi government has a great humanitarian responsibility to support stability and the return of displaced people and reconstruction,” he said. “The rehabilitation of infrastructure in a number of cities encouraged half of the displaced to return to their areas of residence.”
Al-Aalik praised the efforts made to prepare accurate and objective reports and reports prepared by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning in cooperation with the World Bank, including the survey of damage to various sectors in the liberated cities.
He added that “preparations are continuing to fulfill the requirements of the conference and agree on a timetable to complete the completion of the final reports thanks to the great coordination with the sisterly State of Kuwait, which showed the depth of brotherly brotherhood between the two brotherly countries.”