Iraq trusts the world economically


12/12/2017 12:00 AM

By its implementation of the provisions of Chapter VII

Baghdad / Hussein Thugb
The security victories are paralleled by a major economic victory: the entry into force of the provisions of Chapter VII, which has tied Iraq and its relations with the world for a long time. Iraq has been removed from the world for decades.

The economic expert in the name of Jamil Antoine stressed that “Iraq has become international confidence and freedom in financial transactions after the entry into force of the provisions of the seventh item in full, as all restrictions were lifted and the amounts were freed and became Iraqi banks free to deal and open documentary credits without intermediary” . Obligations

The Security Council passed its Resolution No. 2390 stating that Iraq is out of Chapter VII with its completion and all commitments related to oil for food and medicine. The Council unanimously adopted the draft resolution contained in document S 10132017, prepared by the United States in consultation with Iraq and the Member States. 2017). It is recommended to welcome the implementation of the arrangements between Iraq and the United Nations in accordance with resolution (1958) 2010 and to confirm the transfer of the remaining funds to the Government of Iraq under resolution 2335 (2016). The Council concludes that the parties (Iraq and the United Nations) The measures imposed in accordance with the provisions of Chapter Seventh under the above resolutions relating to the oil – for – food and medicine. Spending operations

“This decision gives the foreign and Iraqi investors free access to remittances, which in turn contributes to the revival of investment, pointing out that we are engaged in a large-scale reconstruction campaign involving large spending operations, and we must have a banking system that harmonizes and the volume of spending.”
And demanded that the role of banks to become an investment and be dependent on the auction of currency secondary, especially that the international banks provide more than 120 services, and this requires us to get our products to large numbers fit the reality of the investor and that the central role of the pioneer in this process. Trustful

“Iraq is now the focus of the outside world’s confidence after the full implementation of the provisions of Chapter VII, and we must be as much as this responsibility, especially as Iraq is no longer a traditional country, but described as rich in natural and human resources, and so it takes
“The Iraqi banking system has successful experiences and has the expertise to qualifyfor the advancement of the banking sector and make it offers advanced products, especially that we have banks managed to achieve a boom in their products, where they rely on banking tools and Products in the coverage of all its requirements and performance costs. ”  Central Directive

Between Haider Kazem al-Baghdadi that “the large number of banking system would create a positive competition in performance leading to the development of products and bring advanced systems facilitate all banking operations, and the ability to compete with branches of the largest banks in the world, and here must be adhered to the directives of the Central Bank of Iraq urges To adopt the new developments with the
global financial sector  . ”
He pointed out that “the Iraqi banking system, which is the axis of economic activity in front of him the task of proving the existence, by providing the required services according to advanced systems, especially after the trend to the global banking sector more free and broke restrictions that restrict the movement of our banks previously, which makes us work on Creating a sophisticated banking sector


Parliamentary Finance: There is no constitutional or legal problem in the budget

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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Member of the Finance Committee of Parliament, Haitham Jubouri, the absence of any legal or constitutional problem in the financial budget for 2018.
“There is no constitutional or legal problem in the budget, but everyone looks at the budget from his point of view and that is what we hear from the Kurds and the coalition of Iraqi forces,” Jubouri said in a program episode boldly on the screen of Al-Furat satellite channel.
“There are political problems in the budget,” he said


Emirates and Fly Dubai decide to resume use of Iraqi airspace


The use of Iraqi airspace is likely to help aircraft companies save fuel costs by reducing flight hours.

Middle East Online

The decision came against the backdrop of improved security situation

Dubai and Emirates said on Monday they had resumed use of Iraqi airspace for flights to other countries, two days after Iraq declared victory in its war against the six-year Islamic state.

A number of tankers stopped flying over Iraq in 2014 for safety reasons because of the conflict there, and after a Malaysian Airlines plane was shot down over Ukraine in the same year.

Instead, airlines used longer routes running over Iran and other countries, which increased congestion in the region, with many tankers also avoiding passage from Syrian airspace.

The use of Iraqi airspace is likely to help Emirates and Fly Dubai to save fuel costs by reducing flight hours and reducing congestion in the region.

“We have resumed the use of Iraqi airspace, and very few of our flights cross Iraq every day,” a spokeswoman for Emirates Airline said in an e-mail statement.

Emirates Airline regularly reviews air operations, in line with regulatory and regulatory directives.

“Safety, security and operational efficiency considerations will always be at the forefront when planning flight routes,” she said.

Emirates did not say when it began to fly over Iraq again or the routes involved.

Previously, airlines traveling across the region were using Iraqi airspace on flights to Europe and the United States.

A spokeswoman for flydubai e-mail said the company began using the eastern part of Iraq’s airspace again on November 28, which often includes flights to and from Eastern Europe and Turkey.

“All the necessary assessments of risk and security have been carried out before they begin to cross the skies,” she said.

Emirates and Flay have continued to fly to and from Iraq since 2014, but with temporary comments on some flights from time to time.

Pentagon congratulates Iraq on victory over a supporter


Pentagon logo

Pentagon logo

The Pentagon on Monday congratulated Iraqi forces on the successes of their war against a militant organization.

Pentagon spokesman Robert Manning said coalition support for Iraqi forces and the “Syrian Democratic Forces” would continue, revealing that representatives of both forces held a meeting on October 10 on the Iraq-Syria border, without disclosing the venue of the meeting.

“The Syrian Democratic Forces will continue to liberate the areas along the eastern side of the Euphrates River,” Manning said. “There is still a lot of efforts to be made in Syria and Iraq to protect achievements and prevent the return of terrorists.”

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi declared Saturday the “final victory” for the militant group after Iraqi forces expelled his last remnants, after three years of control of about a third of Iraqi territory.

Manning commented on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria, saying that “Russia’s declaration of its desire to withdraw from Syria does not affect the plans of US forces.”

He also said the United States would not change its support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

This comes after claims from Washington to Riyadh to open ports to Yemen for the introduction of humanitarian aid in the wake of the closure of the Yemeni ports and airports after the Houthis launched a ballistic missile intercepted over King Khalid Airport in Riyadh.

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Sadr Instructs His Militia Under Hashd Al-Shaabi to Return Weapons to Government

He warns against using Hashd al-Shaabi in elections

Sadr Instructs His Militia Under Hashd Al-Shaabi to Return Weapons to Government


ERBIL — Iraqi Shi’ite leader Muqtada al-Sadr directed his militia on Monday to hand over their arms to the Iraqi government and remain as civil or humanitarian organization.

Muqtada Sadr warned that none of the parties should use Hashd al-Shaabi in the upcoming elections on May 12 in Iraq and renewed call on the Shi’ite militias to hand their weapons over to the government.

Sadr called on his militia of Saraya al-Salam (Peace Brigades) to hand over their weapons to the Iraqi government and retreat from the liberated areas to allow the Iraqi army to take over the security of those areas.

He also ordered the closure of the headquarters of the militia and called on the government to open up job opportunities for the militias, or incorporate them into the army and security forces.

The Sadr Movement leader demanded the government to open the cases of the fall of Mosul in 2014 to the Islamic State (IS) and the Speicher massacre in Tikrit.

Saraya al-Salam, along with other Shi’ite militias operates under the Hashd al-Shaabi in Iraq which was created in 2014 to fight the IS extremist group.

The militias from Hashd al-Shaabi however have been accused of war crimes during the fight against the IS militants, especially in the Sunni areas.


To restore the stability of the liberated areas .. The United States gives Iraq $ 265 million


Since 2017-12-11 at 16:58 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The United States Embassy in Baghdad announced on Monday that more than $ 265 million would be provided by the United States to restore stability in Anbar, Nineveh and Salahaddin provinces, as well as $ 1.7 billion across Iraq for humanitarian assistance to Iraqis displaced by a threatening threat since the beginning of 2014.

“The senior adviser to the US Agency for International Development (USAID), currently senior agency official Thomas J. Stahl, returned to Iraq from December 5 to 10 to push forward US efforts,” the embassy said in a statement received by Mawazine News. To help the most vulnerable communities in Iraq after defeating the terrorist advocate. “

“Stall met with a number of Iraqi government officials, including Mahdi al-Alak, the secretary-general of the Council of Ministers, in Baghdad to discuss how Iraq can strengthen its support for minority communities,” Stall said. He also met with representatives of the United Nations US-funded programs to restore stability in Anbar, Ninewa and Salahaddin. “

“With this new financial grant, the United States has provided more than $ 265 million for stabilization projects and $ 1.7 billion across Iraq for humanitarian assistance,” Stall said, according to the statement. To Iraqis who have been displaced by a threatening threat since the beginning of 2014. “

“On December 6, Stall visited Erbil to follow US assistance to displaced people in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. After an initial meeting with the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, he met with leaders and representatives of non-governmental organizations in Christian, Yezidi, Sabean Mandaean, “He also met with clerics from Erbil and Kirkuk, including the bishops of the Syriac Catholic Church, the Syriac Orthodox Church, the Assyrian Church, and the Chaldean Church of the Hanukkah Of assistance provided by the United States for people displaced from their communities. “

“On the last day of his visit, Stahl traveled to Sheikhan to listen directly to the survivors of the genocide attempt he had made against the Iraqi Yazidis and traveled to Telskaf where he and US Charge d’affaires Joy Hood were honored, Chaldean Korakis, which is a prominent witness to the failure of the failed attempt to blur the diversity of Iraq’s cultural and religious. “

“The United States is committed to ensuring that its humanitarian assistance and the financing of stability reach the most vulnerable communities in Iraq, including ethnic and religious minorities that have suffered from a provocative occupation, with the support of the United States government and other international donors,” the statement said. Gather from all ethnic and religious backgrounds together to rebuild their homes, communities and way of life on their land liberated from the oppressors. “

On Saturday (December 9, 2017), the Prime Minister of the Armed Forces, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Haidar Al-Abadi announced the final victory over the terrorist organization and the restoration of all Iraqi territory from its control.


Is Iraq waiting for a new Marshall Plan to save it from the destruction of war?


أين الحقيقة؟


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Dia Hassoun
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Dialogue with the United Nations Economic Adviser in Iraq, Dr. Falah Al-Lami

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Washington is committed to helping Iraq recover from the effects of three years of war against the al-Qaeda organization, a senior official in the US government aid agency said on Wednesday.“The budget provided by President Donald Trump included a 30 per cent reduction, but for Iraq, we are actually considering additional funding, especially for the victims of Da’ash,” Thomas Stahl, USAID adviser, told Reuters.

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said earlier that Iraq needed a project similar to the Marshall Plan, which contributed to the building of Germany after the Second World War. In a speech to the third session of the Mediterranean Dialogue Conference in November, “We need reconstruction, Mosul is no longer today as it was before the war was booming, and that is why I ask the international community, in addition to its assistance in the past, to crystallize an economic process like the Marshall Plan of 1948, Western Europe”.

The Marshall Plan included an economic project for the reconstruction of Europe after the end of the Second World War, which was established by General George Marshall, the chief of staff of the US military during the Second World War this war that led to the destruction of Europe, and it is said that the main American goal of this project in time , Was to confront the Soviet Union and fear that the European left would benefit from the outcome of the war to lead Europe towards communism.

If Iraq will benefit from this aid, which may be similar to the Marshall Plan, says Dr. Falah al-Lami, economic adviser to the United Nations in Iraq, told Sputnik:

“Iraq is witnessing today the influx of many government delegations from Europe and America, and as a result, Iraq will become a major economic gateway during the next phase, because days ago there was a French delegation with companies, such as Airbus and Total, where they attended a meeting with the Central Bank of Iraq, This is indicative of indications of Iraq’s recovery and signs of intentions to invest in Iraq in various Iraqi sectors, especially after the declaration of Iraq’s full liberation from the organization “Daash” .

Iraq and in the period of low oil prices began to search for investors, which gives them great guarantees, and there are many companies have succeeded in the field of investment in Iraq, such as Chinese companies as well as Saudi companies.

The issue of investing in Iraq is the beginning of a new era for a new Marshall project in Iraq, which could be a starting point or investment gateway for the region in general. Iraq will be the first investment center in the Arab region.

Has already entered Iraq in the gate of the creditor in the International Monetary Fund during the previous period, but in the recent budget of Iraq, we see there is austerity of expenditures, so as to reduce the debt of Iraq, and Iraq’s official exit from Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations will make it able To recover a lot of his reserved funds, and this helps him get rid of a lot of restrictions, and at the same time we hope the Iraqi government to remove the shackles to be added by the global companies and banks, if planning is not good will enter Iraq in an era of shackles that are lost Opportunities for success.

Prepared by: Diaa Ibrahim Hassoun