The Iraqis alone fought and urged him

Author: Abdul Halim Al Rahimi

04/12/2017 12:00 AM

In a remarkable and interesting question and attention, Dr. Abadi, at the start of his speech during the weekly press conference last Tuesday, to the wrong issue has been circulating since the outbreak of armed confrontation against the elements of the terrorist after 10 June 2014 starting from the outskirts of Baghdad, Both inside and outside the country as it is that fought mainly advocated, namely, that defended Baghdad and its arms and without it and without its weapon fell under the occupation of Dahesh .. And this claim confiscated the right and duty of the Iraqis and their sacrifices in the fight against the terrorist organization and defeat.

At the beginning of his speech during the press conference, Abadi was keen to clarify and affirm a clear and well-known fact to all Iraqis and the peoples of the world that the party that defended Iraq and fought for the war and fought it and provided tens of thousands of martyrs and victims are Iraqis only and not others, as confirmed by the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces He said: “It is the right of the Iraqis and the religious reference and the right of the courageous people who responded to Da’ish to take pride in ending it.” The myth of terrorism in Iraq …)

There is no doubt that the Iraqis who are well aware of their role in fighting the urging and the magnitude of the sacrifices they have made to defeat are ridiculing, and ridiculing, the allegations and allegations of those internal and external bodies that wanted and want to confiscate their right and national honors on their chests. They wonder why Abadi, More than the truth of false claims and allegations of those parties to address this issue and speak about it in a strikingly and very sadly? The main reason for this, and as many believe, is that the tongue of Abadi and the Iraqis has come to say (the torrent has reached) from repeating these allegations and allegations.

Since the occupation of a half of the Iraqi land and the arrival of their terrorist hordes to the borders of Baghdad, they will not stop repeating that if it had not fallen to Baghdad and occupied by the forgetting that Baghdad would have seven million Iraqis would have turned into a cemetery for the move if they progress to occupy, And waiting without a direct response to the preacher and his fighter after the occupation but to absorb the shock and rearrangement of the situation of the armed forces after the defeat of some of them because of the collusion and weakness and even betrayal of some of its leaders responsible for the protection of the occupied territories … So, as soon as the task of rearrangement The armed forces and the construction of fortifications and the necessary plans until the offensive began to start from the borders of Baghdad, where the operations of the anti-terrorism forces and other auxiliary forces and supported and intensified after the issuance of the appeal of the religious reference in Najaf, the holy jihad, which led thousands of Iraqis to volunteer and fighter Daash and those who increased numbers And strengthened their skepticism in the face of the militants of the terrorist organization and its fight and the cleansing of the occupied Iraqi territories from the Dnsh and terror of the village of poverty and the judiciary and the city, over the past three years, where the Iraqi National Armed Forces of the army and condition And with the support of experts, advisers and air and intelligence support to the international coalition forces, the caliphate did not really become a state of superstition and when he was forced to take the cup of defeat. And thus the people of today and its armed forces in all its types became the doors of the announcement of the final victory over the call after cleansing the last pockets in the desert areas, and thus end the military war against him and against all the terrorist groups and Intellectual and political battle S to eliminate the roots and sources  of


From here it becomes clear that the main reason for the surprise of Abadi and his rejection of the allegations and allegations of some to confiscate the efforts and sacrifices of the Iraqis, is to pull the carpet from under them and force them to stop confiscating the efforts and sacrifices of Iraqis and employ them to serve the interests of internal and external agendas at the expense of the supreme national interests of Iraq and its people, And the sacrifices of this people, which otherwise, and not others, remained a preacher in the country of corruption and may spread to the neighboring countries and other countries of the world.


In figures .. Balances of the three presidencies and the currency auction

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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) revealed a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Majida Tamimi, the proportions of budgets of the three presidencies (Republic, ministers and parliament) in addition to the auction of currency for import.

“The budget of the Presidency of the Republic amounted to 51.8 billion dinars in details (salaries, service supplies, service items, conferences, statements and others),” she told the program {boldly} broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel.

“The salaries of officials of the Presidency of the Republic of the number of one thousand and 68 employees 38 billion dinars,” noting that “it is possible to reduce 5 billion of them.”

“The budget of the Prime Minister amounted to 2.3 trillion dinars because it has other departments, while the budget of the House of Representatives 234.4 billion, 208 billion dinars, including salaries of employees.

She pointed out to her “dissatisfaction with the monetary policy of the Central Bank, where the auction of cash currency in the Central Bank since the fall to this moment 355 billion dollars to cover imports,” indicating that “selling more than oil revenues will lead to a reduction reserve to the Central Bank.”

“Four of those who benefited from the currency auction [currency dealers, terrorist financing, parties and beneficiaries], all of which we have reported to financial integrity,” she said.

Project Marshall Iraq .. Vision and plan!

04/12/2017 12:00 AM

Ibrahim Abadi

Iraqi groups are looking forward to 2018 with great money. The state has completed the liberalization of the land and managed the financial crisis and many problems with a clear success. It is now preparing to deal with issues that are not less serious and the challenges are also great. The post-liberation phase is the stage of reconstruction and reconstruction. National income, development of quality of life and the face of unemployment, and under the ceiling of large expectations and deferred expectations, the responsibility of the management of the executive body of the state must be well equipped to take difficult decisions may cost heated confrontations and large clashes, Iraq will fall into the folds of contradictory and complex laws and regulations, corrupt management and execution networks, dominated by the mindset of commercial exploitation, rapid profit and profiteering of state funds. The forces and mafias competed to control The sources of money and control of the economic decision and divided the joints of administration and implementation and legislation on the forces of different and agree on their interests but did not differ on the establishment of the principle of quotas and the distribution of positions and spoils on the components and parties and factions of each seeking to increase the area of strength and sources of funding.

The state has failed to establish the foundations of an executive apparatus and the authority of a decision free of the grip of forces that want to dominate everything. This has resulted in a strange and suspicious overlap between political and financial groups, resulting in unprecedented structural weakness and feudalism and feudalism competing against the joints of the state and the economy. partisan and platforms publish political and intellectual chaos and affect the normal despair and frustration citizens

and feeling and the need for Iraqis to change and reform and State Reserve bottom phase, the decisive point in 2018 elections appear in the destination of Iraq next report, there are forces that refuse change and reform and wants to maintain p It is ready to fight in order to preserve these interests which have become a custom and a culture and have been enshrined in the policy of parliamentary legislation, and the political mind has failed to overcome them, such as marathon negotiations to form the Electoral Commission, the Commission on Human Rights and the formation of other independent bodies. And change the local and public elections systems, who follow how to manage the blocs and parties practical, feel that representatives of parties, components, sects and minorities do not know the way to manage the state, but the distribution of seats and positions to ensure a positive vote or The economic policies will be managed in the same way as any group that wants to make small gains for its regions, areas of influence and action. This logic should end quickly to rebuild the state in a manner that meets the requirements and demands of the public and meets the requirements of the new stage. Europe has been rebuilt. After the Second World War in 10 years with American support (the Marshall Plan), effective democratic systems, effective and responsible judiciary and media, social responsibility and active public administration, Iraq and its people, outside of war, This is in turn dependent on the will of the Iraqi voter and his consciousness. If the voter repeats his previous behavior, he will restore the forces that reject the change and the resistance to the logic of the modern state, which is based on the state of quotas and consensuses, and the voter we are betting on needs someone who opens it. His mind and consciousness in an honest and new style of electoral propaganda and sound and scientific visions of building the state and dealing with thousands of problems, and a new type of candidates of integrity, sincerity, knowledge and ambition Nahdawi, it is difficult and difficult but not impossible, is it permissible for us to dream, Tribes and

political clans  ?

Kurdistan parliament meets next Wednesday


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Khandan –

The Kurdistan parliament will hold its regular session next Wednesday, according to an invitation by the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Kurdistan to members.

The deputy speaker of Kurdistan’s parliament, Jaafar Imniki, called on all members of the Kurdistan parliament to attend the next regular session of the parliament.

The second session of the autumn session will be held at 11 pm on Wednesday, 6 December.

The invitation of the deputy speaker of parliament of Kurdistan did not address the agenda of the session or the topics to be discussed during the session.

Abadi office: The deployment of federal forces will be completed in the rest of the disputed areas

Abadi office: The deployment of federal forces will be completed in the rest of the disputed areas

Abadi office: The deployment of federal forces will be completed in the rest of the disputed areas

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A new mechanism to export oil from the fields of Kurdistan and complete the deployment of Iraqi forces in the disputed areas, as well as the control of the federal government on the border, will provide a suitable platform for the start of political dialogue, a spokesman for Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi’s office said on Sunday. Between the federal government and the provincial government.

Al-Hadithi said in a statement published by local media that “the recent positions of the region are moving towards the right path with respect to respecting the constitution and abide by the decisions of the Federal Court.”

“A big gap has occurred between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil in the past period,” he said. “This gap needs a number of measures to rebuild confidence, especially since the attempt to separate the Kurds from Iraq and divide it was not easy.”

He added that “the most important procedures that should be resolved between Baghdad and Erbil in the coming period is to find a new mechanism for the export of oil from the fields located in the province and the completion of the deployment of federal forces in the remaining disputed areas and control of the border and management of security,” noting that ” Actions to create the climate for the start of political dialogue between the two governments. ”


US Defense Secretary Arrives in Kuwait and Calms Visiting Iraq


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(International: Al Furat News) The Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday the arrival of US Defense Secretary James Matisse and his delegation to the country as part of a regional tour.
A statement from the Kuwaiti defense said that he was received by the US Secretary of the Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Mohammed al-Khadr and US Ambassador to the country Lawrence Silverman and the Assistant Chief of Staff to the Operations and Plans of the General Brigadier General Mohammed al-Kandari. ”
Military sources likely visit Matisse to Iraq after his visit to Kuwait .is over

Directorate of Nationality sent an urgent request to the people of Kurdistan

Directorate of Nationality sends an urgent request to the people of Kurdistan
 Twilight News    
 11 minutes ago

“The General Directorate of Nationality in the Kurdistan Region, citizens to accelerate the issuance of the national card, to facilitate their transactions.
The Directorate said in a statement today that citizens can now issue national cards, which replace the ID card and Iraqi nationality certificate and information card, calling on citizens to speed up the issuance of the national card, because it contributes to expediting the completion of transactions, pointing out that in the future will be approved only In transactions.
The statement pointed out that the papers required for the issuance of the national card, are: the original copy of the certificate of Iraqi nationality, the original copy of the personal card, and the original copy of the card information.