The crowd bravely confronts the exposure of a large da’i on the Syrian border [expanded]


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(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The commander of the first brigade in the popular crowd, Mahdi Saleh, announced the details of the violent terrorist attack launched by terrorist gangs on the Iraqi-Syrian border on Friday evening.
“The forces of the 1st Brigade responded to this attack, in which the terrorists exploited the weather conditions and the temperatures to a large extent, where they were monitored and confronted with a process that lasted more than four hours, killing a number of them and injuring others,” Saleh was quoted as saying. The attacking force fled. ”
Saleh said that the attack consisted of seven cars carrying armed men, most of whom were taken out of these wheels carrying heavy weapons in order to break the defensive line of the border fence from Sinjar to the area of ​​Tel Safok, where the whole strip is spread by the fixed and observer, as well as mobile detachments.
Saleh pointed out that “the border is still not held well by the Syrian side,” noting that “the terrorists deployed mortars and targeted the forces stationed on the border fence several shells and exploited some low areas of the embankment to damage the wheels of the crowd passing by him “He said.
“The heroes of the first brigade succeeded in thwarting the terrorist attack, killing five men and destroying an armored wheel,” the statement said. “The situation is now under control.”
The criminal attack resulted in martyrdom. Two fighters of the heroes of the first brigade and wounding four others


Iraq appreciates the role of friendly countries in {achievement of victory}

16/12/2017 12:00 AM

Baghdad / Al-Sabah
The Iraqi Foreign Ministry appreciated the role of the international coalition and the friendly and neighboring countries of the region for their contribution to “achieving the historic victory over the oppressor” while calling on them to “contribute” to the reconstruction of liberated areas.
“On the occasion of the Declaration of the Great Victory Day, Iraq thanks the role of the International Alliance and sisterly, friendly and neighborly countries in particular who have stood a heroic position in supporting and supporting the Iraqi armed forces in all of them,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmad Mahjoub said in a press statement. In its fair war on gangs, which did not hesitate to provide air support, advisory, logistical and intelligence, which contributed to the achievement of this historic victory.
“Iraq appreciates the supportive stance of the United Nations and the Security Council, which, in partnership with the United States, Germany, Britain and the voting countries, has adopted important international resolutions to combat terrorism to limit the movement of its fighters and to limit its sources of funding, oil trade and smuggled effects such as Security Council resolutions 2170, 2177 and 2199, “He said.
The spokesman added that he “grateful to the organizations and organizations that have assessed and assessed the high and disciplined performance of our armed forces in all its formations, which fought honorably and bravely, and their humanitarian support for the file of our displaced children as a result of these military operations.” He said: “Do not forget the media performance and professional coverage, And Arab and international forces that accompanied our heroine on the fronts of fighting. ”
“We have fought on behalf of the whole world and have not failed in our position with us, and tomorrow Iraq is the bearer of the first brigade in fighting and defeating terrorism with the sacrifices of its honorable sons,” Mahjoub said.



Sileman: committed to support Iraqi forces after “urging”


US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Seelman

US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Seelman praised the sacrifices made by the Iraqi security forces, the Peshmerga and the advisers of the international coalition forces in the victory against the organization calling the terrorist.

Sileman expressed his admiration for the spirit of unity that produced this great victory against the forces of extremism and terrorism, stressing the continuation of his country and the international coalition to support the security forces and support steps to limit weapons to the state.

He called on the US ambassador to focus on combating the propaganda of Daish and his deviant idea, noting that Washington has closed many of the means used by terrorists to raise funds.

The US commitment to help displaced Iraqis to return to their homes and improve Iraq’s economy through foreign investment and trade, he said, welcomed Abadi’s crackdown on corruption.


US National Security Advisor: Strengthening the Kurdistan Region one of our most important goals

He pointed to Iran’s success in infiltrating and sabotaging Iraqi institutions …

US National Security Advisor: Strengthening the Kurdistan Region one of our most important goals

Herbert McMaster, US national security adviser, stressed that the administration of President Donald Trump attaches great importance to resolving the problems existing between the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Region, stressing that his country is committed to strengthening the Kurds and their experience in the Kurdistan Region.

“Solving the problems between the KRG and Iraq is a big priority for President Trump, Secretary of State Tillerson and the entire Trump team,” McMaster said in remarks at the annual Jamestown conference.

“Since 1991, with the OPC process we have worked to prevent further atrocities and brutality targeting Kurds in the Kurdistan Region,” McMaster said of the events in the Kurdistan region at the end of the last century and the American intervention in favor of Kurds during the launch of Operation OPC. , Recalling the actions and operations carried out by the United States and its allies between 1991 and 2003, until the overthrow of the regime of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

“And what happened after it? We saw the prosperity of the Kurdistan Region,” he said, adding that “it is hardly a miracle.” He described the beauty of cities in the Kurdistan region as Abil, Sulaymaniyah and Dohuk, “We have seen the return of the population to these areas and we have seen the vitality, despite the fragile situation and the weak economy,” he said.

“We are committed to the safety of Iraq and the territorial integrity of Kurdistan,” McMaster said. “We are committed to working with the Kurdish leadership and the Iraqi leadership and mediating between them with all our capabilities.”

The US national security adviser expressed his deep concern about Iran’s “hostility” and pointed out that Tehran “has achieved great success in infiltrating Iraqi institutions, its functions and organizations, and sabotaging it.” He said that Iran “wants a weak Iraq.”

“The others in the region, especially Iran, are trying to manipulate tensions between Erbil and Baghdad, even among the Kurds in their favor,” McMaster said. “There are regional interventions in the tension between Erbil and Baghdad, The Iranian Revolutionary Guards «managed to exploit the differences between the factions within the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party», and that the Kurdish leaders to be aware of their exposure to this Iranian role «heinous».

The US national security adviser Herbert McMaster on the continuation of US support for the Kurds and help resolve differences with Baghdad, and stressed that «strengthening the Kurdistan region as part of Iraq remains one of the most important goals of the United States of America».