In the presence of the Economic Council .. Launching the Forum for the reconstruction of Iraq in Turkey


From 2017-12-22 at 19:53 (Baghdad time)


Baghdad – Mawazine News

Today, the Business and Reconstruction Forum in Iraq has opened in the Turkish city of Gaziantep, in the presence of members of the Iraqi Economic Council.

“The work of the Business and Reconstruction Forum in Iraq in the Turkish city of Gaziantep started with the head of the Iraqi delegation consisting of the Minister of Electricity Qassem Al-Fahdawi, the head of the liberated areas, Mustafa Al-Hiti, the head of the Baghdad Provincial Council of Riyadh,” the council said in a statement received by Mawazine News. The head of the administrative and financial department of the Council of Ministers Qusay al-Abbadi and Vice-Chairman of the National Investment Commission Zia al-Ashayqar.

The statement added that “the delegation also included the adviser of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Walid Idi, Director General of the Iraqi Bank of Commerce Faisal Hymes, Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jassim Mohammed Ahmed, and the Iraqi Consul in Ghazi Muayad Omar Kuperly. The Iraqi Economic Council participated actively in the activities of the conference and meetings Bilateral. ”

The statement pointed out that “the delegation of the Economic Council included each member of the Board of Directors of the Iraqi Economic Council and Fika insured, Fawzi Al-Araji, Nawar Sobhi Hassan, Saif Adel Moussawi, as well as Mohammed Shaker Dulaimi, economic adviser to the Economic Council Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadan, financial adviser to the Council on Radhi Moheisen, and Karim Radhi Habib, Administrative and Financial Director of the Council Basil Al-Khafaji. ”

According to the statement, members of the Investment Development and Reconstruction Center Qais al-Wazzan, Taha Mohammed and Jer, Rashid al-Saadi, Walid Jaloub al-Masoudi, Hatem Abdul Karim Hamza, Mohammed Faisal al-Hazza and lawyers Sadiq al-Lami and Abdullah al-Saadi also attended.

The representative of the Chamber of Commerce Ali Brakaya, according to the statement, “the development of trade relations between the city of Gaziantep and Iraq through the volume of exports to Iraq.”

For his part, Minister of Electricity Qasim Al-Fahdawi, the desire of the Iraqi government to develop and strengthen the bonds of cooperation between the two countries, especially at this sensitive stage of the history of Iraq, especially after his victory over the forces of misguidance and darkness.

Mustafa Al-Hiti spoke about the “urgent need for Turkish companies to have extensive experience in the development of cities and the rehabilitation of infrastructure,” pointing out that “the need to be positive deal between the two parties with emphasis on the need to benefit from the partnership between the parties in the field of investment, including Achieve the employment of Iraqi manpower and the use of local raw materials and available energy sources. ”

The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Mohammad Shimshak, according to the statement, “a lengthy explanation to ensure scientific and economic research on the great development in Turkey and the possibility of the Turkish side to provide all the requirements for the reconstruction of Iraq.”


Claims of a bailout government in the province under the supervision of Baghdad

23/12/2017 12:00 am

Kurdish forces arrest about 700 citizens and change warns of the [revolution of hungry]
Baghdad / Sabah / Muhannad Abdul Wahab

As continued on Friday, popular demonstrations in the cities of Kurdistan to protest the situation of citizens because of the policies of the government of the region and parties in force there, warned the head of the Kurdistan Change bloc MP Sarwa Abdul Wahid of the hungry revolution will sweep the provinces of Kurdistan, especially after the withdrawal of most of the Asayish forces and the Kurdish Peshmerga from the parties of Diyala Kirkuk and Mosul into Sulaymaniyah and Arbil, and called for the Kurds to form a government of salvation in the region under the supervision of the federal government in Baghdad, at a time revealed by the coordination of demonstrations that Kurdish security forces arrested more than 700 citizens in Sulaymaniyah alone.

“The developments are worrying and dangerous in Kurdistan, and the economic situation is shaken because of the lack of resources and the non-payment of salaries of employees,” Abdul Wahid said at a press conference held at the Babel Babel Media Development Foundation yesterday evening. “The developments are worrying and dangerous in Kurdistan.” Demonstrations, sit-ins and protests were met with violence Even excessive against the media and activists ».
“Hundreds of people have been imprisoned and a number of them have been killed and repressive methods have been used, including threatening journalists and activists and arresting some of them,” she said.
She renewed her demand for the federal government to “intervene to find a way out of the crisis and protect the citizens in Sulaymaniyah, Arbil and Dohuk”, asserting that «her brother, the leader of the« new generation »Shaswar Abdul Wahid detained after being kidnapped from Sulaymaniyah airport a few days ago and is still on hunger strike and his condition is increasing Worse ».



Alaq discusses with the World Bank the executive procedures to facilitate the investment process

23/12/2017 12:00 am

Called for the expansion of the business in preparation for entry to the global market
Baghdad / morning
discuss the Secretary – General of the Council of Ministers, Mahdi Keywords, with the World Bank team led by the Executive Director of the World Bank, Mirza Hussain, prepared the paper by the Bank to be presented in the reconstruction of Iraq in Kuwait conference, while Called on the private sector to find partnerships or coalitions to expand the business in preparation for entry into the global market. Al-Aalak stressed that “the parallel line for the reconstruction of the affected areas and the opening of the investment door represents a new approach, and Iraq insists on achieving it,” noting that “a major challenge, but a series of treatments for the problems of disruption of investment in Iraq.”
“Iraq is continuing to open the door to foreign investors and give them high degrees of credibility,” he added, thanking the team for its efforts in making a paper on the problems facing Iraq as part of the opening of investment for many sectors and projects in the next phase.
For his part, stressed the team of the World Bank on “the need to develop new tools for the investor, and show flexibility by the Iraqi government, and facilitate the process of preparing investment papers for those interested.”
In the meantime, the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers called on the private sector to find partnerships or coalitions to expand the business in preparation for entry into the global market within the future vision of the government in the transformation of the private sector.
The meeting was held at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in the presence of the Chairman of the National Investment Authority and the representatives of the Ministries of Finance, Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities and the World Bank, as well as representatives of the private sector of Iraqi businessmen and investors to cooperate in developing a package of government procedures addressing the challenges facing the work. The private sector and affect the movement of the economy in Iraq and the possibility of making recommendations that contribute to the removal of all obstacles on the part of the reform of legislation on the other.

Integrity returns about two billion dinars by pursuing convicted fugitives


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revealed the integrity of the ability to recover the amount of more than 1.4 billion dinars and 220 thousand US dollars, a number of convicts sentenced in absentia, indicating that the procedures of prosecution taken by the result of the introduction of those amounts income to the Treasury General.
“It has pursued the funds of fugitive convicts whose criminal acts have caused damage to public funds by tracking their money inside and outside Iraq by conducting financial investigations to identify stocks, stocks, deposits, accounts and transfers carried out inside and outside Iraq,” the recovery department said.
The Department added that it has taken legal action to mark the seizure of movable and immovable property of fugitive fugitives, in addition to following up with the affected party to obtain a ruling to determine the amount to be recovered, as well as coordination with the Arab and International Police Directorate to ascertain the whereabouts of convicted fugitives, Right.
And confirmed that the prosecution proceedings resulted in the recovery of the amount of more than one billion and 499 million dinars and 220 thousand dollars from nine convicted convicted in absentia, after they paid the amounts owed to their respective departments and entered revenue in the treasury of the state, ”
She explained that” the affected parties that have been retrieval amounts to it, are all of the ministries of education, defense, oil and higher education, as well as the trade Bank of Iraq and the Iraqi Red Crescent Society]. ”
The board of integrity has announced enabling it to recover and prevent waste and off more than three trillion and a half saw the exchange Lyon dinars during the year 2016 the first of the year 2017 and half.


International Coalition: US forces in Iraq maintain victory

22 December, 2017

A spokesman for the international coalition, Ryan Dillon, revealed the tasks of US forces in Iraq after calling the terrorist.

Dillon said the future missions required by US forces in Iraq are limited to long-term stabilization operations and maintaining successes and successes against the terrorist organization, indicating that the purpose of the presence of US troops is to ensure that no other terrorism in Iraq and maintain achievements.

The newspaper Asharq al-Awsat, quoted an Iraqi source confirmed the presence of US forces in a number of areas such as the base of Al-Assad in Anbar and Qayara district south of Mosul and Balad district Salahaddin province as well as in Erbil.


Kurdistan cabinet votes on draft law regulating salaries of employees and retirees

Political From 2017-12-21 at 19:54 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region, on Thursday, the draft law regulating the salaries of employees and retirees, while discussing with the team of experts of the International Monetary Fund ensure the share of the province of the federal budget for 2018 according to the Iraqi constitution.

“The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region discussed during the meeting today draft draft law reform and the organization of public service and retirement and salaries and allowances, grants and privileges in the Kurdistan region,” noting that “the Council approved the draft and turned it into a parliament Territory to vote “.

The statement added that “the Council discussed with the team of experts of the International Monetary Fund to ensure the share of the Kurdistan region of the federal budget for the year 2018 according to the Iraqi constitution,” pointing out “to postpone several proposals on the organization of salaries of Asayish forces and Peshmerga, will not affect their living conditions.

Deputy: The expected dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil will be under the auspices of the United Nations

– 12/22/2017 AM . 11:13:00 a.m.

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Khandan –

“The dialogue that will take place early next year between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government will be sponsored by a third party,” said Majid Shankali, a member of the Iraqi parliament.

“President Fuad Masum is exerting great efforts to find a way out of the current crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, especially after the Kurdistan government announced its respect for the Iraqi constitution and work under it to build a federal Iraq,” Shankali told the Middle East newspaper.

Shankali stressed that “the dialogue between the two parties will begin at the beginning of next year and under the auspices of an international representative of the United Nations, in view of the lack of trust between the two parties, which are already almost nonexistent among all political parties,” pointing out that “the urgent need for a binding dialogue To the parties and under the auspices of a third party in order to confirm all things clearly and explicitly so as not to repeat the crises in the future, especially since the parties have already signed more than one agreement, but was not committed to it.

“Prime Minister Haider Abadi, despite his obvious intransigence, is under international pressure, especially from the United States, as well as Germany and France, so the ball is now in his home if he wants to be prime minister of all of Iraq,” he said.

In response to a question about what is required of Abadi, Shankali said that “what is required is to pay the salaries of the province so as not to exacerbate the problems in the region and extends to other areas, allowing terrorism again incursion in some areas and the exercise of criminal functions.”

“This is just an argument because there has not yet been an audit,” said Shankali. “No delegations came from Baghdad to Erbil to direct the audit process. No delegations went from Erbil. To Baghdad for this purpose, knowing that we are all against (the aliens), and we hope to hand over salaries to the beneficiaries but we want practical measures on the ground. ”