.: About 98% of ISIS’ former caliphate has been taken away & 50% of all territorial losses against ISIS have come in last 11 months. 7.7 million people that used to live under ISIS no longer live under ISIS & 5 million of those people were liberated in past year.


Deputy: The Presidency of Parliament to return the budget to the government a major constitutional violation


Date of release:: 2017/12/23 16:00 • 146 times scheduled
Member of the Finance Committee of Parliament MP Jabbar al-Abbadi, the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, submitted the draft general budget law for the year 2018 to the government while the Council enjoyed its legislative holidays as a violation of constitutional and legal great.
“The Presidency of the Council of Representatives referred the draft budget law to the government, although the Council did not vote for it and while the Council enjoyed its legislative break, it represents a great constitutional and legal violation,” MP Jabbar al-Abbadi said in a press statement.
He added: “I am surprised how the presidency of the Council can deal with the most important law in this way, and how it can confiscate the opinion of the House of Representatives, that it exceeded the powers granted to it, there is first a mechanism to return the bills, and second law of the general budget can not be returned because Article 62 of the Constitution limited the validity The Council by its approval only, or amendments to it in accordance with the powers granted.
Abadi said, “Article 52 stipulates that the Council of Ministers submit the draft budget law and the final account to the House of Representatives for approval.”
“The delay in approving this law for personal and electoral interests in some people is causing great damage to the state and the citizen. After the presidency of the council refused to allow the Finance Committee to read the draft law first reading at the special session, we are surprised today to bring it back to the government.”
Abadi concluded, “Therefore, the presidency of the Council is required to include the draft budget law on the agenda of the closest session of the House of Representatives.”

The Iraqi government community announces an official holiday in the footsteps of Kurdistan

The Iraqi government announces an official holiday in the footsteps of Kurdistan
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 16 minutes ago

Shafaq News / The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced the disruption of the official time in the departments, ministries and government institutions for Sunday and Monday on the occasion of the birth of Christ.

The Secretariat, in a statement today, congratulated the Prime Minister Haider Abadi on this occasion.

Earlier in the day, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced the suspension of official working hours on Sunday and Monday.

Jumaili announces postponement visit of the Iraqi economic delegation to Saudi Arabia to another notice

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The Minister of Planning and Trade, Salman Jumaili, Saturday, postponed the visit of the Iraqi economic delegation to Saudi Arabia to another notice, while he will set a new date for the visit in light of the timing specified within the diplomatic framework.

“The Minister of Commerce, Salman Jumaili, announced the postponement of his visit at the head of the Iraqi economic delegation to Saudi Arabia to another notice,” a trade ministry statement said. “The reason for postponing the visit is the commitments of members of the delegation, Minister in another duty, and an official visit. ”

The statement said that “the ministry will set a new date for the visit in light of the timing specified within the diplomatic frameworks between the two countries.”

“The delegation, which was supposed to visit Saudi Arabia, includes a number of ministries and Iraqi bodies related to the economy and development of relations with Saudi Arabia, in addition to important economic organizations, such as the Economic Council and economic organizations, whether in the private sector or government.

He explained that “the purpose of the visit is to hold talks to prepare a joint working paper between the two countries aimed at developing economic relations and strengthening the steps of the two countries in the economic field to build a relationship based on economic cooperation.”

He pointed out that “the visit comes within the plan of action of the Saudi and Iraqi economic council, which emerged after the visit of the Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, to Riyadh and talks King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdul Aziz.”

The Prime Minister, Haidar al-Abadi, arrived in the Saudi capital Riyadh on Saturday (October 21, 2017), heading a high delegation to participate in the official launch of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordinating Council.


Joint: The border with Syria under the control of the border forces and the deployment of the crowd

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[Baghdad – where] the Joint Operations Command denied the deployment of popular mobilization forces at the Syrian border.

“Some media outlets have issued an alleged statement about the redeployment of the popular mobilization forces at the Syrian border,” the statement said.

“The Iraqi-Syrian border is under Iraqi control and the border forces and the Iraqi army are protected and there has been no attack from within the Syrian border,” the Joint Operations Command said.

She pointed out that “the border section in the north of the Euphrates River from the Syrian side under controlled control and get bursts from time to time and that our forces respond strongly to any source of fire,” majestic to everyone “to be careful in dealing with any statement on military positions.”


announces an official holiday mid – week

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2 hours ago

Twilight News / The Kurdistan Regional Government announced the disruption of official work on Sunday and Monday of this week in all departments ministries on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The spokesman of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Sufyan Dzei, in a statement on Saturday Christians in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the world on this occasion, announcing the disruption of official time for Sunday and Monday.

He added that on Tuesday 26/12/2017 official time.



Disclosure of the details of the next five-year plan for the coming years in Iraq


Saturday 23 December 2017 12:30 pm

BAGHDAD – The economic expert, Wafaa Al-Mahdawi, unveiled on Saturday the details of the five-year development plan for Iraq starting from 2018 to 2023, and announced that this plan will be different from the previous one.

“We are now heading to a new development plan that will be drafted in the first month of 2018, and it is about to be completed. This new plan has a proposal that may carry the slogan of” laying down the application of the active development of social responsibility in Iraq, “Mahdawi said. The transformation of the role of the state to be a partnership with the private sector and call for the contribution of the private sector by a percentage may exceed slightly 40% of the total investment plan for the next five years.

“Infrastructure activities are the leading sector in this plan so that investments will be mobilized and directed to these activities so as to improve the productive sectors of agriculture and industry, sectorally and spatially and thus gradually shift through this stage under the constraints of public debt and low oil prices, we will strive to improve Existing Asset Management Policy The philosophy of the development model of 2018 and 2023 has taken into consideration all the determinants that may limit the possibility of adopting investments and expanding new investments. ”

“The sectors of agriculture, industry, housing, oil and gas are included in this plan. They are based on four main axes: Emphasizing the restoration of stability and development, reconstruction of areas liberated from terrorist organizations, and the private sector partnership. “The plan emphasizes the governance of institutions, as well as the poverty issues. The first national strategy for Iraq will be launched in the first month on poverty.” Poverty rates have widened and the poverty base among the displaced N by up to 40 percent, “.anthy 3