Ambassador: Iraq is ready to offer its security expertise to Egypt and the countries of the region

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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Iraqi Ambassador to Cairo, Habib al-Sadr, affirmed Iraq’s readiness to provide its expertise and security potential generously to Egypt and the countries of the region.
“Iraq is interested in developing relations with Egypt in the fight against terrorism by exchanging information, enhancing intelligence efforts, training and arming, because Iraq and Egypt are converging in the challenges,” Sadr said in a statement. And military. ”
“We believe that Egypt and Iraq to achieve this constructive cooperation will reflect positively on the regional security system,” he said, adding that “Iraq has long experience in the fight against terrorism, expertise, information and security capabilities and can be generously provided to Egypt and all countries of the region.”
He recalled that “Iraq is saddened by the occurrence of any terrorist operation in Egypt because Egypt is for us the largest Arab brother and we look at the strength of Egypt and its security stability is one of the factors important for the stability of the region.”
He stressed that “the war of terrorist groups on countries and societies has no limits, they are hostile to humans and nationalities, and it is necessary to fight the Takfiri ideology by providing intellectual equivalence based on spreading the culture of moderation, love, peace, respect for human rights and women’s rights.”

These are the four conditions of Abadi to negotiate with Kurdistan

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These are the four conditions of Abadi to negotiate with Kurdistan

Baghdad / Sky Press

The deputy of the National Alliance Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, the arrival of a Kurdish negotiating delegation to Baghdad in the coming days, as revealed the conditions of the federal government to meet with the delegation.
“The federal government has set four conditions to meet with any negotiating delegation coming from the region to meet with the devout,” Bayati, a close associate of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said.
He explained that “the first condition is the approval of the Kurdistan government that the results of the referendum is invalid and that the region will not resort to secession again,” noting that “the second condition is to allow the federal government to resolve some issues and federal issues within Kurdistan such as border crossings, airports and oil file, Federal Finance “.
The deputy of the National Alliance, that “there are still in the implementers of Ibrahim al-Khalil and Fayshkabur many problems, as well as the existence of disputed areas, has not withdrawn Peshmerga until today.”
“The third condition is the return of the parliamentarians of Kurdistan and the ministers to their work to resolve the outstanding problems with Baghdad,” adding that “the fourth condition is that the members of the delegation from all the Kurdish political blocs, and not exclusive to the leadership of the Kurdistan Democratic Party “He said.
On Monday (November 20, 2017), the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) called on the international community to intervene to urge the federal government in Baghdad to end its “collective punishment against the people and the territorial government” without any conditions, Iraq and its responsibilities under international law.
On Monday (November 20, 2017), the Federal Supreme Court announced that it had ruled unconstitutionally the referendum on the secession of the Kurdistan region, which took place on the 25th of last September, and the cancellation of all results and the consequences thereof.
On 16 October, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi directed the security forces to extend security in the disputed areas between Arbil and Baghdad in a process he called “law enforcement” which ended with the return of the Kurds to the pre-2003 borders.

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International coalition denies news of the detention of US forces to Baghdadi

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Khandan –

The Washington-based international coalition denied reports that US forces detained the leader of the terrorist group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and transferred him to a base in Syria.

The news agency “RIA Novosti” Russian spokesman for the International Alliance as saying that the media reports that the detention of al-Baghdadi “unfortunately poor,” adding that the coalition has no information about the whereabouts of al-Baghdadi.

“If the coalition knew where al-Baghdadi was, the latter would have been dead or in detention pending a war crimes verdict for which he would be held responsible, but the coalition would have officially announced it anyway,” the spokesman told the agency.

It should be noted that the Turkish newspaper “Yeni Shafak” reported yesterday, quoting “Syrian sources”, the detention of al-Baghdadi in Iraq and transferred to a US base in the province of Hasaka, Syria.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday that Moscow could not comment on the reports because it did not know the sources on which the Turkish newspaper relied.


America is vetoing the Arab project on Jerusalem


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used the United States, on Monday, the right of veto [veto] against the Arab draft resolution , which put on the Security Council on Jerusalem.
US envoy to the United Nations Nicky Healy said the draft resolution “hinders peace,” adding that Washington “is committed to a lasting peace based on a two-state solution.”
For his part, British Ambassador to the United Nations, Matthew Raikroft, said that East Jerusalem will remain a part of the Palestinian territories, pointing out that London will not transfer the British embassy to Jerusalem.
The British delegate stressed that “the status of Jerusalem must be determined by direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.”
France’s representative to the United Nations, François de Lutter, expressed his country’s regret over the veto, pointing out that President Trump’s decisions will not change the common ground on which peace efforts should be based.
The United Nations Special Coordinator for the peace process said during the meeting that “unilateral steps could threaten the two-state solution,” calling on Israel to stop its illegal settlement activities.
“Israeli forces have killed 22 Palestinians in recent months,” Mladenov said, adding that “the increase in violence since Trump announced his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”
The Special Coordinator stressed that “peace is still based on a two-state solution” and that “the status of Jerusalem must be among the issues of a final solution.”
“All unilateral steps will escalate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” the Russian envoy said.
All 14 members of the Council agreed to the Egyptian draft resolution, considering the Trump decision on Jerusalem to be illegal, contrary to international law and international legitimacy and impeding peace and stability in the region.
The Palestinian presidency denounced today the American veto against the Egyptian draft resolution on Jerusalem, stressing that this is a mockery of the international community.


Work: 1 million households covered by the annual statement form early next year

19/12/2017 12:00 AM

50 schools and 9 health centers second chest to start conditional aid program
BAGHDAD / Batool al – Hassani
launches the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs early next year 2018 campaign to fill the annual statement of more than one million families form, while identified 50 schools and nine health centers in the second chest spend for the application of cash subsidy program Conditional.
Spokesman for the Ministry, Ammar Menem, said in an exclusive interview with Al-Sabah: “The ministry is preparing to launch a campaign to fill the annual statement between more than one million families benefiting from the salaries of the protection network. He stressed that it has the flexibility to make any update or change to the families that are covered by the subsidy, stressing the contribution of the form to provide data to establish a solid basis for the conditional cash aid program, which will be implemented in cooperation with the World Bank in the district of Sadr II.
He added that the ministry took a sample of more than 1,300 families to be included in the conditional subsidy program, revealing 50 schools and 9 health centers within the geographical area of ​​the judiciary. An electronic system will be implemented to monitor the family for the first time in the country, noting that the ministry contracted with Microsoft to set up the program Which includes the details of the families covered by the follow-up of students and students and the extent of commitment of their parents to complete their studies and not to register any cases of leakage by them, as well as the extent of response of those covered by the health programs agreed, Subsidies conditional cash.
Menem said that a team from the Ministry of Labor and the World Bank, in addition to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), organized a field visit to the province of Najaf in order to include in the conditional cash benefits trial program. Satisfactory to citizens and implementing agencies and support the program.
He pointed out that the World Bank will make further visits to the holy governorates of Karbala and Babylon in order to hold workshops on the conditional cash transfer program which is being implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor to target beneficiary families to ensure their commitment to education and health services. 11 of 2014, with the aim of addressing any imbalance or adding some paragraphs that would contribute to improving the social protection file and targeting poor families.

The Ministry of Finance begins with payment for the year 2018

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[Ayn-Baghdad] The
Ministry of Finance, ministries and departments not affiliated with the Ministry and the provinces and their councils authorized all the powers of exchange during the month of January 2018 by [12/1].
This guidance comes to the delay of the House of Representatives in the adoption of the state budget for the year 2018, especially in the lists of parliamentary committees concerned to discuss.
The Ministry of Finance announced that the disbursement will be from the actual expenditures for 2017 or the preliminary estimates included in the budget bill 2017-2018, whichever is less related to salaries, allowances, wages, salaries, pensions, debt services and current expenditures for the purpose of payment of security obligations and expenditures, except for ongoing investment projects.
The Financial Management Act of 2004 gave the government the authority to exchange [12/1] for the previous budget for each month, ie, the Financial Management Law if the budget law is not approved or delayed, the previous budget is approved.
“If the previous budget, for example, is $ 120 million, the law allows the government to divide the budget by 12,” he said.
He stressed the war that “the government may not spend more than the proportion resulting from the division of 12/1,” stressing that “the work of the Financial Management Act is carried out until the adoption of the budget, and thus spend on light.”
Parliamentary sources and political parties revealed the government’s intention to work in the 2018 budget, without its approval by the House of Representatives, as happened in 2014.


electronic card for employees of Kurdistan to store salaries and savings

Twilight News

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Twilight News / According to a draft resolution in the Parliament of Kurdistan will be issued an electronic salary card for employees to be stored salaries and their amounts saved.

According to the second article of the project, the work of this card (e-card) for employees will ensure the return of all loans, taxes and government drawings of citizens.

The project also included the need for the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region to work Article 64 for the year 2016 immediately and cancel the saving of salaries.