Iraq .. the mark of victory complete on several fronts in 2017

Ended the existence of «Da’ash» in its territory .. and maintained its unity by dropping the result of the Kurdish referendum and the restoration of Kirkuk
Published: 31/12/2017
In 2017, the Iraqi government, headed by Haider al-Abadi, achieved several successes, most notably the expulsion of the “Da’ash” organization from all Iraqi territory, which it occupied after its occupation of the city of Mosul in June 2014. The government also succeeded in thwarting the Kurdistan Regional referendum, And succeeded in restoring the province of Kirkuk, and some cities, districts and districts of the control of the region, in addition to that was successful in the return of Iraq to the embrace of the Arab again.
On the security side, the Iraqi forces succeeded in thwarting many of the suicide attacks and “invasions” carried out by the «Da’ash» organization in many cities and governorates of Iraq, especially in the cities of Samarra, Salah al-Din and Anbar. The Iraqi forces succeeded in securing border crossings with each From Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia, some of which were under the control of the terrorist organization. Iraqi forces succeeded in restoring the city of Mosul to its left and right sides after a long battle that lasted for eight months, destroying many neighborhoods, areas, markets and houses, as well as the displacement of two million people to other governorates and the Kurdistan region. In the battle of Mosul, which was the first and most important stronghold of his “pseudo” with a very large break in the elements of the organization, as well as differences between the leaders, sometimes led to the liquidation of some of them by the other, as well as restored the district of Tal Afar, After check out As well, the province of Hawija, which is located southwest of Kirkuk, was also released very quickly because of the collapse of elements of the organization and their flight with civilians.
After the success of the liberation operations in Mosul, Tal Afar and Hawija, and then the end of the battle against the Kurdish forces in Kirkuk and other areas, Iraqi forces went to the west of Anbar province to succeed in recovering the cities of Rawa, Aana and Al Qaim.
On December 9, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abbadi announced the final victory over the organization of «Da’ash» terrorist:

“Your land has been completely liberated and your cities and villages have been returned to the homeland, and the dream of liberation has become a reality and a king of the hand,” he said in an official address to the Iraqi people. War against the corrupt
And this matter needs to discuss the future of Iraq; through its leading leaders who should benefit from the experience of the past years, and this research can not be done without accounting for corrupt and spoilers and robbers and losers, who work for the benefit of foreign agendas, and Abadi expressed his determination to wage a very large war against Corrupt and corrupt. But there are many questions about the extent of Abadi’s ability to succeed in his war against the corrupt, which he described as more difficult than the war on the organization of “urging” on more than once: these answers will be clear through the actions of Abadi expected against them.

Decreased sectarian voices

The success achieved by the security forces in the expulsion of the organization «Dahesh» of the Iraqi territory in 2017, in addition to the soft policy, followed by Abbadi in all his steps to the decrease of sectarian voices, which was exploiting any event to raise its voice for the purpose of the division between the Iraqi people one . The sectarian voice no longer resonates with the majority of Iraqis, and this pleased the people of Mesopotamia, who were upset by those voices, which were one of the main reasons that led to the deterioration of Iraq in various fields. The voices of sectarianism found that their voice is no longer intolerable by the general Iraqi people; therefore, they tried to change their voice or change their tone by following the national discourse and claiming to fight administrative and financial corruption, although the majority of these voices are involved in very large corruption files. Iraqis who have begun looking for new and clean voices may help rid them of sectarian stalemate. Observers predict that the sectarian discourse in Iraq will be resolved in the coming months, even though it represents the popular goods of some political politicians who have gone bankrupt. Find a market Acceptable to the Iraqi people. If those expectations are correct, Iraq’s future will be better without these sectarian voices.

Return of IDPs

One of the positive things witnessed in 2007 in Iraq is the return of hundreds of thousands to their homes in the governorates of Diyala, Salah al-Din, Nineveh, Anbar and Kirkuk. However, this return did not lead to the closure of this large file. Some families are still displaced in other governorates; And this is a very sensitive issue, and it needs great wisdom to be resolved, because its neglect may lead to sectarian, political and tribal conflicts in some areas.
On the other hand, the file of the reconstruction of cities liberated from the control of the «Daqash», which has been the destruction of a very large did not start so far, and the Iraqi government is waiting for the assistance of the international community in this file; because it does not have the potential for the ages of these cities; As a result of the war or devastation, carried out by the terrorist organization against all those who were not supported by the inhabitants of those cities during its control.

Evolution of the political track

The year 2017 witnessed a major development in the political process of the political process or in Iraq’s relations with the countries of the world. Some of the European heads of state and some heads of European governments visited Iraq, including the British Prime Minister Teresa Mae, ; When Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir visited Baghdad and met with Iraqi officials, while Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abbadi visited Saudi Arabia twice this year. The establishment of the Coordinating Council between Iraq and Saudi Arabia was signed there, To Iraq. Abadi also visited the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, France and the United States of America. All these visits aimed to restore Iraq to its normal position as an important and influential country in the events taking place in the region.

Demonstrations demanding the change of the Electoral Commission

Also witnessed the year 2017, a lot of demonstrations, carried out by the supporters of the Sadrist movement, as well as the civil trend, which called for the change of the former Electoral Commission, and the selection of another commission instead, and it was already; but after long delays between the political blocs, Others demand the need to fight corruption and corrupt.

The greatest risk

Despite the fact that Iraq is getting rid of the most important files, which is the elimination of the organization «Daqsh», but this does not give much security to the Iraqis, if not eliminate all manifestations of armed in the country and arms only by the state, and this was confirmed by the government of Abadi; All resolve to disarm all weapons outside the control of the State; but there is fear of the refusal of some armed factions to comply with the call of the government, and hand over its weapons to the Iraqi state.
If weapons remain in the hands of some armed factions, this weapon may become a tool to suppress the freedom of Iraqis, especially since next year will witness the holding of local and parliamentary elections at the same time. If the Abadi government succeeds in disarming all non-state actors, Iraq will go beyond one of the most dangerous files.

The death of Talabani

The most prominent events in the year 2017 is the death of former Iraqi President Jalal Talabani in Germany after long suffering with the disease. His funeral procession in the city of Sulaymaniyah caused a crisis between Baghdad and Erbil after the flag of the region was placed on his body instead of the Iraqi flag.

Kurdistan referendum .. Enter the region in distress

The referendum, which President of the Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani insisted on on 25 September this year, can be considered the second most important event in Iraq in 2017; because this referendum paved the way for the re-establishment of national unity of Iraq and give the Iraqi federal government the opportunity; To correct the course of the political process as a whole as well as correct how to deal with the Kurdistan region and return to the obedience of the government, having been unique in many of the issues and tasks that were not approved by the Constitution, the most important: the process of oil export, and control of border crossings, in addition to his control of airports Erbil And Sulaymaniyah.

Correct path

The failure of the Kurdistan region to achieve the dream of secession from the unified Iraq, has led to correct the course of the political process in Iraq as a whole; because this failure has placed all those who wish to tear the unity of Iraq in front of the status quo, that this country can not be divided under the current Constitution in force; The Federal Court issued a decisive and binding decision for all on the referendum on secession, in which it affirmed that there is no constitutional provision to allow any component or part of Iraq to separate from a unified Iraq. This decision made all those seeking to form small states of united Iraq very shocked; Those failed The constitution makes it a condition that any constitutional amendment if rejected by two-thirds of the population of three Iraqi provinces will be considered without value. Constitutional, and these three provinces exist at all major components of Iraq.

Iraq is returning to the Arabs and is looking to get rid of Iranian hegemony

The events of 2017 witnessed a great approach from Iraq to its Arab brothers, after a long break that began from the former Iraqi regime occupying Kuwait in 1990 and then subjected to occupation and then passing through the stability phase. So that there is no longer a speech directed by some Iraqi political figures and parties against some Arab countries. On the other hand, the Arab countries also began to feel that their departure from Iraq was incorrect, and led to the spread of Iranian influence in many of its joints.
The year 2017 witnessed more than one senior Arab official visiting Iraq and urging his government to be supportive of the Arab orientations. One of the most important Arab officials who visited Baghdad was the secretary-general of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit, who stressed on more than one occasion the need to preserve Iraq’s territorial integrity and people. , And expressed the Arab League’s strong rejection of the referendum in the Kurdistan region and his attempts to secede from Iraq. The same year also witnessed a great breakthrough in relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Mutual trust between the two countries has been restored. There are many projects and steps to be taken by the two countries in the new year.
Therefore, in the new year, Iraq must increase its rapprochement with its Arab brothers and in all fields. The Arabs should also welcome the proximity of Iraq to them and embrace it again after it became clear to all. The loss of the Arabs to Iraq was a loss for them, To his Arab brethren made him subjected to all the great tremors that almost destroyed him and his unity, and torn him into small and rival states with each other.

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‏Iranian government cuts Internet networks because of protests


Iranian government cuts Internet networks because of protests


 Twilight News    


37 minutes ago

The Iranian authorities on Saturday evening cut Internet services for users of the capital Tehran, and most of the provinces are experiencing protests against the regime.

Four Iranian demonstrators were killed earlier in the day, while several others were wounded by the Revolutionary Guards, who attacked a night demonstration in the town of Droud, in the province of Lurstan, which saw thousands of demonstrators leaving in parallel with the continued demonstrations of Iranians in other cities and provinces at night.

The dead include: Mohammed Chubak, Mohsen Wirachi, Mohsen Rashno and Hamza Cheni. One of the dead men received a bullet directly in his heart.

A number of wounded, in the market of Abdul Hamid Khazal, in the city of Ahwaz, during an attack by security forces on Saturday evening, the young protestors.

The Iranian site of the Iran-based Beek Iran, pages through social networking sites and the application of Telgram, published a clip showing young people shouting “Death to Khamenei” carrying the dead and wounded who were shot dead by the Revolutionary Guard and its Basij militia.

Pictures of the demonstrators’ attack on a building in the town of Droud were also spread and set on fire, in response to the killing of several protesters and the wounding of several of them.

Despite the government’s violent repression, popular demonstrations continued in the cities of Tehran, Isfahan, Najafabad, Yasug, Ahwaz, Khalaf, Arumiya, Bandar Abbas, Jawhar Dasht, Mashhad, Ziljan, Arak, Jorjan and other cities and towns.

The demonstrators continue to shout slogans against the symbols of the regime and its leader, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, demanding their departure, as well as removing the Revolutionary Guards from Syria and the countries of the region and paying attention to the poverty of the Iranians and their deteriorating living conditions instead of spending their wealth on supporting terrorism and futile wars.

The demonstrators ripped pictures of Khamenei on Azadi Street, in the center of the capital Tehran, amid the chants of “Death to the dictator” and “Independence, freedom and the Iranian republic.”

They also chanted “Death to the dictator” and “No to Gaza or Lebanon, the spirit of the redemption of Iran” and “Get out of Syria and think about our situation” amid clashes with security and police elements

Kurdish official: Closing the border between Kurdistan and Iran caused a loss of 2.5 billion dollars


Baghdad / SNG

Revealed a member of the provincial parliament Hidden Said that the closure of the border with Iran caused a loss of 2.5 billion dollars.

“The closure of Iran’s borders with a region,” Hishmat was quoted as saying by the Financial Tribune website Iraqi Kurdistan suffered losses of 2.5 billion dollars, “noting that” the border closure cost Iran a lot. “

For his part, the head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mines and Agriculture in Kermanshah Kivan Kashfi called on the officials concerned to “take measures and reopen the closed border crossings as soon as possible as the closure led to the loss of about 3,000 jobs.”
He added that “exports and transit through the border crossing with Kurdistan up to 3 billion dollars a year,” adding that “the closure will negatively affect the country’s exports in general.”

After the Kurdistan region held a referendum on secession in September, Iran closed its borders at the request of the Iraqi government.

He was a local official in Haj Omran district of Kurdistan Iraq said last week that no official decision had been made to reopen the Haj Omran border checkpoint, although the Iranian authorities had previously announced that the gate would be reopened soon.


Barzani deprives the Kurds of celebrating the New Year


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Updated 30/12/2017 12:48 pm

(Watan News) – Baghdad


The deputy of the Change bloc Tafka Ahmed, on Saturday, that the President of the illegal region Massoud Barzani caused the Kurdish people to celebrate the New Year.


“The streets of Kurdistan are completely devoid of joy and Christmas trees that adorn their streets every year,” Ahmed said in an interview with Watan News. “The reasons for the repression and killings by the ruling regime and the dictatorship in the region.”


“The streets are still full of demonstrators demanding the change of the ruling power in the region and the disbursement of their salaries,” she said, referring to “the movement of demonstrations to sit in houses and strike in the official circles.”


The Kurdistan region witnessed several days of demonstrations demanding the payment of their salaries in addition to changing the ruling power. Finished

First Lady of Iraq Society sent a message on the occasion of the new Gregorian year

 The first lady of Iraq sent a message on the occasion of the new Gregorian year
 Twilight News    
 43 minutes ago

The first woman of Iraq, Ronak Mustafa, on Saturday sent a congratulatory message on the occasion of New Year’s Day to the women of Iraq and the world, declaring that the women of Iraq have played a heroic role in order to achieve the victory over terrorism.

The message of the wife of the President of the Republic, Ms. Ronak Mustafa, on the occasion of the new year of the new year that she congratulates the women of Iraq and the world in general, praising the role of women of Iraq in achieving the complete victory and the achievement of terrorism and their participation in the process of social and political development and prosperity.

She expressed her hope that the new year will be full of happiness, happiness and peace for them and their families, pointing out that they proved that their ability to lead in all areas ..

She also hoped that the new year will be the year of building, stability, prosperity and more glory for the women of Iraq and the world that the displaced families return to their areas and homes in peace and prosperity.


Barzani loses everything


Mohammed Kazem Khudair
Barzani’s policies have dragged the region into the marshes after it has chosen the path of displacement and loss, to fall into the trap of Israel and turn the region into a prey shared by the wolves of Saudi, Turkish and Israeli expansion projects.
According to specialized reports following the behavior of the Barzani regime, especially the post-boycott period, the Kurdish government has lost control of decision-making, especially in relation to the current crisis, and that the real leadership that controls, supervises and spies the Kurdish people is no longer as Kurdish as it is Barzani, the Peshmerga, is specialized in suppressing the demonstrations and instigating any revolution that may erupt at any time. Even the Kurdish Media Department, which relies heavily on the internationalization of the crisis and attempts to elicit the emotions of the people and the positions of some Western institutions and institutions, is no longer Kurdish. Kurdish and the Rduw channel and published by unfounded reports and news to distort the image of the federal state’s position on the boycott is a translation into Arabic of reports and news published in the European media in English. Barzani, like Saudi Arabia and the Hadi Group, became a tool of evil, which means that the North was dragged into the quagmire of isolation and the axis of hostility to the Iraqi people and to the Kurds by the calculations of the wrong Barzani regime and engaged in destructive projects that revealed the real face of Mas’ud and what was hidden from relations and ties with the enemies of the Ummah The Zionist entity, and after the removal of the mask for the face of Barzani behavior and the disclosure of all intentions Barzani Barzani is a partner to Tel Aviv in all conspiracies and plans hostile in Iraq.
The involvement of Massoud Barzani in the conspiracies against Iraq has deprived him of confidence, and made it the subject of criticism and hatred of the Iraqi people, especially Kurdish, and the lack of interest shown by the Barzani regime feelings and humanity of the Kurds will make him pay dearly, and his belief that the Barzani regime and terrorist groups will make him above the will of the people and stronger than the federal government The will of the Kurdish people will win with the support of the Iraqi people and the Iraqi government, and will not be the end of the path of the Barzani regime except Fall or projection.
What is overlooked and overlooked by the Barzani regime is that the State of Iraq is one of the most powerful countries in terms of its defeat to Daish, and the power of the state derives from the strength of its people. Iraq is keen on the Kurdish people and does not want the Kurds to become the prey of Barzani, the Zionists and the terrorist groups. And the wisdom that still controls the direction of Barzani, as the goal is to discipline the Barzani regime because of his positions supporting terrorism and division does not harm the Kurdish people in particular and the Iraqi people, and despite the depletion of the Barzani government all the ways and means and waste billions of dollars allocated to the Kurdish people for the purpose of salaries and Xport oil without reference to the federal government and the support of the chaos in the disputed areas and trying to distort the image of Iraq in order to gain what you could call the victory, but the province is still not used only a little than you can do to get rid of Barzani system. Ml

Baghdad completes its preparations for New Year’s Day celebrations


بابا نويل في العراق


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The Municipality of Baghdad announced on Saturday the decorating of a large number of streets, public squares and Christmas trees in a number of areas of the capital in preparation for the celebration of Christmas and New Year 2018.

احتفالات بعيد الميلاد في دمشق، سوريا

Baghdad – Sputnik . The Secretariat, a department for the administration and supervision of the infrastructure of Baghdad province, said in a statement that it was “close to completing its preparations for the celebration of Christmas and New Year’s Day through the establishment of several recreational activities, including the Christmas tree in a number of squares and intersections and within large parks, Zora Park, which will include the largest birth tree. “The statement pointed out that “the municipal departments decorated a large number of main streets, public squares, and the provision of supplies for a mini-celebration, including the launch of fireworks and the distribution of gifts to citizens on New Year’s Eve.”

He added that “the municipal departments organized visits to a number of churches and monasteries to provide congratulations and packages for the occasion of Christmas.”

This will be the first celebration of the new year in Iraq following the announcement by Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi early this month that the Islamic state would be defeated and that its occupation of large areas of Iraqi territory, which began in 2014, would end.


Abadi: “Da’ash” occupied the cities because of corruption


Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi on Saturday stressed the importance of maintaining victory over the “da’ash” and the unity of the country. He said that the hard-line organization was able to occupy the cities only because of corruption.
“The victory over” Da’ash “was achieved when the crowd stood up with the army, the anti-terrorist apparatus, police, clans and Kurdish Peshmerga forces to liberate Mosul, Abadi said during his participation in the critical Iraq Victory Festival.
But he pointed out that corruption was the cause of the emergence of “Daash,” and said in this context that “the corrupt and seized state funds are the cause of these disasters,” he urged, “he could not occupy cities only because of corruption.”
On the other hand, he pointed out that the people of the center and the south, when they came to liberate the areas they occupied after the fatwa of Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, did not think about political matters but fought for the homeland and the holy sites.
The Prime Minister of Iraq that the reconstruction efforts will include all the provinces because all of them have been affected.
Abadi warned that political differences could pave the way for the state organization to launch attacks, referring to the conflict between the central government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq.

Rail: Next week will be running the Baghdad-Samarra line

 money and business

Economy News Baghdad:

The General Company of Railways announced that the next week will see the operation of the Baghdad-Samarra railway line and will be operated by the Baghdad-Falluja line.

The Director General of the Iraqi Railway Company, Salam Jabor Saloum said in a press statement received by “Economy News”, that “according to the directives of the Minister of Transport will be next week to operate the railway line Baghdad – Samarra to serve passengers and goods on this line after it was maintained and rehabilitation of minor damage Which was sustained by the company’s engineers and technicians. “

“We will note the feasibility of this line and its transport service and the objectives it achieves in transporting passengers and goods,” Salloum said.

“We are working on operating the Baghdad-Falluja line and we have taken a step with the United Nations, which has contracted with a British company to cleanse this sector of mines, which is hoped to be completed in the last third of January,” he said.

He pointed out that “the steps of the company after Fallujah will be towards Ramadi and in the direction of Hit and modern and existing and there are significant damage suffered in particular in the bridges and deepen in the development of an integrated plan of reform to be the costs of accurate in the process of reconstruction.”

He pointed out that “there is continuing contact with the World Bank and we expect other donors to enter this area to serve the railways in the process of reconstruction and rehabilitation.”



Iraq is witnessing significant economic events during the year 2017

Basra International Fair

Economy News Baghdad:

The economic events witnessed by Iraq during the current year, but remain three prominent events are the opening of the Saudi Arabia, which represents the participation of many companies in Baghdad and Basra, and the severance of trade relations with the Kurdistan region through the closure of border crossings with Turkey and Iran and the signing of Iraq and France contract for the construction of the Baghdad Metro project And Basra.

The trade movement did not differ from the previous year, as the markets witnessed stability with inflation remaining at 2%, in addition to the fact that the domestic industry has not been activated to counter random imports.

In the year 2017, the Iraqi banking sector is considered the most active, as it began the project to settle the salaries of the state employees of about 4 million people in 15 banks, and the Central Bank has taken a new policy was open to foreign banks as the Security Council hosted the Governor of the Central Bank on the links to discuss the subject Laundering and combating terrorism as well as organizing the Association of Private Banks for a banking conference in Washington to open new horizons with correspondent banks and meet with the IMF and the World Bank in addition to the US Treasury.

The Iraqi Trade Bank opened a representative office in Dubai and completed the opening of a branch in Saudi Arabia to improve trade between the two countries. Two private banks want to open two branches in Saudi Arabia.

And the granting of a number of private banks and one government bank of 8 billion dinars for the rehabilitation of 21 yards in Baghdad and began work, which will end in the next six months.

In the transport sector, the Iraqi airspace witnessed the passage of a large number of aircraft, namely the UAE aviation, which allowed passage through the Iraqi airspace as a result of the security improvement. the world.

In the ground transport, the French company “Alstom” signed a memorandum of understanding with Iraq to establish a suspended metro line in Baghdad, and two lines in Basra in the south of the country. The agreements were signed during the meeting of the Council of Iraqi-French Affairs, in the presence of the French Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Jean-Baptiste Limoin and 23 French companies. The project aims to reduce the traffic crisis in Baghdad and Basra.

“Over the next five years, a 20-kilometer-long metro will be built in Baghdad,” said Mark Grost, the company’s director in Iraq. “The equipment will be provided to carry out the railways and engineering works that will be launched from Mustansiriya (east) to the old Muthanna airport” in western Baghdad.

The cost of this work is expected to be between $ 2.1 billion and $ 2.5 billion, ensuring the connection of the two sides of Baghdad through the Sarafiya bridge in 2023.

In the oil sector, Iraq and Kuwait agreed to export 50 cubic meters per day of gas associated with production to gradually increase to 200 cubic meters per day. The Ministry of Oil also decided to set up a pipeline to export oil to Turkey parallel to the old line. Shell announced withdrawal from the Majnoon oil field, To produce gas.

The Iraqi economic convergence in the field of oil after several visits to the Saudi Oil Minister to Baghdad to raise the price of the price of a barrel of oil to 66.52 dollars a barrel.

Baghdad has witnessed the Baghdad International Fair, which participated for the first time 60 Saudi companies and was also decided to open the border crossings between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.




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