Abadi: Peshmerga is part of our forces and should cooperate with them

– 12/13/2017 8:11:00 AM .

Khandan –

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the Peshmerga forces were part of the Iraqi armed forces and fought alongside Iraqi forces in the liberation of Mosul.

“The Peshmerga are part of our forces and they have lived it like all the fighters,” Abbadi said in a speech on the sidelines of the Paris climate conference on Tuesday.

“The Peshmerga fought alongside the Iraqi army and the rest of our forces in the liberation of Mosul,” Ebadi said.

“There are those who want to distinguish between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army through the referendum and fighting the army, but we said that the Peshmerga is part of the Iraqis and should cooperate with them.”



Abadi ends his visits to Paris and returns to Baghdad

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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Haider Abadi ended his visit to the French capital Paris and returned to the capital Baghdad.

Abadi arrived in Paris on Monday to head a government delegation to attend the climate summit on climate and its impact on economic and environmental sectors.

On the sidelines of the summit, Abadi held a number of meetings with officials of the participating countries.




Dr. Abbadi: There is an international trend to support Iraq, and we benefit from the atmosphere of international meetings to create an environment conducive to investment and to support the economy and reconstruction of Iraq, and initiatives to support Iraq has now begun.

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D isclosure of the date of an extraordinary session to pass the election law


Updated 12/12/2017 5:51 pm

(Watan News) _ Baghdad

The leader of the coalition of Iraqi forces MP Raad Dahlaki, on Monday, the expectations of the House of Representatives to hold an extraordinary session in order to pass the election law.


Al-Dahlaki said in an interview with “Watan News” that “there are expectations of holding the House of Representatives for an extraordinary session on 18 or 20 of this month in order to pass the election law.”


“There was no official decision on the date of the special session until this time,” he added.


It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives raised its previous meeting to another notice. Finished by ر.ا



The European Union stands ready to give full support to Iraq

13/12/2017 12:00 am

BAGHDAD / Al-Sabah  The European Union congratulated the Iraqi government on the victory of the terrorist gangs, while continuing to support the Iraqi people and the government in addressing the challenges ahead. In a statement issued yesterday, the Union said that following the celebration of the victory on 10 December, the European Union congratulates the Iraqi people and the Iraqi Government on this important occasion, which opens the way for a brighter future for Iraq. “The prime minister’s statements that fighting corruption will be a continuation of the fight against the government’s commitment and commitment to respect the rights of all Iraqis, regardless of their origin or religious identity, are also welcome despite the many challenges,” the statement said. “It will support the government to persevere through reforms and reconciliation because this is the only effective way to eliminate extremism and terrorism in the long  run,” the EU said .


Macaron praises Ebadi’s leadership and calls for him to be welcomed as world leader

13/12/2017 12:00 am

 Baghdad / Al- Sabah called on French President Emmanuel shifty, on Tuesday, leaders of the participating countries at the Paris Summit for the climate to welcome the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi as a “world leader”, stressing the importance of standing with Iraq and strengthened to continue in post “Daesh”.  “During his speech at the Elysee Palace, Macaron praised the heads and delegations of countries participating in the climate conference,” leading the Prime Minister Haider Abadi in the elimination of a supporter, “and expressed his admiration and congratulations for his great victories. Iraq on terrorism ” McCron stressed” the importance of standing with Iraq and strengthen it to continue the post-urging, “calling on the heads of delegations present at the Elysee Palace to” welcome Haidar Abadi as a global leader, applauded the delegations present slaves. ”

During the meeting, they discussed “strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries, continuing cooperation in combating terrorism, rejecting the US decision on Jerusalem, as well as the situation in the region and maintaining the
unity of Iraq.”
Abadi met at his residence in Paris with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono and his party.
During the meeting, Abadi discussed “enhancing bilateral cooperation in various fields, political, security, economic and post-emergency situations in addition to the situation in the region.” He stressed the importance of strengthening relations with Japan and opening new horizons for joint work between the two countries Sectors “.
The Prime Minister thanked the “all countries that helped Iraq in its fight against terrorism,” adding that “Iraq has emerged victorious in the unity of its people.” The Japanese Foreign Minister congratulated the Prime Minister and the Iraqi people on the “victories achieved on Daash,” stressing Japan’s support for the unity of Iraq and the restoration of liberated areas and cooperation in all fields and willingness to participate actively in the Kuwait Reconstruction Conference in Iraq. Kim said: “The continued support of the World Bank for the Iraqi economy and the reform process led by the Iraqi government and the great success achieved in this area.”

Experts warned on the eve of the “one-world summit” that the goal of the agreement to keep global warming less than two degrees Celsius will remain a dream unless trillions of dollars are invested in clean energy technology.
We understand that this means the difference between life and death for millions of people at risk around the world, “said Fiji Prime Minister Frank Panimarama, who chaired the UN climate talks in Bonn last month. . “There are trillions of dollars stored in private investment institutions,” he said. “We have to unlock this funding.”
French President MacRaeon called for a response to US President Donald Trump’s announcement in June that Washington would withdraw from the pact negotiated by 200 nations for more than two decades. For its part, the World Bank announced that it will stop funding oil and gas exploration and extraction projects from 2019.
Meanwhile, about 200 demonstrators gathered on the streets of Paris demanding that France stop paying “any additional euro on fossil fuel energy.”
The burning of oil, coal and natural gas is the responsibility of mankind for the toxic gases that raise the temperature of the earth and caused global temperatures to rise by about one degree Celsius so far.
Experts warn that with the current pace of toxic gas emissions, the world is on its way to an average of three degrees, which could result in devastating storms, rising sea levels, floods and drought.