Najm al-Jubouri says that 700 local fighters and 250 foreigners are still fighting inside Mosul


GMT Monday, June 12

Al-Arab Al-Youm - Najm al-Jubouri announces that 700 local fighters and 250 foreigners are still fighting inside Mosul

Najm al-Jubouri confirms that a thousand of the “Daash” fighting in Mosul
Baghdad Nahal Kabbani

Nineveh operations chief Major General Najm al-Jubouri hoped to celebrate the liberation of Mosul on June 10, the date of the three-year anniversary of the fall of the city in the hands of the ” Daashorganization .Jabouri wanted to win before the jihadists could get another grim memory.But the attack, one of the biggest battles since World War II, is still raging.“We will be the biggest party in our lives when it ends,” he told the Telegraph newspaper from the headquarters of the command on a hilltop in eastern Mosul, ignoring the smoke billowing from the west side.

Da’ash is surrounded by only three square miles of the historic Old City, but General Jabbouri’s forces are experiencing the most intense fighting in the eight-month operation.He says about 700 local fighters and 250 foreigners are still fighting, many of them stationed around the Nuri Mosque, where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of a group calling for the group’s “caliphate,” announced.“Obviously they will defend until another bullet,” he says.“We expected the liberation of the city in June, but probably in July.”

General Jubouri was in the United States when he stormed Mosul in the summer of 2014 and watched him on television from his home in Virginia.In what appears to be outsiders such as the unpredictable raid, heavily armed militants have taken over large areas of the country after US-trained Iraqi forces dropped their guns and retreated.

By the fall of that year, Da’ash had seized one-third of Iraq and a third of neighboring Syria – an area the size of Britain.Twenty-four members of General Jabouri’s family were killed during the first few months of the terrorist group’s rule in Mosul, his hometown.“One of my cousins ​​was put in a tank, which was full of water until it suffocated,” he said of what he saw in the video.The last (handcuffed) inside a car, which was shot with an RPG shell. “The 60-year-old commander, a former Baath Party officer under Saddam Hussein, left northern Iraq in 2008 , For fear that the killers of the militants of the “Daash”.

But in 2015, the Americans asked him to return to take over the conquest, to restore Mosul.The Pentagon saw General Jubouri, who speaks English and used the mayor of a small town, as a trusted commander.During the early years of the US invasion he had worked closely with Hr McMaster, the American general who is now national security adviser Donald Trump.

They also believe a Sunni Muslim who is leading the offensive to liberate the predominantly Sunni city will help win over a number of residents still unsure of the Shi’ite-dominated army.

 العرب اليوم - نجم الجبوري يعلن أن 700 مقاتل محلي و 250 أجنبيًا ما زالوا يقاتلون داخل الموصل

But General Jabouri is keen to downplay the sectarian element in the struggle for Mosul.“I am a Sunni, married to a Shiite, the problems are not between the people, but among the politicians,” he said.But the post is encouraging, Mosul is already suffering from accusations that Shiite militias fighting in support of the army are oppressing the Sunni population.

Human rights groups accuse the “popular crowd” or the popular mobilization forces of carrying out torture and extrajudicial killings of dozens of civilians.Many of the soldiers in the popular crowd, like General Jabouri, lost their family members.For some, the liberation of Mosul has settled scores.They raised Shiite flags at checkpoints in newly liberated areas and spray-painted graffiti in praise of the revered Shiite imam Hussein bin Ali.

“I hate the Shiites,” said a resident of Mosul, in western Mosul, who was recently released for the Telegraph.“I saw them drinking tea because people are dying in the street,” Umm Omar said, perhaps unfairly.“The city of Mosul was home to the main” Daqash “fighters, and the army only enjoyed watching it, and General Jabouri was criticized for the high casualty rate on the left side of the city.

Thousands of civilians have been killed since the offensive began in October.More than 400 people are believed to have been killed last week alone.Some of them were captured in the exchange of fire, some in coalition air raids, and the rest by Daqash, which uses the population as human shields.It seems that the final standing position stands behind a wall of civilians.General Jabbouri’s men have few options.The streets of the old town are very narrow for heavy weapons, and air strikes cause significant side damage.Iraqi aircraft dropped leaflets urging residents to leave their places.

But the tight siege on the Old City was too narrow, with only 150,000 people trapped.

The past few days have seen unspeakable terror.Where sniper sniper distributed on rooftops, and they started shooting at anything moving.Last weekend, gunmen from Da’ash fired at more than 160 people and were killed when they tried to reach the Iraqi army.The few who survived hid under the dead bodies for several days.While eastern Mosul was slightly damaged, the western side of the city was obliterated.In some neighborhoods visited by the “telegraph” there is not a single building there.General Jabouri said he planned to play a central role in helping rebuild the city, but no one in Mosul knows who he trusts anymore.


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