A special plan to liberate the Old City


6/12/2017 0:00

 Our troops begin to break into the door of the neighborhood of Sinjar

Baghdad / Mosul / morning

Joint Special Operations Command announced a plan to liberate the old city on the right side of theconnector. This information came out of sync with the announcement of the commander of operations (coming, Nineveh) Lieutenant -General Abdul Amir Aarallah, yesterday afternoon, clearing pieces of the ninth Armored Division of the southern part Zndjeli neighborhood and raise the Iraqi flag over thebuildings and then begin to storm the neighborhood of Bab Sinjar.
A spokesman for the Joint Operations Command Brigadier General Yahya said that the Messenger of «military units continuous progress after the liberation Zndjeli neighborhood completely and continue their incursion in the neighborhood of healing , which is the last remaining neighborhoods from the right coast».
He added that « the remnants of the defeated Daesh are dying and uttered the last breath, and it was left little, and declares Mosul coast completely right editor». He stressed that « the arrival of all our units , to the ancient city will be a plan for us and anew page to fit in with the process of storming the narrow alleys and the whereabouts of residents».



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