The United States exported the first shipment of oil in 40 years


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embarked United States exported the first shipment of oil after the abolition of the prohibition as long as forty years.
US move came after the lifting of a ban for 40 years for oil exports.
According to Bloomberg News, the “oil truck belonging to the company Conoco Phillips US] left the Corpus Christi city in the state of Texas headed for one of the Italian ports, where Ststlv company” Vitol ” Swiss Dutch as a vector of oil and condensate.
“She Bloomberg,” The United States will supply oil cargo at least one of the company “Vitol”, which is one of the largest specialized trade oil companies, in the coming days.
“The newspaper” Wall Street Journal “reported previously that during the first week of this month, US plans to export about 600 thousand barrels of oil extracted from the stomachs of American territory south of the port of Houston, the state of Txas.anthy


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