Kurdistan Regional Government to get $ 500 million a month in revenue oil

رواتب الموظفين في اقليم كوردستان تبلغ 720 ملیون دولار

By Aso Efani 19 hours ago
Roudao - Erbil

Deputy Chairman of the Industry and Energy Committee in the Parliametof Kurdistan, Dilshad Shaaban, Sunday, that the Kurdistan Regional 
Government to get 500 million a month in revenue oil.

Shaaban said the network Roudao media that the Kurdistan Regional 
Government issued a month about 18 million barrels of oil, and 
revenue of $ 500 million, but the employees' salaries in the region 
of $ 720 million.

And other revenue for the provincial government, deputy head of the 
Industry and Energy Committee in the Parliament of Kurdistan said it was dropped, it is spent on daily expenses of the government of Kurdistan and the conduct of business and management in the ministries.

Shaaban added that the province of Kurdistan sell a barrel of oil tendollars less than the specified price, and if sales reached $ 38 
price of the Kurdistan Region oil sells for only $ with 28.


Turkey: Open the crossing [Habor] border with Iraq as of Monday

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Turkey: Open the crossing [Habor] border with Iraq as of Monday


the Minister of Customs and Trade Turkish Bulent Tovnkja announced Sunday he will open crossing [Habor] border with Iraq in [Şırnak Province] south-east of Turkey as of Monday after closing earlier for security reasons.

Said Tovnkja in a statement to reporters after meeting with and to Şırnak Province Ali Sow and other officials of the Customs in crossing the 500 mechanism will pass to Iraq and 750 mechanism will enter Turkey in the first phase, pointing out that his government is aware of the importance of the Habur crossing for exporters and the inhabitants of the region. 

He added that the There is an ongoing anti-terrorism security operations in judicial [Silopi and Gizrh] in [Şırnak Province] stressing continue these operations until the elimination of all terrorists. 

In the assessment of the economic data relating to the crossing exhibition pointed Tovnkja that a large part of our exports during 2015 crossed this border gate and sends Most of the exporters in the eastern regions of East and South and Istanbul their products to the Middle East, especially Iraq. 

The cause Send Turkey at the beginning of last month, 150 soldiers, accompanied by a number of tanks to the nearby city of Mosul Ba’shiqah area to replace the Turkish unit stationed there two and a half outbreak of a diplomatic crisis between Ankara and Baghdad since it Last seen that the entry of soldiers prejudice its sovereignty and demanded Bshabhm.anthy


Parliamentary Finance: 32 trillion cost of staff salaries and allocated a budget of 39 2016


Vmnaqsat economy

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Special – scales News

Confirmed a member of the parliamentary finance committee Najiba sire, on Sunday, that the funds allocated in the budget of 2016 is sufficient to pay the salaries of state employees without the deduction of 3%, while the salaries of staff indicated that cost 32 trillion while the allocated 39 trillion dinars.

Her sire’s / scales News / “The earmarked for staff salaries funds in adequate budget in 2016 without the need for the deduction of 3%,” indicating that “Parliament allocated 39 trillion of employees and retirees’ salaries in the budget of 2016, while the salaries of Atklvha only 32 trillion dinars.”

She said a member of the parliamentary finance committee, said that “earmarked for staff salaries for all the region, including Iraq and the staff of the hot spots while the state did not pay the salaries of the staff of the region nor the hot spots salaries of money.”

This “confirmed the parliamentary Finance Committee’s / scales News /, earlier, said that the 2016 budget is purely operational budget, as has shown that employees and retirees’ salaries and social welfare accounted for 93% of them” .anthy 29/33 h



Interior inaugurates the national card Directorate in Najaf


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-Najaf where]
the Interior Ministry opened the National Directorate of the card in the province of Najaf.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Interior during the opening ceremony which was attended by all of Iraq ceremony [where], that “the Ministry of Interior project opened in the provinces of Baghdad, Basra, Samawa and now Najaf, and will be after the project opening in the provinces of Karbala and Dhi Qar.”
He added, “The ministry has contracted with the company German organizing the work of the single card “, stressing that it” will be replaced by the directorates of civil cases in the whole country and the number 345 to the directorates of the single card after equipped with the latest devices. ”
said Maan, he said that “access to the national card would be through the introduction to the website to take a number and after are reviewed Directorate for recording information and footprint are then given the single card “.anthy

Parliamentary Economy: we have to Ebadi economically report aims to address the financial crisis for the current year


Najiba Najib-

Information / special / ..

A commission of economy and investment parliamentary, Sunday, for a detailed economic report submitted to the prime minister Haider al-Abadi requires addressing the financial crisis experienced by the country during the current year, as pointed out that the report aims to build a strong economic in the country.

He said committee member Najiba Najib told / information / “The decline in oil prices in recent period negatively affected the revenue for Iraq under the war on terrorism, which reflected negatively affected the salaries of employees of government institutions.”

And it stated that “the economic report submitted by the Committee on the economy parliamentary prime minister Haider al-Abadi ensure the diagnosis of economic Almchaclat plaguing the country and find Wares processors for Mchaclat that require quick solutions as well as developing long-term plans to address the economic disadvantages suffered by the country.”

She added that “the report would support the government in the next steps to address its fiscal deficit and obliges paragraphs aim to get out of the crisis and building a strong economy for the country.” Finished / 25’s


Government promises to provide employees and retirees’ salaries during the current year


Khandan – said Saad al-Hadithi, spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister of the Iraqi government’s commitment to provide financial cover for the salaries of employees and retirees this year, while denied Finance Committees and the economy parliamentary prejudice to staff salaries.

Sabri said in remarks to the newspaper (time), “The government is committed to providing financial cover for employees and retirees in the current year.”

Sabri said, “and what he said throughput of electronic social networking sites and other sites, including the subject of government action on staff and how to deal with them is not unfounded.”

For her part, the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi, said he “was confirmed rumors that have appeared on forcing some employees to leave their work or give nominal salary only where confirmed Prime Minister’s Office it’s just the views of the proposals provide for discussion and did not take any action in this regard.”


US forces carried out the first airdrops in Nineveh .. and kill 12 of the leaders of the “Daash” and arrested several others

US forces carried out the first airdrops in Nineveh .. and kill 12 of the leaders of the "Daash" and arrested several others


Nineveh / Baghdadi News / … said a security source in Nineveh province, on Sunday, that US forces carried out the first air landing near the city of Mosul. As he emphasized he had killed 12 terrorists of the leaders of “Daash” and arrested several others.

The source said to the reporter / Baghdadi News /, “The strength of the band” Airborne “of US special operations carried out in, late into the night yesterday, landing Joey on the Air Force Base in Ezhilalh village of hand Qayyarah (south of Mosul).”

He added that “clashes erupted between US troops and members of the” Daash “of al-Qaeda who make their headquarters, killing 12 terrorists of the organization, as well as the leaders of nine of the first row and the arrest of the warlords.”

He pointed out that “the force confiscated tracking and monitoring and identification of military sites, weapons and combat equipment and sophisticated geographic maps were in possession of devices.”

It is reported that US forces carried out last night, Ansalyn Gueyen in Hawija spend one of them in the camp area (east of the judiciary), and the other in the hand between Riyadh and Hawija salt area airport.

It also carried out a joint force of US and Kurdish, on Friday evening (01.01.2016), air landing sites for the organization of the terrorist Daash in Hawija process, during which he managed to free abducted and the arrest of several elements Altnzim.anthy 21 / N

Kuwait declares reach the threshold of 3 million barrels per day with the new year


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the Kuwait Oil Company announced its arrival at the beginning of the new year amounted to three million barrels per day, actual production.
The company indicated that “this volume of production is a record unprecedented in its history.”
She said in a statement, said that “this volume of production comes as part of efforts to raise the production capacity of the oil in a phased manner to 3.15 million barrels per day,” pointing out that what check is an important and major step in this path.
Kuwaiti company said it was able to raise its production capacity by about 200 thousand barrels per day in record time since April of last year.
This confirmed that it would “continue the same pattern to reach a production capacity of 3.65 million barrels per day in in 2020, in an effort to secure the requirements of development in the country, “.anthy

Industry: the revival of the military industry as in the past


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the Ministry of Industry and Minerals confirmed, to revive the military industry as in the past in Iraq as part of efforts to fight terrorism.
And transfer to a ministry statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, from the Undersecretary Mackie wondrous Hammoud said while chairing a meeting at the ministry building to discuss the mechanics of work following the merger of the Ministry of companies process “which emphasized that there are military industries for the manufacture of ammunition and weapons to provide material amounts great for the country instead of importing them from abroad in hard currency and a burden on the shoulders of the state and especially since the country is going through a financial crisis.
“He added Hammoud that” Iraq is locked in a battle to counter the terrorist gangs that want to undermine the unity of the country, “stressing the” revival of military industries as they were in restored.
“He noted, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry in an interview in front of Ami ministry corporate managers, to” indispensability that there will be new sections and management also have after the merger is Alachtareetly the new general manager of the company who is most efficient for the management of work in which the merged companies regardless of the location Company or the lab for after and proximity.
“The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed al-Darraji, announced last August, the formation of a supreme body of the defense industry under his chairmanship and membership of the officials in the ministry,” adding that “Iraq spent an estimated 600 million dollars for the purchase of military equipment,” he “The ministry’s ability to re-mic experience to suit the current political system and international law” .anthy