Smartphone is expected in the beginning of the year 2016



It is the first day of 2016, and many of us are planning to buy Android phone, and I just wanted to highlight the phone is expected in the first quarter of 2016.

Dial is Mate 8 of Huawei, it uses the current version of Mate 7 phone quite realize how good this phone, but the next version Mate 8 pose for Android phone ideal, because of the specifications, price and quality.

For your information only the quality of the connection in Huawei phones are generally superior to other competitors in the region clearly, and attribute because Huawei contribute to building the communications infrastructure in a number of Arab countries it has a long tradition in this regard, which makes the quality of the connection very magnificence!

The Huawei has officially announced a new smart phone “dead 8” Mate 8 on 26 November last year, which she described as “the most leading phones progress”, and featuring the latest features that address them.

The company said in a statement that Mate 8 “combines beauty and practicality with a metal design, and smooth, as well as screen measuring 6 inches full and accurate 1080p, and the latest architectural Bhwaoa own processors, Kirin 950”.

The advantage Mate 8, fully made of aluminum with protection for the screen of 2.5D type layer, also works as a user interface EMUI 4.0 Huawei based on version 6.0 “Marschmilo” of the Android operating system.

She said that Huawei Mate 8 will be presented during the International Consumer Electronics Show CES 2016, and will be put on the market as of the first quarter of next year.


Muthana al-Abadi protesters are demanding reforms to activate the paper and the dismissal of Medhat al-Mahmoud


Friday, January 1st, 2016 18:14

Muthana al-Abadi protesters are demanding reforms to activate the paper and the dismissal of Medhat al-Mahmoud

Muthana / Baghdadi News / .. rallied the people of Muthanna province, on Friday, amid the province to demand that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi activating the paper reforms that promise by the people and purge the judiciary of corrupt and dismiss Medhat al-Mahmoud.

A reporter / Baghdadi News /, that “the people of the province of Muthanna demonstrated, this evening, the center of the province to demand the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi activating the paper reforms that promise by the people and purge the judiciary of corrupt people in addition to the dismissal of the Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud.”

“The demonstrators stressed they continue to demonstrate until the meet their legitimate demands.”

It is said that several provinces of the country is witnessing the start of a wide popular demonstrations to demand the provision of services and the sacking of corrupt various state institutions. It ended 21 / g

Sadr warns of al-Maliki’s attempts to return to power




Friday 0.01 January 0.2016

He wrote Baraa al-Shammari: Shen current leader of the ‘rib’, Muqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, a stern former president of the Iraqi prime minister Nuri al-Maliki attack, Mthemena Aaaa sell one-third of the country’s land ‘terrorism’, while observers considered that the reason for the new offensive, is the pursuit of al-Maliki employment his close relationship with Iran and the dispute between the government and some leaders of the militias to return to power.
He warned al-Sadr al-Maliki of trying to return to power, saying in a statement, that the latter ‘still lives in the love of power disease’. He noted the current leader ‘rib’, that ‘Iraqis will not repeat their mistake, and will not sell to Iraq, Iyad wrong hands’, saying that ‘the President of the previous government sold more than a third of the country of terrorism and occupations’.
He added that ‘al-Maliki visits last Maskart popular crowd harm to the resistance factions rather than of benefit’, calling on the President of the ‘coalition of state law not to intervene in the affairs of jihad and the mujahideen. “
Maliki visited, last month, a number of militia ‘popular crowd’ camps, calling for what he described as B’cecchelat crowd resistant ‘to’ preparedness and attention to the schemes of enemies who are trying to implement their projects divisive on the ground in Iraq by trying to separate the Anbar province, on the one hand, and the introduction of Turkish troops Mosul province to the other. ‘
In this context, he saw a political analyst Firas Ugaili, that al-Maliki is employing the country’s internal and external crises, and the strained relationship between the prime minister Haider al-Abadi and militia leaders’ popular crowd ‘for him to return to the rule of the country’.
He said Ugaili, that the former prime minister put pressure on al-Abadi internally through militias to co-opt described, as well as externally through his visits to Tehran and repeated contacts with the Iraqi embassy in Baghdad to present himself as the only alternative that can save the country from the current crises’.
Furthermore, he called the president of the Supreme Islamic Council ‘Ammar al-Hakim, the leader of’ the Sadrists’, to adopt a diplomatic and legal methods to remove Turkish troops from Iraqi territory. He said al-Hakim’s office, in a statement, said that ‘the two sides discussed the political and security situation and the victories achieved by the Iraqi forces, and stressed the need for concerted efforts of all to remove Iraq from the current crises in order to preserve the unity of the country’. On the other hand, issued a President Fuad Masum, a presidential order to form a higher committee for national reconciliation includes candidates for the presidency and prime minister and parliament. Said presidential spokesman, Khalid Huani, in a statement, that ‘the Commission will include two representatives from each of the three presidencies, as well as one representative of the judiciary’, noting that the Supreme Commission for Reconciliation includes both the cult and Qahtan al-Jubouri, the Presidency of the Republic, and Khalil scary spring Jaafar Abdul-Zahra al-Husseini, as prime minister, and Jaber and Muhammad Adli for the presidency of parliament.


The Ministry of Labour: the fourth installment of the care network paying salaries next week


Friday January 1, 2016 – 16:26

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs confirmed that the end of next week will see the distribution of salaries of beneficiaries of social protection network for the fourth installment.

Media advisor to the minister Ammar Menem said in a statement to Radio tow that the delay in the distribution of salaries, was due to the end of the fiscal year, but the fourth installment will be distributed after the end of next week that the ministry has completed a field survey of the covered.

And between Menem that his ministry will be cut off once and for all in this installment salaries of all persons who have not updated their data period of the existence of the research teams phones, stressing that he recorded them not to eligibility indicators this salary has led to fears update their data for fear of falling subject to legal accountability.

Media adviser stressed the Minister of Labour that his ministry was waiting for the Presidency approval of the budget officially for the purpose of inviting new beneficiaries to review the departments of the Ministry governorates or through mobile teams for the purpose of the start of the new coverage for families that will add more than five hundred thousand families a total of beneficiaries of individuals will be about four million and five hundred thousand citizens.

The Council of Ministers may end last year voted on the 2016 budget as decided under those budget allocations in addition to the Ministry of Labour for the purpose of inclusion of families registered with the Ministry of Planning under the poverty line.

And refers to the new Iraqi law that the family, which is under the line of the poor standards of the monthly turnover (non-governmental) less than a hundred and five thousand dinars.

Parliamentary Integrity: the issuance of an arrest warrant against 237 ministers and managers in 2015



2016/1/1 14:36 ​​

[Baghdad – where]
announced that the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, for the release of about 237 is an arrest warrant against two managers and ministers during 2015.

Committee Chairman Talal Zobaie, told all of Iraq [where], that “the premier event for the Integrity Committee in 2015, the help of the Commission [Integrity] the first time, the public prosecution and its coordination with him on many issues, he also for the first time in Iraq issued 122 command arrest warrant against two managers, and 115 ministers or rank shall be fixed and seven agents and ministries.

“He added that” many of those who were sentenced arrest warrants placed in prison, “adding that” the Commission has prepared a thousand file to recover Iraq funds from abroad and from all countries.

“And” as There figures to have a dual tried to negotiate with the rest of the countries on this subject, “adding that” the Integrity Commission is revealing and follow-up to the issues of corruption and did what it converts files and released them ordered his arrest, and here the role of the Commission ends and remains the role of government in coordination with the states.

“The Integrity Commission announced on 20 August last of 2015, the number of judicial arrest warrants issued based on investigations body was carried out in 2128 ordered 462 of them in an order has not been implemented by the concerned authorities in 1395 ordered an issues Fassad…?storyid=25766

Zain Iraq do electronic payment approval of the Central Bank Service


 Local Since 01.01.2016 at 11:17 (GMT Baghdad)



Baghdad scales News

It approved the Central Bank of Iraq, on the launch of the electronic payment service via the Zain mobile phone in a move that is the first of its kind in Iraq, and with Zain pointed out that the service will enable the joint of conversion and handed the money inside Iraq and pay the bills and fees, confirmed that the service will be subject to the supervision of the Central Bank Iraqi.

Zain said in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, “Zain Iraq leader in the field of mobile communications and data transfer company announces service (Zain Cash) on its network and cooperation with Iraq, a portfolio company (Iraq Wallet) specialized in the provision of electronic financial services after officially obtaining a license from the Central Bank of Iraq to provide electronic payment services. ”

The statement added, “The service (Zain Cash) registered in the joint service will enable the conversion of the received funds inside Iraq and across Zain Iraq network,” returned the service, “the first of its kind in Iraq.”

The statement stressed that “this service is important and sophisticated would do to use the mobile phone as Stholh to purse a stretcher,” pointing out that “service will allow subscribers to conduct financial transactions such as sending and receiving money within Iraq, or refilling of telephone lines and pay the bills in the Zain network in any time and in a manner easy and quick. ”

The statement pointed out, that “service that was designed by a specialized team and partners local and international is part of the technological development that accompany the post-third generation in Iraq, to ​​meet the common need and give it the freedom and opportunity to facilitate daily transactions wherever they are,” noting that “the service provided a large amount of easy money and maintain a safe manner similar to other markets. ”

The statement continued, “The company has created and trained many of the teams in customer service and agents and outlets center and many selling points (Zain Cash’s new service), which will reach more than 21,000 points, according to plan in order to meet its customers with the service requirements,” stressing that “Date the service will be free by going to the nearest authorized service center or call (* 210 #) and follow the instructions or send your (recording) a message to the number 2100 “.

The statement, that “(Zain Cash Service) will enable subscribers to pay bills Kovatir electricity, pay traffic fines easily fees”, noting that “those authorities in the final stages of the application of these systems and services will open up new horizons.”

The statement stressed that “the new service will also enable companies to pay and salary transfers safely and effectively in Iraq,” pointing out that “the service was declared to companies contracting with Zain Iraq and entities, and will be subject to regulations and international protocols safe”.

The statement pointed out that “the service will be subject to the control of the Iraqi Central Bank, which defined operational and administrative organizational those services frameworks With the goal of the Iraqi Central Bank in the year for these laws and regulations in line with international standards, and strive to promote confidence in the economy through the creation of a safe environment healthy and competitive system available for all and this was confirmed by the Central Bank of Iraq on several occasions. ”

The statement stressed that “(Zain Cash) will be subject to all the special safe financial transactions procedures in all countries of the world, and give full safety of users and the ease with full remittance and received anywhere in Iraq and moments numbered, under the supervision of a specialized team and the coach,” .anthy 29 / D 24

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