Central: Iraq has the right to obtain loans from the IMF and World Bank


17:37:59 2016-01-14 | (Voice of Iraq) – Baghdad, said Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords, the loans obtained by Iraq from the IMF and the World Bank has the right, indicating that the conditions demanded by the IMF is representing the government’s reforms sought by.Keywords and said in the program It expected that aired Alsumaria that “Iraq is the World Bank Group and the IMF member and pay a large annual contributions which thus has the right to get the facilities and loans from these agencies,” pointing out that “the loans are low cost and interest negligible as it is long-term.” . He Keywords that “the function of these two groups is to finance countries that are exposed to the problems and crises when exposed to certain circumstances,” noting that “the conditions laid down by the be understanding with the Iraqi government and its acceptance are entitled to a final that rejected if conflicted with its policy.” He Keywords that “conditions demanded by the IMF is representing the government’s reforms sought by representing the experiences of other countries and thus from the benefit of the Iraqi government to press its expenses and maximize revenue and a way that does not affect the pensions, “pointing out that” the IMF at its last meeting with the Iraqi government put a condition that does not affecting salaries and other matters of social protection network and fulfill government obligations with contractors to stroll projects. “It seeks Iraq recently to borrow from the International Monetary Fund in order to bridge the shortfall in the budget for the current year, which amounts to 25 trillion dinars, after the fall in oil prices to low levels reached less than $ 30 per barrel. Add Comment

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Cell crisis confirms that Touch salaries and incomes of employees and retirees


Khandan – cell crisis, held a meeting on Thursday, headed by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, which confirmed not to touch the salaries and incomes of employees and retirees.

Information Office of Ebadi said in a statement, said he was at the meeting emphasized the need to take a package of measures to address the financial situation in light of the large collapse in world oil prices, which reached its lowest level in twelve years, and the consequent lack of state revenues.

It was emphasized not touch salaries and incomes of employees and retirees covered by the network of social protection of employees and self-financing companies.

The face-Abadi securing an appropriate amount Khawwalat treasury of the central bank as well as discuss measures to activate the non-oil revenues, and utilize what is stated in the general budget for 2016 on obtaining the wages and services in the ministries and local governments Bmayazz funding allocations and to ensure completion of the work, activities and Pmaaovr adequate services, and enhance the sedate banks National and moving procedures stimulate the private sector, especially after the adoption of the mechanics of industrial and agricultural lending and the housing sector projects.


Abdul-Mahdi discuss with the Chinese ambassador to the expansion of joint work in the field of energy


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Search Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi on Thursday with the Chinese ambassador to Iraq, Wang Yong, bilateral relations and ways of developing them in various fields between the two countries.
He stressed Abdul-Mahdi, according to a ministry statement “at a depth of historical relations between the two countries and the importance of expanding joint action and provide all Altselat for the development prospects of cooperation, particularly energy, oil and gas field.”
For his part, the Chinese ambassador said that “his country is working to raise the level of mutual cooperation between the two countries in all economic fields The oil “.anthy

Finance Committee: Government is not entitled to withdraw from the Central Reserve Bank (Details)


14-01-2016 08:15 PM

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Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, he is not entitled to the Iraqi government to withdraw foreign reserves from the central bank at all, and as pointed out that the government raise funds ministries.

Said committee member Majda al-Tamimi in a press statement that, “The central bank linkage in the Iraqi parliament, not the government is not entitled to draw from the reserves,” indicating that “Parliament is agreed to withdraw the government or not by a vote of his deputies, but Parliament refused to withdraw government from the central reserve. “

Tamimi, showed that “the Iraqi government has its own reserves can pull it to cover the deficit suffered by the Iraqi state,” calling “the government and the Finance Ministry to raise funds in the ministries there are the collection of funds have not been withdrawn since many years.”

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Cell crisis held a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi. During the meeting emphasized the need to take a package of measures to address the financial situation in light of the large collapse in world oil prices, which reached its lowest level in twelve years, and consequent upon the lack of state revenues. It was emphasis on non-touch salaries and incomes of employees and retirees covered by the network of social protection of employees and self-financing companies.

Turkey hits targets for Daash in Iraq


Thursday 14-01-2016 | 5:54:22

Turkish fighter - EM

Turkish fighter – EM

Twilight News Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu / said on Thursday that Turkish ground forces fired 500 times at targets to regulate Daash in Syria and Iraq, killing about 200 militants in response to a suicide bombing in Istanbul blamed on the militant group.

Davutoglu said during a conference of the ambassadors of Turkey was held in Ankara that Turkey will be carried out air strikes if necessary and will maintain a “firm position” until leaving the organization border areas.

The suicide bomber who carried out the killing and the Istanbul attack and ten German tourists in the attack, which occurred on Tuesday.

تركيا تضرب أهدافا لداعش في العراق

Transport Minister held a meeting to discuss the possibility of opening new lines with the countries of the world


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} contract and Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi on Thursday a meeting at Baghdad International Airport with the Director General of Civil Aviation Samer Kubba, the director general of Iraqi Airways Osama al-Sadr, and discussed the reality of work in the civil aviation, Iraqi Airways, and the possibility of opening new lines with the countries of the world.
The minister stressed in a statement quoted by the Information Office agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, the need to end assigned to the business of companies in punctually, as he emphasized the need to continue to provide quality services for travelers.
On the other hand, met the Technical Committee of Iraqi Airways, and commercial departments, and financial In which . Ended h

Jones: US forces have trained 17 000 fighters and Aoukt Set to end Daash


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} announced the US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, not to a specific time to end Daash in Iraq and the region.
Jones said at a media conference held at the embassy building in central Baghdad, said that “US forces have trained 17 000 fighters, including the sons of the tribes,” noting that “for a specific end Aoukt Daash presence in Iraq and the region.” is over

Economic Advisor to the Republic: 70% of the liquidity to the homes of citizens do not trust banks


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He stressed the Economic Adviser to the President of the Republic Khalifa al-Zubaidi, on Thursday, that 70% of cash flow to Iraq in the homes of citizens for their lack of confidence in banks and fear of embezzlement, calling on the government to encourage the banks to farewell in domestic borrowing in order to bridge the economic crisis.

Zubaidi said L / scales News / A. “The economic crisis in need of quick solutions by the government by relying on the inside to be addressed.”

Economic Adviser to the President of the Republic “and added the most prominent of those encouraging people to deposit their money in banks for borrowing and selling securities to them compared to a profit to encourage them to deposit funds and bond-buying solutions,” noting that “70% of the cash in Iraq in citizens’ houses because of their lack of confidence in banks and fear of embezzlement. ”

It is said that “the prime minister Haider al-Abadi denied, on Tuesday, reducing employees’ salaries” .anthy 29/33 h