Iraq plans to open commercial outlets with Saudi Arabia, Iran and further secure its borders



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General manager of the border crossing points Maj. Gen. Sami Sudan, on Tuesday, it was contracted with an Iraqi company for the purpose of providing protection kits land border ports, adding that there are meetings and discussions to open other outlets border with Saudi Arabia and Iran.

He said Sudan’s / scales News /, that “there are talks to open a border crossing with Saudi Arabia known as the (Arar) for the purpose of trade, knowing that he is dedicated to visitors overland pilgrimage only,” adding that he “has been approved by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to open a new port with Iran in Maysan province, as he was recently opened border between Mandali, Diyala and Iran port, which has been exploited as a gateway for trade. “

He said the Sudanese to, that “closed western ports by the central government due to security events in those areas, while the southern ports they are all subject to Rkabtna and there is no control of the clans them as rumored, in addition to the northern border ports subject to the control of the Kurdistan region also dedicated her imports “.

This revealed Sudanese earlier, that “imports ports during 2015 amounted to 177 billion Iraqi dinars, which went to the state treasury.”

It is said that “flags of border crossings director Colonel Mohammed said Shuwaili contracted with a local company in order to buy sonar devices and devices check bags to increase border security” .anthy 29/38





General Traffic: Replace the plate another printed locally will display the driver accountable



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The spokesman revealed behalf of the General Directorate of Traffic Brigadier Walid Ammar, Tuesday, for the continuation of cases of theft of plates of vehicles in Baghdad, while stressing that citizens who resort to replace the stolen painting printed locally panels will be subjected to legal accountability.

Brigadier General Walid’s / scales News /, that “the theft of license plates intended to use those figures in the criminal operations,” noting that “there is a common subunits are scans of vehicles with their numbers.”

He added, “The citizens resort to Replace your vehicle stolen, of course, in the local markets, or what he called” artisan shops “abuse of the routine of putting him legally accountable.”

He stressed “the necessity of the citizen went to the nearest police station to report on such cases,” adding that “the police station sends the book indicate the number of signals the incident and the number of minutes to prepare Statistics figures that were stolen are found in Baghdad police station.”

The phenomenon of stealing license plates by groups Arhabiyhbrzat in Baghdad this week. It ended 29 quarters e

Harvest the US Air flight entered: Daash millions of dollars and civilian casualties lose



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Two officials said the US Department of Defense, he led the US air strikes in Iraq to destroy the facility to store cash Daash worth “millions” of dollars and the deaths of between 5-7 members from civilians.

Officials on American television said Manglth according to the Associated Press, as “a very unusual air strike,” dropped two 2,000-pound (900 kilogram) bombs on the facility in the vitality of Daash in Mosul at dawn on Sunday,”Dr.

The agency noted that the US official says “oil and looting, extortion, estimated in the millions of dollars in the illegal methods.”

Washington considers that the “strike very sensitive, and the building is located in the region inhabited by civilians, one of the officials said the United States was prepared to risk the 50 individual victims of the civilians in this region just to destroy unoccupied building.”

The officials declined to be “the way they got out America to information about the area, but after receiving intelligence information about the so-called” cash collection point and distribution “, and aircraft and unmanned US drone spotted the site for several days in order to determine the time of the strike and the number present civilians.”

Officials also said that “the United States is planning to strike targets financial sources in order to prevent terrorists from Altkfferin entity set up to develop into a state.”

It is noted that on December 30 fighter aircraft by the United States and bombers led carried out 17 strike, five of them near the town of Ramadi, wounding nine goals attacks near Mosul, with three air strikes targeted sites more elements of the organization near the cities of Sinjar and Cossacks in Ninoy.anthy 29 / 35 b

Parliamentary Finance: duties, taxes and customs, and the state leases represent 20% of the budget


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Said the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives member Hossam punitive, Tuesday, on the need to activate the collection of fees and taxes in the joints of the country and the collection of rents in the state fair, noting that the collection of this money will solve 20% of the budget.

He said the punitive L / scales News /, “The government should think of serious solutions down fiscal revenue because of falling oil prices in the global market,” pointing out that “this crisis real with the escalation of increased production and export of oil, due to oversupply on the one hand and oil policies intended by some countries, including Saudi Arabia. ”

He stressed “the need to deal with this crisis as a real government and people of the crisis,” pointing to “the need for attention to the collection and the collection of all non-oil revenues, through the activation of the customs tariff, and the emphasis on taxes, fees, and rents for the state, and all what is in the interest of the treasury of the Federal State , and this accounts for 20%, which is registered in the budget of 15%, but if these conditions obtained the 20% will replace us. ”

Oil is the main source of income for the budget in Iraq, as revenues constitute approximately 90% of the total financial budget.


But the drop in oil prices led to a significant budget deficit in the country, prompting the government to increase production in order to reduce the deficit, external borrowing, which always warns him supreme religious authority and economic experts.

While government officials calling for diversifying sources of income and activation of agricultural and industrial production sectors and Alzeraib, fees and customs, rather than relying on oil.

He revealed to the economic and investment commission in parliament member Ahmad Kanani, L / scales News /, the existence of corruption in the collection of fees and taxes process, stressing the need to develop new ways to collect funds and private land ports. / Ended 29 n / 10


An emergency meeting for “OPEC” after falling oil prices


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{International: Euphrates News} said, “Emmanuel Ebi Katcheko” Nigerian Minister of State for Petroleum, said on Tuesday that “two of the members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries {OPEC} states requested held an emergency meeting, adding that the market conditions at the moment creates the need to hold such this meeting.
He said, “Katcheko” during a conference on energy in Abu Dhabi that “the aim of the emergency meeting will be a review of OPEC’s policy to see if there was any need to change the strategy, however, declined to disclose the names of the two, which requested the meeting.”
He said, “Katcheko” during the Gulf Intelligence Forum energy markets that OPEC may hold an emergency meeting if oil prices continued to decline.
He said it was difficult for the organization to cut production alone without cooperation with oil producers Alakharan.anthy

A delegation of the PUK and KDP in Arbil meet


Khandan – held a delegation of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), on Tuesday, meeting in Barzani’s office in Erbil.

The two sides will discuss during the meeting, according to information obtained by “Khandan”, the situation in the Kurdistan region and the financial crisis, and a number of other files.

It features a PUK delegation (Mullah Bakhtiar, Saadi beer, Qubad Talabani, Omar Fattah).

The Kurdistan Democratic Party delegation, fitted (Nechirvan Barzani, Fadhil Mirani, Mahmoud Mohammed, Dilshad Shahab).

The adoption of the electronic collection system in Baghdad


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} announced the secretariat of Baghdad for the adoption of the electronic system in the collection of fees profession declaration of taxpayers who engage in commercial activities in the general areas of the capital Baghdad.
According to the Directorate of Relations and Media in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Tuesday that “the secretariat of Baghdad decided the electronic system adoption in the collection of the profession and the declaration stipulated fees in the law and the will of the municipality No. {130} of {1963} of taxpayers who engage in profitable business activities across the capital Baghdad areas.
“She added that” Baghdad secretariat has prepared an electronic program for the collection includes a database of names and numbers of taxpayers and the nature of the business and its location and the amount to be paid to the Department of Municipal concerned under official receipts and special characters.
“It showed that” collection campaign will be launched early next week and include through The first phase locality {101} in the municipality of Rusafa center and the locality of {714} in Bourne and the locality of {564} in the second chest municipality and the locality of {701} in Baghdad and new locality {324} in the Adhamiya and the locality of {321} in the people and the locality of {521} in the chest Municipality The first and the locality of {925} in the Karrada next Rusafa.
“She said” other shops include {421} in Kadhimiya and the locality of {222} in the Karkh district center and the locality of {842} in the session and the locality of {821} in the rational and the locality of {432} in the torch and the locality of {665 } in Mansour,
“and noted that” the secretariat of Baghdad began adopting a number of measures to increase financial revenue in line with the economic reality and the low oil prices through activation of the collection of the profession and advertising fees and benefit from these funds to increase the momentum of the services provided to citizens and to begin the implementation of a new and important projects “.anthy

Safe haven currencies rise with oil decline


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{International: Euphrates News} exchange market investors search for safety in the yen at the expense of high-risk currencies such as the Australian and New Zealand Dollars on Tuesday convinced that the stability of the yuan for the second day does not mean the end of the downturn that shook global markets.
Yet focusing attention on China and the decline in oil prices to $ 30 has all of the euro and the Swiss franc rose about a third of a percent against the dollar while coming in third Australian Ataran and New Zealand half a percent. And settled the yuan in overseas market little changed after the rapprochement with under the control of the local market price change strict following the steps Beijing took to raise the interest for one night prices in Hong Kong. and stormed decline in oil prices in currencies producing countries ore which pushed the Canadian dollar to its lowest level in 13 years at C $ 1.4250 to the US dollar while the Norwegian krone had the lowest price in 13 months when 9.6925 for the euro. The dollar was down about 0.3 percent to 117.47 yen after Hui to 116.70 yen on Monday, the weakest price since 24 August. The euro was up 0.2 percent to 1.0876 Dolar.anthy