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Abadi Office: The government is committed to providing financial cover to secure the salaries of employees and retirees


Abadi Office: The government is committed to providing financial cover to secure the salaries of employees and retirees

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. The Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said Tuesday that the government is committed to provide the necessary financial cover to secure the salaries of employees and retirees.


A spokesman for the Office Saad al-Hadithi told / Baghdadi News /, “The federal government is committed to provide the necessary financial cover to secure the staff and the salaries of retirees, especially since they take many ways to increase financial abundance of the state through the diversification of sources of income.”

The newborn, that “there are many ways resorted and will resort to the government during the coming period to provide the necessary financial cover for the country.”

And picked up different media on Monday, a statement Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that the Iraqi government will not be able to pay employees beginning next April, which received conflicting views by members of the parliamentary finance committee on this matter .anthy 21 / l–AkGKNL%D8%A9-LkbeL%D8%A9-BbNJnE-AkiZAs-AkLAkn-kbaLnl-ENAbB-AkLNzJnl-NAkLbjAIDnl.html

PM Haider Al-Abadi (Facebook)


Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi, receives a member of the Armed Services Committee in the US Senate, Senator Jack Reed and his accompanying delegation. During the meeting, they discussed the war on terror Daash and victories achieved gangs in Ramadi, and the situation in the region in addition to the challenges faced by Iraq in various fields. He Dr. Abadi that our armed forces have achieved a great victory on Daash gangs and proved good readiness to defeat the terrorist organizations is.


Parliamentary we will resort to financial loans to pay employees’ salaries after the month of April



Since 01/05/2016 13:19 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – scales News

At a time when the pace of media statements escalated about granting state employees compulsory leave in exchange for giving them half of the salary due to the shortfall in the budget of 2016 as a result of lower oil prices, denies the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives by Sirhan Ahmed Sarhan government’s intention to implement the proposal in the absence of the possibility of the distribution of salaries During the month of April, stressing the need to resort to loans to pay those salaries, as he emphasized another member of the Committee of the inability of Iraq to pay its employees’ salaries if oil prices continued to decline.

The Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari likely, earlier, the inability to staff the distribution of salaries in the month of April, in the event of continued low oil prices, while noting that there are other options to avoid that.

He said Sarhan Ahmed Sarhan’s / scales News / “on the basis of what was announced by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari as the closest to the reality of the possible lack of sufficient to pay the salaries of staff in April amounts as a result of economic and financial crisis occurrence caused by the deterioration of oil prices in world markets.”

He added that “Zebari told is closer to the truth because of the lack of financial liquidity sufficient to pay those salaries,” stressing that “not lay off or reduce or grant leave to employees if salaries are not available.”

He stressed the need “to resort to state loans to get enough money to pay salaries,” noting that. “This is the only way that Iraq was able to pay the salaries of its employees”

For his part, Finance Committee member Jabbar Abdul-Khaliq’s / scales News / “The statement on the non-government’s ability to pay employees’ salaries during the month of April is just to anticipate events,” noting that “this statement affects the market situation, which is not accurate and there was modulating statement by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari. ”

He added that “in accordance with the existing data, if sustained drop in oil prices, Iraq was unable to pay its employees’ salaries”, stressing that “reliance on oil revenues degree 90% in the payment of staff salaries and 10% on non-oil revenues of the taxes and fees, local tax collection.”

“If it turns out that the real statement Zebari will not be able to pay employees’ salaries will be recourse to the first option through domestic borrowing by banks, bonds and foreign borrowing as well.”

Oil is the main source of income for the budget in Iraq, as its revenues account for about 90% of the total financial budget.

But the drop in oil prices led to a significant budget deficit in the country, prompting the government to increase production in order to reduce the deficit, external borrowing, which always warns him supreme religious authority and economic experts.

While government officials calling for diversifying sources of income and activation of agricultural and industrial production sectors rather than relying on oil. / Ended 29/4 e

Iraqi president says he trusts successfully CNR


Tuesday 05-01-2016 | 6:59:33



Twilight News Fuad Masum, the Iraqi president / said Tuesday he is confident successfully Supreme National Reconciliation Commission set up by the three presidencies recently.

This came during a meeting with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubiš, according to a presidential statement posted on the website of the presidency.

The statement said that the infallible and Kubiš discussed “developments in the national reconciliation project and preparations for the reconstruction of Iraq proposed to be held soon, as well as regional and international developments and projects of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) for the next phase.”

The President of the Republic “the importance of attention to the economic life of the citizens” and expressed confidence b “of the Supreme Committee for national reconciliation, formed by the three presidencies of recent success Bmanmadthat ability, calling for” support and not fragmented efforts and energies in this regard. “

And through the infallible satisfaction for “What the international community to support Iraq in its war against the terrorist organization Daash and interest in the file of the displaced and the reconstruction of the liberated areas.”

With regard to the Conference of the reconstruction of Iraq, the president stressed “the continuation of contacts and preparations to be held soon, calling on the nations of the world to contribute to make it a success.”

For his part, Jan Kubiš expressed satisfaction with the progress achieved by Iraq in the areas of the quest for the completion of national reconciliation and the return of displaced persons and reconstruction conference, praising the victories of the Iraqi security forces in the liberation of Ramadi and other areas in recent weeks.

Kurdistan Regional Government Announces disable always on Wednesday



By Shaimaa Mohammed 8 hours ago
شعار حكومة إقليم كوردستان
Logo Kurdistan Regional Government

Roudao – Erbil

It announced the Kurdistan Regional Government, always disabled in public institutions and departments, on Wednesday, which marks the anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi army.

The official spokesman of the Government of the Territory Sven Dzia in a statement, “We announce to the citizens of our dear Kurdistan Region and employees of government departments and institutions in the region, that according to the law of the Kurdistan Parliament about the holidays, is tomorrow, Wednesday 6/1/2016 a public holiday in all government departments and institutions.”

And founded the first units of the Iraqi armed forces in 1921, and of Imam Moussa al-Kadhim Regiment and took command of the armed forces general headquarters in Baghdad, then followed by the formation of the Air Force in 1931, then in 1937 the naval force.

Calls for a review of prices of bank stocks and tightening control over banks




Calls for a review of prices of bank stocks and tightening control over banks


BAGHDAD / JD / .. invited a number of experts and specialists in economic affairs and banking to the need to reconsider prices of bank stocks and tighter government oversight and control of the Central Bank on the work of banks, especially civil to develop their work and stay away from the financial problems and the fight against money laundering, pointing out that 77% of cash Iraqi exists outside banks as a result of a lack of confidence in those banks.
He says the Minister of Planning and former member of the House of Representatives MP Mehdi al-Hafez, that the work of local banks is still limited as a result of a lack of confidence by the citizens and companies, because there are many problems in their work as a result of the absence of effective control over the banks, especially the civil action.
He said Hafiz told / JD /: that the central bank for banks control remains weak largely what make some banks dare to carry out suspicious acts harmed the national economy and the reputation of local banks, calling on the central bank, government and parliament to tighten control over the work of banks for the development of the banking sector and the fight against laundering money as well as stay away from any financial problems.
He noted that the process of dollar selling by the central bank is a sensitive issue for the citizen it is assumed that the process of converting amounts normal and easy way prevail as is prevalent in other countries, stressing the lack of separation between what exists in the banking sector transactions and the central bank and the state of corruption in in the state.
For his part, he called the economic expert on behalf of Anton, to the need to reconsider prices of banking stocks, noting that there are 77% of the Iraqi currency outside banks, even if this size is present government was able to finance the budget deficit Iraqi dinar and the dollar by borrowing from these banks, and this was the result of the wrong approach for banks and lack of monitoring and follow-up and the role of passive registered companies.
He’s Anton / JD / that the banking system and because of the tremors he suffered and the withdrawal of large sums of money from banks, some of which was not the level of responsibility led to shake the confidence of the citizens of these banks.
He stressed the importance of reviewing the absence of government and the absence of legislation in this regard the standards, calling for activating the control procedures by the central bank away from the courtesies.
The banking expert Abdulaziz Hasson, has stressed that the difficult conditions in which the private banking sector is currently going through Mqlqh, specifically in light of faltering performance that accompanies the banks Khash, especially with regard to its ability to fulfill the rights of depositors.
He pointed Hassoun’s / JD / to be trust between the citizen and the private banks has become difficult Halaa, and may fade until address this situation in the sector, pointing out that the reluctance of some banks to reimburse citizens Modein, paying citizens who have accounts in other banks are financially stable and able Modeiha, to meet requests to withdraw their deposits in case of any emergency.
He said the situation requires measures by the Central Bank of Iraq for the return of citizens’ confidence in Almassarv, because her guarantor and is responsible for its activities and its work.
He pointed out that private banks have seen a remarkable development in Alojerh, years in practice all forms of banking activity and the adoption of modern systems and mechanisms, calling on the central bank to tighten its supervision of banks and provide any necessary support in order to restore confidence in those banks. / End / 8 /

Alliance forces on the anniversary of the army feast: he is able to defeat terrorism and the evil schemes


Tuesday 05-01-2016 | 6:04:41



Twilight News / congratulated the parliamentary bloc of the Alliance of Iraqi forces Tuesday, the Iraqi army on the anniversary of its founding, said he is able to defeat terrorism and “evil designs” of the country.

He stressed Ahmed electrodes Prime bloc said in a statement responded to Twilight News that the “heroic epics that line had the Iraqi army in defense of Iraq’s sovereignty, security, independence and honor of the Arab nation and its dignity will remain immortal through the ages tells generations biography Knights gave their lives for their country and nation and wrote with their blood pure history Supervisor.”

He said on the occasion of the Ninety-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi army, “While we move forward in my name, congratulations and best wishes to the members of our armed forces brave this glorious day, we can recall the feelings of pride timeless tournaments and the great victories they have achieved in their travel immortal in all honor and dignity battles in defense of the homeland and the nation and the sacred Arabs and Muslims, to the lions of Iraq was an honor to contribute in all Arab battles in defense of the beloved Palestine. ”

The electrodes that “the Iraqi army, which was able to maintain the unity of Iraq and safeguard its sovereignty and Arab and Islamic identity is certainly capable to defeat all forms of terrorism and evil schemes.”

He continued, “Here we receive daily signs of victory to the terrorist Daash and edit gray city of Dnassehm gangs prelude full Iraqi soil to edit and re-displaced and displaced persons to their homes and to end the long suffering and achieve security and stability, justice and peace throughout the beloved homeland.”

Dhi Qar expects to provide 5000 jobs for the project contain 20 billion barrels of oil


Tuesday 05-01-2016 | 5:09:21



Twilight News / Dhi Qar province administration on Tuesday welcomed the approval of a formal Council of Ministers on the establishment of an oil company Dhi Qar, and in 5000 is expected to provide jobs for the people of the province, it confirmed that the establishment of the company will contribute to the development of the oil industry and support the economy of the province.

The governor of Dhi Qar Yahya Nazareth during a joint news conference with his first deputy just Aldechala in the Office of the province that obtaining approvals to establish the company came upon multiple and continuous claims of administration of the province for the oil ministry and the Council of Ministers.

He predicted the governor of Dhi Qar provides that the founding of the oil company more than five thousand jobs for the people of Dhi Qar and develop the oil industry and contribute to reviving the economy of the province and support the national economy. Indicating that the province of Dhi Qar has significant oil reserves estimated at more than 20 billion barrels of oil, which calls for the development of the oil industry and extractive.

He said the governor of Dhi Qar to the administration of the province will work in coordination and cooperation with the Oil Ministry to manage the oil’s preservation and the introduction of oil companies to invest in the oil sector, especially in the area of ​​the establishment of an oil refinery in Dhi Qar runway within the oil licensing rounds.

For his part, first deputy governor of Dhi Qar just Aldechala said during a joint press conference that the efforts made by the administration of the province governor and the provincial council and the staff are exceptional efforts of the founding of the oil company was able Dhi Qar province to manage and develop its oil fields.

Aldechala He added that the Council of Ministers today decided to separate the oil from the administration of Dhi Qar, the South Oil Company by agreeing to establish Oil Company of Dhi Qar, and this is what enables the advancement of the oil industry, development and provide more job opportunities for the unemployed and graduates. Noting that the administration of the province continued with the establishment of a special Ministry of Oil Petroleum Institute to maintain for the purpose of supplying the oil sector cadres moderation, stressing that the efforts paid off in this area.

The Cabinet has formally approved on Tuesday (January 5, 2016) to establish oil company Dhi Qar.

The estimated oil reserves in Dhi Qar more than 20 billion barrels spread over Garraf, Nasiriyah and Abu column fields and field poured oil fields, while total current production from the fields of Garraf, Nasiriyah, about 170 thousand barrels per day.

He was the governor of Dhi Qar Yahia Nasseri, announced on Thursday (January 29, 2015), obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Oil in the federal government on the formation of oil company Dhi Qar, and between that and Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi agreed to the formation of oil company Dhi Qar to oversee the fields Management oil in the province.

The date of the oil production in Dhi Qar to 2007, where it was direct first phase of the development of Nasiriyah oil field early that year and the card initial production is estimated at 12 thousand barrels per day.