Infallible: the biggest challenges and the liberalization of the gray economy returned us confidence of victory [expanded]


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President Fuad Masum, stressed that the financial crisis will be one of the big challenges facing Iraq in the new year 2016.
He said infallible in the celebration of the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad and the anniversary of the 59th of the founding of the Islamic Dawa Party, said “of the big challenges facing us this year is the economic challenge that requires concerted efforts between the authorities and the people and requires the faithful real work in coordination Bien financial authorities of the state and the government and between the experts and specialists and university professors The owners of jurisdiction and the use of international experts to get to in order to avoid damage to the sharp drop in oil prices and its impact on the economic and financial situation of the state and people solutions.
“He added,” The financial crisis requires practical measures and more effective in the fight against corruption and purging the state apparatus of this scourge, which is not less dangerous than terrorism “.
He said infallible that” our victory in Ramadi Daash was the impetus to restore confidence hope and invites us all to strengthen the confidence measures continue the momentum of victory and work on political, economic and community building for Iraq everyone.
“He explained,” We have faced over the past year serious challenges in the security sides and economic, but we managed to achieve important victories restoration of large cities from the control of Daash and we managed through the strengthening of trust of citizens in the importance of preserving national unity and stick to it in spite of all the circumstances that worked for Altaoas and loss of confidence in the future.
“He continued infallible” It was a national will single biggest challenges were It is the most important result of during its investigation, it imposes on the leading state and political blocs double responsibilities in the development of positive factors to be this year, upping based national unity on the basis of justice, including entrench the democratic experiment of the new Iraq and to be a year to restore all our cities from terrorism and the return of displaced persons and displaced persons and migrants to their homes and finish page of violence and crime.
“The President of the Republic thanks to all States that have submitted offers various kinds of support for Iraq during its response to terrorism” .anthy

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