Two Kurdish Peshmerga Brigades to Be Armed andTrained by US in January



Kurdish Peshmerga fighters take part in a graduation ceremony on April 16, 2015 at the Kurdistan Training Coordination Center (KTTC) of Arbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq.


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Iraqi Kurdistan military officials have announced that two brigades of Kurdish armed forces, known as Pesmerga, will undergo reorganization and armament by the US in mid-January.

On the eve of recapturing Mosul from Daesh, the US military will fully arm and train two brigades of Kurdish fighters, Peshmerga Forces’ Chief of Staff Jamal Emniki revealed, according to the Iraqi Kurdistan media outlet BasNews.The reorganization of the two existing brigades is scheduled to start in mid-January, Emniki stated. The United States will provide all necessary equipment, armament and ammunition, as promised by US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter during his visit to the Iraqi Kurdistan Autonomous Region in December 2015.

In addition, the US will train two brigades, BasNews reported on Saturday. A number of US allies, including Germany, Italy, UK, are contributing to the training and arming of the Kurds. The ultimate goal is to have a reliable ground force to battle Daesh, aided by aerial support from the international coalition.

Peshmerga emerged as a loosely-organized Kurdish volunteer militia and is now reforming to become a well-trained and sufficiently-equipped military force. Three brigades were selected for reorganization, Al-Monitor reported in July. The US will provide whole brigade sets for these units.

“The sets will include individual soldier equipment, including helmets, body armor, first aid kits, rifles and machine guns. Also included are vehicles to move troops, supplies and equipment, “Joseph Pennington, US consul general to Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan’s capital city, told Al-Monitor earlier.

Additionally, the United States will provide the Kurds with heavy weaponry, a step long-awaited by Peshmerga, to fight Jihadists on multiple fronts.

“The US has given its approval to deliver heavy equipment to us,” Jabar Yawar, spokesman of the Peshmerga Ministry told local TV Rudaw in December. “There are now long-range artillery and gunships in Kuwait waiting to be delivered to the Kurdistan region in [January]”. In another interview with Rudaw, Yawar also talked about “armored vehicles, Humvees and Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected [vehicles] (MRAPs)”.

Annual costs of the US military aid to Peshmerga are reportedly estimated to exceed $ 200 million some.

“The goal obviously is not Kurdish independence, and we make that clear in the legislation,” Ed Royce, a US Republican Senator said to Washington Examiner in June, commenting on the approval of heavy weapon deliveries to Peshmerga by the US House Foreign Affairs Committee .


US-Iraqi force carried out three operations in Hawija take down and arrested a number of leaders (Daash)



A picture of the process of landing in the Kurdish former US Hawija


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Long-Presse / Kirkuk

A security source said early on Saturday that US special Iraqi force carried out three airdrops in Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk, (250 kilometers) north of Baghdad, targeted sites to organize (Daash), revealed that the operation resulted in the deaths of a number of elements of the organization and the arrest of several of its leaders, and with the National Union of Kurdistan, described the operation as “successful”, he said it had achieved its objectives.

The source said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that “consisting Iraqi force of a special team of the National Counterterrorism and power device of the anti-terrorism device Sulaymaniyah and the strength of US private carried out yesterday evening, three landing operations in Hawija (55 km southwest of Kirkuk ), during which they were able to kill a number of elements of the organization and the arrest of several of its leaders. “

The source, who asked not to be named, said: “the sites targeted are all from the Islamic police headquarters and the building of a kindergarten Hawija near the middle of Hawija center of the judiciary, and the headquarters of Telecom regulation in the Solomon Ali Faraj al-Jubouri, a former member of the Baath Party leadership house, east of the judiciary.”

The source continued, that “the landing process preceded the bombing of 17 goals for the organization in the judiciary, and has the participation of eight American helicopters accompanied the executing force that started from the Baghdad International Airport,” pointing out that “the process comes to complement previous landings by the big goals of the leaders of the arrest, during which regulation and the judiciary. “

For his part, MP for the province of Kirkuk Mafraji Khaled said in an interview to the (long-Presse), “The landing operation carried out by US special Iraqi force in Hawija targeted the leaders of the organization (Daash) in the judiciary.”

He Mafraji, that “the operation is the fourth of its kind taking place in the judiciary,” noting that “The operation resulted in the deaths of the organization and arrest wanted.”

He Mafraji, “not to possess accurate information about the elements of the organization who were arrested during the operation,” asserting that “the operation was successful and lasted for three hours.”

In turn, the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Rashad Klaly said in an interview to the (long-Presse), “The landing process that have been implemented in Hawija, yesterday, was successful and resulted in the arrest of a number of leaders of the organization (Daash),” asserting that “the operation has achieved its goals “.

A security source in Kirkuk province, reported in (30 December 2015), that the 27 component of (Daash) killed lowered Joey joint force of counter-terrorism and American power tactical central Hawija west of Kirkuk, home (250 km north of Baghdad), and as he emphasized Eight of the elements of the organization, including the arrest of leading figures, pointed to the destruction of sites of the organization to coalition aircraft bombed.

Little organization (Daash) took control of areas in Hawija and the areas of Riyadh and Abbasi and Zab in Kirkuk province, after seizing the Mosul, Nineveh province, (405 km north of Baghdad), in (the tenth of June 2014), and frequent attacks by regulation outskirts of the city in order to storm it.

Baghdad operations given two months to register their vehicles in its citizens observer of wheels in the capital


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Baghdad Operations Command, called on all vehicle owners to cooperate with them and record their compounds to the Ad Hoc system Saqr Baghdad for the electronic identity tariff for technics and the success of this project, which is being coordinated with Baghdad governorate centers.
And confirmed leadership in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on that “to this identity considerable benefits for citizens, including inference on the wheel during the record very short time in case got any emergency, as well as to undermine terrorism and any criminal activity other exercises using the wheels, and that after it has been the deployment of a private radar is a vehicle monitoring where what was inside the capital Baghdad.
“and called on the leadership also vehicle owners to review Alm_khasth centers and travel 79 centers to deliver gripping the driver and the vehicle starting from 10/01/2016 until 10/03/2016, where they will be issuing identity tariff wheel for a very short time does not exceed one minute, and the vehicle is a violation in the absence of Tsgeleta after this date .anthy


Iraqi company wins international award for providing a secure way to pay financial dues 

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Direction Press / Baghdad

Ki-Card smart card company in Iraq has won the award Sasemez world, held annually in Paris and dedicated to honoring the best innovations in the world of secure payment technology.

According to a statement of the company, “the trend Press” received a copy of “The Company She ran for the joint venture group in Iraq, in honor of its success in innovation to address the humanitarian crisis solutions by providing cards to Card to facilitate the distribution of aid to the displaced, displaced persons and groups other inside Iraq operations.”

“The project won international attention because it is the fruit of a successful cooperation between the public and private sectors to find a solution to the problem is not limited to Iraq, but also provide a safe way to distribute financial aid to displaced people and refugees to help them provide the basics to live.”

The statement continued that “For the first time in Iraq’s history to win an Iraqi company operating inside the country’s international award has been shared in this achievement a number of banks, including Rafidain and Rasheed banks the biggest government in Iraq.”

The deployment of radars in Baghdad to monitor any wheel could be used in terrorism


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Baghdad Operations Command, the deployment of radars in the capital to monitor any wheel could be used in terrorist operations announced.
According to a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, which called for “vehicle owners all to cooperate with them and record their compounds to the Ad Hoc system Saqr Baghdad for electronic access to tariff identity for technics and the success of this project, which is being coordinated with Baghdad governorate centers.”
He said “These identity considerable benefits for citizens, including inference on the wheel during the record very short time in case got any emergency, as well as to undermine terrorism and any criminal activity other exercises using the wheels, and after that was published private radar is a vehicle monitoring wherever they are inside the capital Baghdad.”
It called for Baghdad operations, “the owners of vehicles to review Alm_khasth centers and travel 79 centers to deliver gripping the driver and the vehicle starting from 01/10/2016 until 10/03/2016, where they will be issuing tariff identity of the wheel very short time does not exceed one minute, violation of the vehicle is in If you do not Tsgeleta after the end of the deadline “.anthy



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Parliamentary Economy: we set in our own 2016 budget proposal to reconsider the monetary policy of the Central Bank

Parliamentary Economy: we set in our own 2016 budget proposal to reconsider the monetary policy of the Central Bank

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. revealed to the economic and investment commission in Parliament, on Saturday, installed a proposal for the budget of 2016 to reconsider the monetary policy of the Central Bank of Iraq.

Said committee member Najiba Najib in an interview with / Baghdadi News /, said that “the economic and investment commission in parliament proved its report on the budget of 2016 processors and several proposals to avoid a financial crisis, including the revision of the monetary policy of the Central Bank of Iraq.”

She said Najib, that “the State will travel to reconsider monetary policy to contribute to a possible cash flow and be able to make some changes to this policy for the exchange rate, auction, banks, dealing with imports,” adding that “there will come the need for changes change that got the Iraqi revenues. “

She continued, “the monetary policy of the Central Bank heading towards currency stability that is, they preferred currency for many of the other targets, but the real price of the Iraqi dinar 1220 dinars per dollar than it was on the ground.”

She explained a member of the Economic Committee, that “the Commission will try to stand on this axis to be able to achieve more by remittances and auction revenues and everything related to the price of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar” .anthy 21 / l

Ebadi, an adviser to describe the budget in 2016 as the “stimulus austerity” and an expert on the success of government bonds pledged international support



Republic Street in central Baghdad, which up old business district (Shorja) the rest of the areas of the capital Imaging (Mahmoud Raouf)


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Stressed the economic advisor to the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, said on Saturday that Iraq is suffering from an economic recession due to the financial crisis, and a description of the financial budget for the current year 2016 as the “stimulus austerity”, and with the exception of an economist that the budget “poor” for they are free of appointments and the fall in world oil prices, and lack of support from government and the private sector, he pointed out that the success of the government bond market, which intends issued depends on the support of the International Monetary Fund have.

Saleh: 2016 austerity budget but motivational

He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, an economic advisor to the prime minister Haider al-Abadi said in an interview to the (long-Presse), “The talk of a recession in Iraq is a foregone conclusion,” attributing it to “financial crisis plaguing the country.”

Saleh added that “the manifestations of the economic recession in Iraq is clear, from the high unemployment rate that reached 28 percent,” denying “the existence of inflation in Iraq, although as the rate amounting to two percent, the lowest in its history.”

He predicted economic adviser, that “the growth of GDP between one range to one and a half percent,” returned as “better than in the past in 2014, although it is less than the population growth of 2.8 percent rate, as this difference is not conducive to the economic sector and the widening growth his movement. “

Saleh stressed, “The government went to sell the bonds two billion dollars, came within the project’s budget next year to meet the 2016 deficit,” returned to “plug in the budget does not reflect the ways they austerity, it is still great.”

He guessed adviser Abadi, that “those bonds are very popular,” pointing out that it was caused by “being the sovereign as well as higher interest rates and possible and take advantage of mortgage debt in the dam.”

Saleh continued, that “the budget for Iraq in the next 2016 involving deficits and austerity, but motivational,” stressing that “the stimulus in the largest proportion of the budget deficit.”

And it saw economic adviser, that “the current financial year, successful, stressing that” the government strives for the success of the financial plan in the next 2016 budget. “

Expert: the success of the bond depends on the support of the International Monetary Fund

For his part, predicted economic expert on behalf of Jamil Anton, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that “Iraq is witnessing an economic recession during the next 2016,” attributing it to “Adults balanced and free of appointments poverty, low world oil prices, the loss of hope for a rise soon, as well as a lack of support from government and the private sector. “

He revealed Anton, about “the existence of a proposal to reduce the days of staff time, and the reduction of their salaries, what will the dish, to reduce their purchasing power, and people keep money in anticipation of the future of the unknown,” pointing out that “the government went to sell the bonds two billion dollars came in the draft budget for 2016 to meet its deficit The welcome and find if supported by the International Monetary Fund. “

Ouhz economic expert, of “the consequences of lack of support from the International Monetary Fund for Iraq”, he returned that “it is difficult from the sale of those bonds externally.”

The Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, announced on Monday (the 28th of December the current 2016), for the revival of bond sale two billion dollars a plan in the next 2016, noting that the budget allows the government to sell bonds two billion dollars if lacked the sources of funding for the targeted spending.


The United States exported the first shipment of oil in 40 years


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embarked United States exported the first shipment of oil after the abolition of the prohibition as long as forty years.
US move came after the lifting of a ban for 40 years for oil exports.
According to Bloomberg News, the “oil truck belonging to the company Conoco Phillips US] left the Corpus Christi city in the state of Texas headed for one of the Italian ports, where Ststlv company” Vitol ” Swiss Dutch as a vector of oil and condensate.
“She Bloomberg,” The United States will supply oil cargo at least one of the company “Vitol”, which is one of the largest specialized trade oil companies, in the coming days.
“The newspaper” Wall Street Journal “reported previously that during the first week of this month, US plans to export about 600 thousand barrels of oil extracted from the stomachs of American territory south of the port of Houston, the state of Txas.anthy

Infallible: the biggest challenges and the liberalization of the gray economy returned us confidence of victory [expanded]


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President Fuad Masum, stressed that the financial crisis will be one of the big challenges facing Iraq in the new year 2016.
He said infallible in the celebration of the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad and the anniversary of the 59th of the founding of the Islamic Dawa Party, said “of the big challenges facing us this year is the economic challenge that requires concerted efforts between the authorities and the people and requires the faithful real work in coordination Bien financial authorities of the state and the government and between the experts and specialists and university professors The owners of jurisdiction and the use of international experts to get to in order to avoid damage to the sharp drop in oil prices and its impact on the economic and financial situation of the state and people solutions.
“He added,” The financial crisis requires practical measures and more effective in the fight against corruption and purging the state apparatus of this scourge, which is not less dangerous than terrorism “.
He said infallible that” our victory in Ramadi Daash was the impetus to restore confidence hope and invites us all to strengthen the confidence measures continue the momentum of victory and work on political, economic and community building for Iraq everyone.
“He explained,” We have faced over the past year serious challenges in the security sides and economic, but we managed to achieve important victories restoration of large cities from the control of Daash and we managed through the strengthening of trust of citizens in the importance of preserving national unity and stick to it in spite of all the circumstances that worked for Altaoas and loss of confidence in the future.
“He continued infallible” It was a national will single biggest challenges were It is the most important result of during its investigation, it imposes on the leading state and political blocs double responsibilities in the development of positive factors to be this year, upping based national unity on the basis of justice, including entrench the democratic experiment of the new Iraq and to be a year to restore all our cities from terrorism and the return of displaced persons and displaced persons and migrants to their homes and finish page of violence and crime.
“The President of the Republic thanks to all States that have submitted offers various kinds of support for Iraq during its response to terrorism” .anthy

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Jubouri: achieving comprehensive national reconciliation can resolve all the crises in Iraq


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Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, stressed the need to achieve a comprehensive national reconciliation in Iraq to resolve all the crises.
Jubouri said in a ceremony the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad’s 59th anniversary of the founding of the Islamic Dawa Party presence of the Secretary General of the Party Nuri al-Maliki and President Fuad Masum, the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and a number of political figures, said that “all we can God be achieved collectively for our people continue to do a great need to bridge psychological gap that prevented and continues to prevent a comprehensive national reconciliation Let us work together both the location and the responsibility to bridge this gap are the final nail in the final coffin coffin terror and all the Iraqi crisis.
“He added that” cauldron crises, regional and international issues of direct contact and indirect stability of Iraq and the safety and security still represents a threat to the security and peace of the region and the world and the face of these crises position and the will of the Iraqi one Sidere for our country and our people’s evils and fire.
“The Jubouri that” this does not come only through the preference of the Iraqi national interest over partisan narrow interests and consolidate the confidence supreme value in dialogue and take the same dimensional positions strategy.
“He stressed that” the last Facts have proved that tip the factional and ethnic and sectarian in taking positions in regional crises and international outweigh the Iraqi citizenship account may have led to the weakness of the Iraqi situation and the persistence of regional and international powers in Mhalaot hurt Iraq internally or externally, which puts us all in front of historic responsibility in addressing this rift and jump over what Affersh of the effects and implications that the homelands value and prevented the unity of its people and its political forces Almtsidih for his leadership.
“He pointed out that” the battle to liberate the gray may have been one of the big Alaltmaat, which confirmed that the unity of the political situation for all partners lead not to victory only the terrorist Daash gangs that wreaked in Iraq havoc, killing and destruction of infrastructure and the violation of holy places and the plunder of wealth, but also lead to address both the political and economic bottlenecks and Alajtnmaih.
“said al-Jubouri, at the conclusion of his speech that the” outstanding performance military, security and popularly who achieved the victory of the great gray will provide us with availability of the unit and the preference and patience position Aijath model trace and tackle the pitfalls in the liberation of the cities of Iraq and other battles that took place under the influence of terrorism as it would be a model for addressing the economic crisis, the consequences if not treated will lead to Tvaqmat to Athmd punishment “.anthy